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  • It's Friday and for many of you the start of a long weekend. I will be celebrating Canada Day on Monday and apparently many Americans will be doing the same. It's great to have such close neighbours.
    Segway to a story I was sent today, a story about NASCAR. Now don't get me wrong. I like to watch vehicles drive in circles for hours as much as the next guy, but I don't want to visit a huge grandstand filled to overflowing with men who are averse to wearing shirts and to bathing. Anyway, that behind us, this story was about a NASCAR team that was sponsored by The Passion of the Christ. This seemed like a completely ridiculous sponsorship until I remembered that Scientology also sponsors a NASCAR team. The car has a flamboyant Dianetics advertisement on the hood. All it is missing is Tom Cruise behind the wheel doing his best Days of Thunder impression and Katie Holmes looking dazed and confused while someone tries to explain the intricate rules of a NASCAR race.
    Days of Thunder Bluff, Vin vs Krueger, a Coyote interview and more are but a click away.
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    Fri, Jun 30, 2006
  • VGTact Talks With Steve Williams

    VGTact has posted an interview with Steve Williams, Associate Designer on Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. Keep reading to find out more about the much awaited Diplomacy Sphere.

    "From the several leaked beta newsletters, we've heard that Diplomacy is being revised and improved - can you comment on how Diplomacy is improving, and how major of a change it is?"

    Making the art of conversation 'fun' can be quite the challenge. Beta test feedback and our own internal review of the systems we had implemented showed that they needed a facelift. For this reason we sat down and took a good hard look at the ultimate decision-maker of the success of a system: gameplay. Going from that standpoint, we are moving closer to the concept of what I call "the dance of argument" - pushing and pulling on each other until one side comes out victorious.

    The playtests of the enhanced system that Zahariel and I have cooked up is like nothing seen before in an MMO - yet, we're building off the original system and the original vision of Diplomacy.

    Read the rest of this interview at VGTact.

    Features, Interviews
    Thu, Jun 29, 2006
  • Chinese Government steps up 'anti-gaming' measures has posted a report on efforts being taken by China's already anti gaming government to take restrictions even further.

    You might not be aware of this, but the ever-autocratic Chinese government has had a system in place since last August preventing individuals from playing online games for more than three consecutive hours.

    The system, by law, is installed in every online game in the country. It works by cutting the ability level of a player's online game character by half after he or she has played for more than three consecutive hours. After five consecutive hours of play, the system cuts the ability level of that player's character to the lowest level allowed by the game. Players have to log off for a minimum of five hours before the system resets.

    Read the rest of this report at

    Thu, Jun 29, 2006
  • The Lord of the Rings: Shadows of Angmar Riddle Contest!

    For all of you tricksy folk out there, get your riddle caps on! You could riddle your way into the Lord of the Rings Online beta!

    Think you're tricksy? Our Quest Designers are looking for a few good riddles to include in LOTRO! Winning entries may be used in LOTRO as the basis for quests, or found throughout the game! Send in your riddle today!

    Find out more at the Lord of the Rings Online site.

    Thu, Jun 29, 2006
  • New Excitement Comes To MMORPG Dark and Light

    This just in from Farlan Entertainment...

    Farlan Entertainment, publisher of Dark and Light™, The Largest MMORPG You’ve Ever Seen!, today announced two additions to its popular online fantasy game that provide even more engagement for players on a daily basis. Alchemic Dream, Dark and Light’s community management provider, has initiated multiple daily events for players to participate in, while the return of Dark and Light’s newsletter, the Ganareth Gazette, once again keeps players up to date on the battles, villains, nobility, creatures, quests, and other developments in the land of Ganareth.

    “Just as in the real world, Ganareth is a place where nothing stands still. Unexpected challenges and opportunities are a major part of the appeal of Dark and Light,” said Frédéric Caille, CEO of Farlan Entertainment. “We believe players will find the daily events introduced by Alchemic Dream to be both entertaining and useful. Ganareth is a living, breathing world full of inspiration, intrigue and adventure—a world people naturally want to be a part of.”

    The events introduced into Dark and Light are sure to be varied and fresh. In a recent schedule, for example, players had the opportunity to escort a troupe of performers traveling by Alk’Em, take part in the Ganareth World Sport, take back a strategic Al-Drifa bridge, or stop a turf war between two spiteful clans. Events are staged in all five game languages and are posted on a weekly basis in the Community section of the site’s language forums.

    The Ganareth Gazette is an indispensable daily news publication detailing all the latest that’s happening in the world of Dark and Light. Reports of various actions, schemes, stories and other developments are reported by a team of journalists. Feature articles also provide valuable information about the history, characters and strategies of Dark and Light. Players can find the Ganareth Gazette by logging onto

    In addition to these additions, Dark and Light has launched a new corporate home page at .

