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  • Wacky Crazy Waving Insane Opposite Day

    There are always a discussion going on somewhere about what makes a good MMORPG. You will often find large threads on various message boards dedicated to this subject with replies ranging from "nerf shamans!" to "free ice cream!" The problem though is that we often ignore what makes a bad MMORPG. Sure rollercoasters, free ice cream, and the ability to instantly take out anyone in PvP combat could be fun but what if all of that includes soda pop ads that fill half the screen? That's why this week we take a look at what makes a bad MMORPG in our editorial, Wacky Crazy Waving Insane Opposite Day.

    "You start out as an Elf in an Elven village called Legomolassesville. You will fight rats and other enemies that plague the land for hours on end to obtain level two where you will leave the Elven village for the mountains where the Dwarfs are. There you will mine copper for awhile. We all need to work hard. THEN PLOT TWIST.
    As you are mining copper a spaceship flys down and picks you up. You hop aboard the spaceship and are like "WOAH I JUST SPENT TWO WEEKS BEATING MY HEAD AGAINST THE WALL THIS IS AWESOME OUT OF NOWHERE EXTREME" when all of a sudden MINI-GAME MANIA starts and you start mining copper AND killing rats while on the spaceship."

    Keep reading to see what other plot twists Xerin has in store! Let us know what you think in the forums at WoW Ten Ton Hammer!

    Mon, Aug 14, 2006
  • "Designing the Anti-MMO" Editorial

    At Ten Ton Hammer, we often talk about the improvements we'd like to see in a specific MMORPG or in the genre as a whole. This latest set of network-wide editorials takes a different tack: we're designing the anti-MMO, a massively multiplayer game so chock full of wrongheaded notions on MMO design, you couldn't log out and unsubscribe fast enough. Is it the worst MMO never to be made, or will you find a little of the anti-MMO in your favorite massively multiplayer game?

    "And, ah, quest types. Kill and delivery tasks: the dynamic duo. The time anti-developer's designers save on writing real quests can be put into writing lines and lines of typo-rife quest dialogue. Anti-developer will force players to read this one-small-step-up-from-fanfic drivel by displaying the dialogue character by tedious character. Most gamers are by nature roleplayers, not to mention absolute lore addicts. And who doesn't love repeatable quests for a modicum of experience and a weak potion or two? It's like someone took the best aspects of the grind and real quests and baked it all together in one pie. Multi-step quests are ok, provided players are required to return to the quest giver upon completing each of the dozen or so steps. And who can forget the scads of collection quests and other inventory intensive quests? Gamers studying for their degree in logistics enjoy the challenge of managing dozens of otherwise useless items."

    ">Keep reading
    to learn more about Ethec's Anti - MMO.Agree with his thoughts? Think he's lost his mind...again (grin)? Tell us in the forums right here at Ten Ton Hammer!

    Mon, Aug 14, 2006
  • Don Ralsu??

    Today we examine the surest ways to ruin a massively-multiplayer online game (MMOG). And to keep it interesting, we've invented a game that has all the worst MMOG qualities.

    "In Grand Theft Auto: Virtual City, players assume the role of a mafia hit man sucked into the virtual world while playing a video game when the arcade is struck by lightning. Once in Virtual City, the player sees his chance to establish his own mob with him as don. In order to achieve his goal, the player must commit as many crimes as possible. But the path to cartel dominance is fraught with danger: Virtual City law enforcement agents will be out to stop the crimes. But that’s not all! A few rival mobsters and some gang members were in the same arcade when the lightning struck. Now those people are in Virtual City, too, and they’re all hell-bent on cornering the market on crime."

    What else does Ralsu have to say about the Anti MMO?
    ">Get clicking to find out!
    Let us know what you think in the forums at DDO Ten Ton

    Mon, Aug 14, 2006
  • Ten Ton Hammer's Guide to Naxxramas Update

    This week we bring you an all new update to our constantly evolving guide to Naxxramas. We've compiled a list of 1st hand tactics required to slay Noth the Plaguebringer, the first boss of the Plague Wing. Truly one of the hardest enemies in the game, Noth the Plaugebringer provides an excellent challenge and even better loot. Next up in our series of Naxxramas updates is Instructor Razuvious, so check back often for updates!

    "The real challenge of this battle is the three spawn points that spawn elite enemies. You need to assign three groups (one for each spawn point) to contain these enemies. You need a Priest who can shackle the enemies, a Paladin (if available) to assist in bringing them to the tank (Exorcism), and finally a Mage to also help bring the
    adds to a tank (warning though, they will 2-3 hit a person in cloth). Shamans can also be used to Frost/Earth shock the adds in order to bring them to that corners tank."

    Keep reading to get ready to take on this encounter! Got a better tactic? Tried what was recommened? Let us know how it worked in the forums at WoW Ten Ton Hammer.

    Mon, Aug 14, 2006
  • And Other Media-Generated Myths

    In 2002, EverQuest appeared in the mainstream media, not because anyone was trying to say that the massively multi-player online game was interesting or innovative, but because a 21 year old man shot himself while EQ ran on his computer screen. This week Mercurie, our columnist, takes a look at the media's propensity for grabbing hold of a sensational angle and ruthlessly shaking it. Do MMOs, and video games in general, deserve to be vilified? Check out Mercurie's article, then share your own thoughts on our forum.

