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  • Can Stand the Official Forums? We Wade Through For You!

    Some day, when Vanguard: Saga of Heroes launches, there will be no official Vanguard forums. (You might as well stake out your own spot at Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer now.) But until that day arrives, Aunraye is going to keep bringing you her weekly roundup of interesting posts from the official forums. This week we're looking at Beta 3, seasons in Vanguard, grouping across levels, and more.

    Head over and see what there is to learn. Don't forget to stake your claim in our troll free forums at Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer!

    Fri, Aug 11, 2006
  • The End is Nigh

    The end is in nigh! The end it nigh!

    No, the world isn't coming to an end... It's more important than that! Messiah has finished updating our Where to Adventure Guide. He started on this project almost a month ago and it is now complete!

    The last zones to get special treatment and receive an update included Felwood, Feralas, Tanaris, Azshara, Silithus, Un'goro Crator, and Winterspring. Also all the remaining high level instances and raids have been updated including: Maraudon, Sunken Temple, Dire Maul and Ahn'Qiraj.

    Head over to the guide to check them out here: WoW Where to Adventure Guide.

    Also remember that if you spot something we missed, that you feel everyone should know, please email it in or post it in our forums and we will add it and credit you.

    What are ya waiting for? Check out the guide and be sure to give us your input in the forums at WoW Ten Ton Hammer.

    Fri, Aug 11, 2006
  • A chum of mine received the following letter and posthaste sent it to me...

    "My name is Erasmus -- I am the manager of Guild Relations for Sony Online Entertainment. Our EverQuest II team has been doing some really great things in the world of Norrath, and we are inviting a few select guilds to play and give us some feedback on the improvements that they have made.
    Making EverQuest II the best MMO game in the world has been our passion - and we are constantly tweaking the game to make it better and more fun. In the past, we've received great input from gamers like you on how and where to improve. Now, it's your turn -- we want your guild's feedback and opinions.
    If your guild would like to participate in our focus testing, please let me know. You and your guild mates can drop me an email at [email protected] -- include your email, and the name of your guild. Give me a day or so to process the email, and I'll send you and your guild mates the link to download the client, plus a key that will give you 30 days of free play. Once the 30 days are up, you are welcome to continue playing, at your cost. You and your guild mates are welcome to drop me an email with your comments, insight, and feedback -- we want to hear from you.
    We appreciate your consideration, and hope to see you in EverQuest II in the near future!
    Manager,Guild Relations
    Sony Online Entertainment

    [email protected]"

    On the surface this seems like a nice thing to do. Fire off a letter to some EverQuest or Star Wars Galaxies guilds and ask them to try out EQ2 for free for 30 days to give comment on what could be improved. Bravo Sony! Of course, if that was the case you wouldn't be reading this in Loading... Sony didn't actually mail these guild leaders, they went to Guild Portal (a site that competes directly with their own "Players" guild product) and spammed the guild leaders via Guild Portal's internal messaging system.
    It gets better...
    We give out an award, Temple of Ahn'Qiraj gets owned, Snakes on a Plane of Fear and much more are but a click away.
    Loading... August 11, 2006 [Snakes on a Plane Edition]

    Fri, Aug 11, 2006
  • Friends and Romans, lend me your media players...

    SOE made a number of Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising screenshots and videos available to the press earlier this week, and now Ten Ton Hammer has the most complete selection of this original media found anywhere on the internet. It's easy to see why they went public with these; the art and animation in Gods & Heroes is unlike anything you've seen before.

    Take a look for yourself! Gods and Heroes screens and gameplay movies, right here at Ten Ton Hammer.

    Video, Media
    Thu, Aug 10, 2006
  • Lucan D'Lere Meets Pokemon...

    This just in from Gen Con Indy... doot da doot da doot doot doot... in the most off-kilter move since Comic Book Creator, SOE has just announced buying out an online trading card game developer called "Worlds Apart":

    Aug.,10, 2006 – Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE), a global leader in the online games industry, today announced that it has acquired key assets of Worlds Apart Productions, a premier independent developer of online trading card games. Key employees of Worlds Apart will form the core of the new SOE-Denver, integrating into SOE’s worldwide group of studios stretching from San Diego to Seattle, Austin to Taiwan. The acquisition will strengthen SOE’s position as a leader in the online gaming space by allowing the company to extend the depth of its gaming offerings.

    Click here to read the SOE press release.

    Thu, Aug 10, 2006
  • More Chronicles than Rush...

    Adam Davidson tells Laura Genander of about all the interesting things coming to Lineage II with the next large update, including the Demon Sword Zariche - a one-per-server weapon that can drop from any mob and remains with you until your killed or a timer expires. So will high level folks will gank low level mobs relentlessly to improve the chances of a drop? Probably, unless some mechanic discourages this behavior.