    About Dark and Light:
    At 40,000 square kilometers (15,000 square miles) of seamless playing surface, Dark and Light (DnL) is the biggest gameworld ever created. Massive numbers of fortresses and cities will populate the thirteen kingdoms of Ganareth, a land locked in an epic battle for control between the Dark and Light factions. Visit .

    About Farlan Entertainment:
    Farlan, headquartered on the island of Mauritius, has been involved since 2001 in the entertainment gaming industry. Founded by a group of successful tech entrepreneurs, Farlan publishes the highly anticipated Dark and Light™ MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) and has been intimately involved in the games development from its inception.

    Thu, Jun 29, 2006
  • Masterminding Machines: Construction Destruction

    High-tech repairer, supporter, crafter, and more. Constructors are versatile for many missions with the power of nanobots and viruses. Maintainers of the technological side of Biomeks, it is clear that it is a class of importance.

    "Constructors are the ultimate scavengers, able to make use of any piece of scrap or junk, utilizing the Biomek's highly advanced nanotechnology. They can deconstruct objects on the molecular level, are able to create new useful items from random wreckage, create swarms of nanobots, and even repair destroyed vehicles in the field."

    Learn more about this at Auto Assault Ten Ton Hammer.

    Thu, Jun 29, 2006
  • Untrained Melody III: Level 3 Bard Spells

    The level 3 bard spells in Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach (DDO) really give you the chance to make your bard stand out from other classes. As Bard Week at Ten Ton Hammer comes to a close, Ralsu takes a look at level 3 spells and gives us his ratings.

    "Bards looking to specialize in boosting the fighting prowess of their party members need look no further than the bard-only spell Good Hope. Additionally, they can consider Haste to get faster and more accurate attacks while providing some extra defense."

    Read more about Bards at DDO Ten Ton Hammer.

    Thu, Jun 29, 2006
  • PvP Battlegrounds Guide: Arathi Basin

    We continue (and finish!) our series of guides on the PvP
    battlegrounds of WoW with a complete guide to Arathi Basin. Find all
    the information you need to know to be competitive in this fast paced
    action packed battleground! Everything from tactics to descriptions of
    each objective point is located conveniently in our guide for your
    viewing pleasure!

    "Grab a sword, staff, or bow and head out to battle! Your side needs
    you to secure resources located inside of the Arathi Basin. Arathi
    Basin hosts a 15 vs. 15 battle over resources which the other side
    desperately needs to fuel the warfront elsewhere. You can join the
    battle starting at level 20 (5 brackets of 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59,
    and level 60) to assist either the League of Arathor (Alliance) or the
    Forsaken Defilers (Horde). Constant fast paced battles are the main
    draw to this excellent battleground."

    Learn more about this battleground at WoW Ten Ton Hammer.

    Thu, Jun 29, 2006
  • The Classes No One Wants

    As carefully as Sigil tries to balance adventuring classes so that each one brings value to a group in different ways, it seems difficult for fans to trust that there won’t be certain classes that become the redheaded stepchildren of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. Every MMO seems to have at least one, or more likely a few--the lonely, the unloved, the ungrouped...the classes no one wants. How do you think Sigil will fare with avoiding lonely classes? Vote in our poll!

    "I played a druid in EverQuest. While I knew my class inside and out, and played it well, I still found myself looking for groups far more often than I would have liked. Two things allowed me to progress through levels with relative ease--my guild perma-group, and the fact that I could solo like a wood elf possessed. In fact, if you look at the configuration of EQ, many of the less essential classes compensated for their lack of group lovin’ by being soloing machines--druids, bards and necromancers are good examples (although personally, I liked having any one in my group). Rangers seemed to get the shaft, but then...they’re rangers."

    Add your voice to this poll at Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer.

    Thu, Jun 29, 2006
  • Guide to Freeport Armor Quests Level 1 - 19

    Just starting out in that unforgiving city of Freeport? You don't have a coin to your name and you're wandering around trying to kill Orcs practically naked? Never fear you penniless souls! Savanja has come to the rescue with a lowbie armor quest guide that will get you geared in decent armor for the cost of nothing!

    Starting out in Freeport, with not a gold to your name can be tough. So many places to see, so many mobs to kill, but you're still equipped in that very noobish armor that you picked up from the isle! Save your coin my friends, and enjoy the wonders of questing for armor! Along with getting to know the areas that you will be sent to, making very nice experience, you can get some pretty good gear that will last you until you actually have coin to spend (or until you can get going on the level 20+ armor quests).

    Learn more about this at EQ2 Ten Ton Hammer!

    Thu, Jun 29, 2006
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