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  • Why wait for the beta invite alone?

    Sigil is inviting guilds to apply wholesale for the Vanguard beta. Note that this is an invitation to apply, not an automatic invite to the beta.

    Sigil Games Online is now accepting applications for guilds/clans to be accepted into Beta. We are looking for guilds of all sizes and play styles to help us test Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.

    In order to be considered for acceptance, you must adhere to the following guidelines:

    * Only one application per guild may be submitted. Multiple applications will be automatically rejected.
    * The submitted list of members must be complete and may not be amended after submission.
    * All guild members submitted for consideration must have active accounts on the Vanguard forums.

    Find the guild application at the Vanguard official site.

    Thu, Jun 15, 2006
  • Know the Factions!

    Jeff Strain, ArenaNet co-founder and Guild Wars producer, speaks to AVault about some of the more interesting aspects of recent standalone Guild Wars expansion Factions.

    We’re in over 35 different countries right now. So we want to make sure that each new campaign explores a different art style, a different mythology or fantasy tradition or cultural tradition. But most importantly, we want to make sure that each new one looks drastically different than the one that came before it. So as you point out, the first campaign was a more traditional Medieval European fantasy, Factions is very much an Asian theme, and campaign three is also going to be very visually distinct. It’s going to have more of a North African feel. So think of Tunisia, Morocco kind of look to it.

    Check out the Jeff Strain Guild Wars interview at AVault.

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    Thu, Jun 15, 2006
  • A look at the gray area between game rules and proper actions...

    The Guardian offers an interesting article about some of the low points of MMO gamer virtue, and the rise of methods to help gamers police their own games.

    Even in games whose selling point has been their potential for ruthless competition, such as Eve Online (in which rival corporations trade and battle across the galaxy), some events have caused gamers to ask what is beyond the pale. One example last year entailed the coordination of large numbers of mischief-makers. Calling themselves the Guiding Hand Social Club, they exacted the ruination of a particular player and the corporation she headed, Ubiqua Seraph. Spending more than a year infiltrating Ubiqua Seraph and gaining the trust of its higher members, the Guiding Hand enacted an elaborate heist that resulted in the destruction of the organisation's limited edition flagship and the looting of its considerable funds. The damage translated to thousands of real pounds and years of effort. (The Guiding Hand leader's announcement and discussion thread is at http://tinyurl.com/8jglz.)

    Check out the state of MMO ethics and gamer autonomy at The Guardian.

    Thu, Jun 15, 2006
  • Take a number!

    It's been a slow news week at EverQuest II - TenTonHammer, so Coyotee Sharptongue moonlights at the Norrathian Complaint Department. Hey, his kids have to eat too, right? Join him as he responds to questions burning in the minds of players everywhere!

    A large Kerran sits inside a small wooden booth that reads “Complaints” in bold black letters across its top. Bored, he traces the holes used for communication drilled out of the booth’s glass front with a razor sharp claw. A tall elf carrying a lute strides towards the booth causing the cat man to quickly sit up straight and put on his best smile.

    Read the rest of this hillarious story at EQ2 - Ten Ton Hammer.

    Thu, Jun 15, 2006
  • Better than a Dynasty rerun...

    With the EQ2's new adventure pack ("Fallen Dynasty") now out, Savanja takes her own personal look at the newest EverQuest II Adventure Pack. Read all about the new zones, breathtaking graphics, and the piggies (Yes! The piggies!) in this adventure pack preview.

    Mystic Lake is another outdoor zone. It's a lovely semi-wooded area with pirates, poachers, and various woodland animals milling about. Follow the water upstream and you will come to an amazing shrine surrounded by adorable little shrine monkeys. You can travel beyond this area to find more to explore and more dangers to conquer.

    Read about the rest of her visit at EverQuest 2 - Ten Ton Hammer.

    Thu, Jun 15, 2006
  • Jason "Dymus" Roberts, Lead Content Designer for EverQuest 2, Interviewed

    Have you ever wondered how content makes it into EverQuest 2? Do they REALLY sit around, and pull stuff from a hat? Jason "Dymus" Roberts is the Lead Content Designer for EverQuest 2 and is intimately involved in many changes made to the game. The job sounds scary, but this interview is well worth your time if you're interested in what goes on behind the scenes.

    RadarX: Can we expect to see more "Old Norrath" resurface, and are you looking for a balance of the new and the old?

    Jason "Dymus" Roberts: There is a lot to draw upon from "Old Norrath" and several stories that were never told, and a lot can happen in 500 years. So to answer the first part of the question, yes, you will certainly see more of the familiar Norrath resurface, though likely with some notable changes. The new zones, or new looks at old zones, give us something that is uniquely EverQuest 2 and a mix of the two seems to work well for us. It's fun to surprise players with something initially recognizable but slightly twisted over time to now be what it is.