    "All of this leads to a question that I am sure many gamers have asked themselves over the years, particularly following Woolley's death: Why does the mainstream media so often wish to portray MMOs in a bad light? I am also sure that many of us have come to the same conclusion--plain old-fashioned sensationalism. Even before William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer turned it into an art form, publishers had learned that sensationalism was a useful tool in selling papers."

    Keep reading to learn more about this. Do you agree with Mercurie? Think he's off base? Tell us in the forums at Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer!

    Mon, Aug 14, 2006
  • EverQuest, the first MMOG to truly sit up and get noticed recently opened "Progression Servers". These servers take you back, somewhat, to the good old days of EverQuest release minus the lag, bugs and other detriments. As the population of the servers "progresses" the expansions are opened up.
    Dropping into EverQuest after being away for four-years is a learning experience. Though these servers are considered old-school the rulesets and bug-fixes are status quo with the regular servers. Would I recommend EverQuest to a new MMOG player? Probably not, unless they have a full-time EQ expert sitting at their right hand to explain the cryptic gameplay and slash commands. If the new player had already experience World of Warcraft then the EQ experience would be akin to dropping a toddler into the heart of the Gobi Desert. Although the natives are friendly there is no hand-holding.
    EQ and WoW Interviews, Contest Winners, Opposite Day and hcum erom era tub a kcilc yawa.
    Loading... August 14, 2006 [Progression Edition]

    Mon, Aug 14, 2006
  • Ten Ton Hammer Announces the Winners of the "Dead of Summer" Screenshot Contest

    Thanks to the many folks in our community that sent in entries for our recent "Dead of Summer" screenshot contest. Unfortunately we couldn't pick everyone to win, but choose we did, and the fine entries from our winners are now posted. The winners will be receiving some incredible prizes courtesy of contest sponsors Ideazon (makers of Zboard), NCSoft, Flying Lab Software, and your friends right here at Ten Ton Hammer. Click the link to learn more about the contest and to see the winning entries!

    Sun, Aug 13, 2006
  • Name The Servers And Make Your Mark

    The makers of the forthcoming ArchLord have announced an exciting contest. This contest gives you a chance to name the five servers that the game will have at launch! Keep reading for more details...

    ArchLord is pleased to announce a fantastic new competition

    Let me share with you the details of this fantastic competition: one lucky winner will receive an exclusive ArchLord PC casing courtesy of as well has having all five ArchLord servers graced with the very names they have chosen.

    So here are the details for you; we are asking you to provide names for all five servers:
    · These names must follow a theme that is evident across all five names.
    · When picking the names please avoid using real people, trademarked names and swear words. Generally, apply common sense.
    · Once you have settled on your five names, put them in an email along with your name, age, address and send it to [email protected]

    There you have it – if you win you'll be in with the chance to win this stunning custom PC case and to have your server names emblazoned across the ArchLord servers for their lifetime!

    So get thinking and sign up to the BETA for some fantastic inspiration!

    Now comes the fun legal bit: "By entering the Archlord Beta Server Competition ("Competition") you shall be deemed to have accepted the Competition's terms and conditions which can be found by clicking here. The competition is open to anyone who can comply with the Competition terms and conditions worldwide. No admission fee or purchase is necessary to participate. One entry per person."

    Sun, Aug 13, 2006
  • Blizzard's Jeff Kaplan With An Exclusive "Burning Crusade" Update

    World of Warcraft PR Manager Shon Damron and Lead Designer Jeff Kaplan have travelled the world demoing a recent build of WoW's premier expansion and answering questions from the international press. Jeff "Ethec" Woleslagle travelled to the Big Apple with your questions, and now we bring you the cutting-edge latest on what will prove to be the biggest expansion to hit the MMORPG genre in years. See the progress since E3 in May, learn about the substantial changes Blizzard has in store for PvP and the raid game, and - of course - Blizzard answers the WoW Ten Ton Hammer community's toughest questions.

    "It's true, 25 is the new 40. The largest raids in the expansion will be capped at 25 players. Kaplan explained the rationale: "We felt like we could preserve all the epic-ness and grandeur of the current raid game and difficulty. Our raids aren't going to become any easier, if anything they'll become more challenging, but will require fewer players. We find that once you get over 25, it's not making the game any more challenging, it's just making the logistics challenging." Kaplan promised that, with the raid limit decrease, Blizzard would address the real and perceived class imbalances that keep some players out of the raid game. "We don't end up in a raid of 25 with 20 warriors and 5 priests or something like that. We're reviewing all the classes to make sure everybody wants to be present in the raid game.""

    Keep reading to find out what else is in store in the upcoming Burning Crusades expansion. You can find this interview and more at WoW Ten Ton Hammer. Stop the forums and share your thoughts with us.

    Features, Interviews
    Sun, Aug 13, 2006
  • RF Online Gameplay Videos

    The folks at Codemasters have sent us two new RF Online gameplay videos to share with you. It's a unique look at the PvP action, speed of play, and gorgeous souped-up graphics in one of the genre's premier science fantasy MMORPGs.

    Video, Media
    Sat, Aug 12, 2006
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