    Chronicle 4 remains our largest Chronicle to date, but Chronicle 5 is right on its heels, perhaps in some ways bigger. Many of the facets focused on in Chronicle 5 are more systemic, such as the clan improvements and class balancing efforts. In this expansion we’ve revitalized multiple systems that both appeal to new players and enrich the experience of veterans. So that, plus new lands, new castles, new contestable clan halls, new monsters and all the other things players expect from a Lineage II Chronicle, means this one is pretty huge in impact. I really think this expansion will be great for the western markets.

    Read on about Lineage II, Chronicle 5 at

    Features, Interviews
    Thu, Aug 10, 2006
  • I see the 2Moons crossing...

    CCR we ain't, but one developer is experiencing a revival all his own. Long known in the videogame industry, Dave Perry announced he's remaking a Korean MMO in his own image this week. If you haven't heard, it's going to be called 2Moons, a free fantasy MMO supported by advertising. Firing Squad asked Perry why he's venturing down this new path:

    If I'm required to know the back history of 5 clans, or watch 20 minutes of cinematics, or read a website before I can have fun, it just bugs me. So I've been toying with the idea of making an MMO that's easy to get into, easy to understand, possibly funny at points, but that makes you feel bad-ass. Not wanting to wait 3 years to find out how it went, I looked for games/engines that could be a match. The closest I could find was a game called Dekaron made by GameHi in Korea. So now I had to convince the creator of that game to let me make any changes (not small ones, big ones, like "Erm... Would you mind if we changed the entire story?") They agreed!

    Read more about Dave Perry and 2Moons at Firing Squad.

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    Thu, Aug 10, 2006
  • World of Warcrack?

    Now, addiction is a pretty serious word - in a nutshell, it means you can't function without - that you'll forego worthy needs and ambitions (food, minimal sleep, work) to do something a normal, healthy person doesn't need to do. With that in mind, let's look at Twitch Expert's interview with a self-proclaimed gaming addiction expert, Dr. Maressa Orzack.

    RW: According to your research, and your experience with patients, how many addicted gamers are there today?

    Orzack: Well, let's take World of Warcraft as an example. Let's say there are around 6 million subscribers for the game. I'd say that 40 percent of the players are addicted.

    Well, her figures don't sound scientific, but let's say they are. 40% addicted and about 40% are playing at level 60, coincidence?

    In all seriousness, we all know a gamer whose priorities are severely messed up. Real life first, gents and gent-ettes.

    Read up on MMO addiction at Twitch Expert .

    Thu, Aug 10, 2006
  • Cripes! It's Canipes!

    While "canapes" are pieces of fried bread on which high-falutin' spreads are served as appetizers, "Canipes" is the most recently announced MMO project from Evil Grin Studios. MMO Portal has the scoop:

    One thing I’d like to express is that Canipes will be a game which breaks with the sad history of latest online games. More and more successful game concepts are being duplicated and sold as new titles. In fact, that’s extremely frustrating for ambitioned gamers like we all are. Real innovations and inventions do not get any chance because no company invests in ideas without similar successful references. That’s exactly where we see our place on the market: we are players, too – we have the ideas how to improve playing – and we realize them, for us and for the big community of online gamers.

    Innovation is cool, but after reading this interview several times - I didn't see much that struck me as unique. Nevertheless, read up on Canipes at MMO Portal.

    Features, Interviews
    Thu, Aug 10, 2006
  • Stieg Hedlund Talks Gods & Heroes

    It's a little heavy on the color commentary, but Gamehelper's interview with Gods & Heroes' Stieg Hedlund is definitely a worthwhile read. Stieg "you may know me from such titles as Diablo and Diablo 2" is one of our favorite developers, and as the interview portrays, he's a lot of fun to talk to. Several new features were revealed, including chariot races in the Circus Maximus that will go live sometime after release:

    Obviously for the Chariot Racing – We won’t have it for ship by any means but it’s just so much fun and such a part of the culture. Like Soccer hooligans of today –everyone had their team and their colors. There’s this whole tradition of these lead curse tablets we found during our research which folks would crumble up and throw into graveyards to get the gods to do their bidding. In the end the few they’ve found and translated ended up having to do with rather benign requests like, “Let our chariot win and the other team lose!” [laughs]

    GH: So we’ll definitely see this as an Expansion then – we heard it here first?

    SH: Yeah, we’re looking to do Rome: Grand Theft Chariot! [laughs]

    [Rockstar, eat your hearts out! ]

    Check out the Gods & Heroes Q&A at Gameshelper.

    Features, Interviews
    Thu, Aug 10, 2006
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