    Read the rest of this educational interview at EQ2 - Ten Ton Hammer!

    Features, Interviews
    Thu, Jun 15, 2006
  • Be the Life of the Party

    At Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO) @ Ten Ton Hammer, Brennie brings us what may well be the most comprehensive Custom Build
    yet! Using reader feedback as a guide, Brennie not only tells us how to
    build a cleric everyone will want on his Friends List, but he also
    shares the logic behind the choices:

    Wisdom is the most important score for a cleric, so why
    haven’t I maxed
    it out? To get Wisdom from 16 to 18, I need to spend 6 whole Ability
    points. This would give me a +1 to will saves, +1 to the difficulty
    check of offensive cleric spells (of which there aren’t many), and a
    total of 19 extra spellpoints at Level 10. I would rather spend those
    points on DEX and CON, giving me +1 potential armor class bonus when I
    wear magical platemail, +1 to ranged attack, +1 reflex save, +2 to the
    Concentration skill, +2 fortitude save, and +2 hitpoints per level.

    Read Party-Friendly
    Cleric at DDO - Ten Ton Hammer

    Thu, Jun 15, 2006
  • Damnation or Redemption? Sigil and SOE: An Interview with April Jones

    It was the shock felt 'round the gaming world: on May 5, 2006, the developers of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, Sigil Games Online, severed ties with their publisher, Microsoft Game Studios, and announced a co-publishing partnership with Sony Online Entertainment in the name of creative freedom. Whether Sigil sold Vanguard's soul to the devil, or bought it back, is a debate that rages among Vanguard's fan base and the gaming public at large. We peppered Sigil's April Jones, senior manager of marketing and public relations, with hard-hitting questions about the co-publishing agreement, the decisions behind it, and the direction of Vanguard in its partnership with SOE.

    We did talk to several other potential co-publishing candidates and SOE truly came out on top. Since so many of us used to work there, myself included, we know better than anyone what their strengths and weaknesses are. They also know the same about us. We were able to structure a deal that takes advantage of everyone’s strengths. SOE certainly knows how to bring an MMO to market. They know how to host a beta, launch the game, and then keep it running for year after year after year. That expertise is exactly what we need and that is what SOE will supply for Vanguard. We feel that we have particular strengths: community relations, PR, and customer service. Both parties easily agreed that the game design remains under Sigil’s direction.

    Read the interview that will answer all your burning questions about the SOE / Sigil co-publishing deal at Vanguard - Ten Ton Hammer!

    Thu, Jun 15, 2006
  • England plays in the World Cup today folks. Eat your bangers and mash. Drink your pints of ale. Maybe even dive into a plate of fish and chips. For those of you trying to enjoy the game, but who are finding it simply too boring, this might be a good game to watch as there is a chance for a King's ransom in goals.
    If you don't like football, real football, then you are likely a big "Saved By The Bell" fan. I suggest you dig down deep and help Screech save his house. Zack, A.C. and Kelly may be called in for some family friendly hi-jinx. [Thanks Ralsu]
    The buzz around the World of Everything Vivendi statement continues to roar. I have it on good word [Thanks Ralsu] that a "goddess" found pictures of the presentation used by Vivendi. Check it out. It appears that what is on the slides and what was said may not be in sync. It is obvious that any other Blizzard franchise would have a built-in purchasing base that would dwarf most other companies, so why not expand those games into MMOs? Why develop a three-year, $50 million plan to produce a MMO if you didn't expect to bring one of your own highly successful franchises into play? I believe that we will see a World of Starcraft or a World of Diablo or both. I believe they are already in the works.
    An interview with April Jones, an EQ2 expansion preview, iPod toilet accessories and more are just a click away.
    Loading... June 15, 2006 [iPoo'd Edition]

    Thu, Jun 15, 2006
  • All hail the once and future content king...

    EQ2 might not have the mindblowing scrip numbers, but man can that SOE team churn out the added content. The "Fallen Dynasty" adventure pack, available by digital download, offers seven new Asian-themed zones and plenty more adventure for players from level 55-70.

    In The Fallen Dynasty, players journey to a secluded island with a dark past, inhabited by rival families and an ancient order of monks known as the Whistling Fist Clan. The forsaken city of Tanaan once thrived here until its people's lust for knowledge led them to their own destruction when they arrogantly challenged the mighty guardian of Zebuxoruk's secrets. Now, courageous adventurers are needed to drive back the bloodthirsty Pirates of Gunthak invading the village's shores, thirsty for conquest, lost wealth, and the mysterious power hidden beneath the island's tranquil surface.

    It's sure to wet your high-level Norrathian whistle while we all wait for retail expansion "Echoes of Faydwer" towards the end of this year. To see the "Fallen Dynasty" press release in it's entirety: click here

    Wed, Jun 14, 2006
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