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  • Over 125,000 Players Registered for Upcoming Beta Program

    You heard correctly! Lord of the Rings Online has officially reached the Alpha stage of testing. Turbine released a statment today to announce this important step in development. Have you signed up for beta yet? Join the other 125,000 people who are hoping to see you there!

    WESTWOOD, MA – AUGUST 3, 2006 – Turbine, Inc. announced today that the highly-anticipated The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™ has entered the alpha phase of development. The first and only massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) based on the literary works of J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings Online™ will allow players to explore Middle-earth™, the most famous fantasy world of all time. The company also announced that over 125,000 fans have already signed up for the Beta Program.

    Read the rest of the announcement and then head over to LOTRO Ten Ton Hammer and tell us what you are doing while you wait for your beta invitation!

    Thu, Aug 03, 2006
  • What's New In The Official Forums

    No time to keep up with the official Vanguard: Saga of Heroes forums? No problem! Each week Aunraye presents a few interesting and informative threads for your forum browsing pleasure. This week's roundup includes threads with lots of links, both to game footage videos captured at the SOE Block Party, and to MP3s of some of the music of Vanguard created by Todd "Nino" Marsten. You can even weigh in on Aruspex's dev discussion of money rewards in the diplomacy sphere.

    Each week, we highlight fun, interesting, or controversial topics from the official Vanguard forums. Here's this week's collection of forum goodness. Have you seen a topic you think should be highlighted here? Send us a link! Do official forums scare you? It's okay, we've got your back. Post in our kinder, gentler forums instead.

    What are you waiting for? Get clicking to catch up on all the news in the official forums at Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer.

    Thu, Aug 03, 2006
  • What Will You Wear To Battle?

    You can't just run into battle in khaki's or a mini-skirt. A set of good armor is pivotal to your success, and there are a lot of options out there. How does it all work, and what should you choose? RadarX updates the Ten Ton Hammer armor guide to even include the Relic armor.

    You'll hear veteran players describe "tiers" of armor... tier 1, T1 all the way up to tier 7 or T7. It's simply an unofficial way to describe a level range in which armor or jewelry is best equipped, or adventuring zones attempted, etc. The player-made tier system isn't very confusing if you're one of those people who (unlike me) can easily understand why the 1800s were considered the 19th century. What I mean by this: tier 1 refers to levels 1 (theoretically level 1, though everyone starts at level 3) through 9, tier 2 is level 10-19, and so on.

    Keep reading to learn more. Head over to the forums at EQ2 Ten Ton Hammer and tell us what armor you wear into battle and why!

    Thu, Aug 03, 2006
  • New Look at The Master Thief Build

    Everybody changes his mind now and again. The release of the drow race made me change my mind about my favorite rogue build. Wherever you see the UFR label, you see my changes since this build originally posted. I have left my old comments so that you can see exactly how the changes compare to my original opinions.

    "DEX isn't as important to the Master Thief as I imagined, so I dropped the DEX Enhancements. The Master Thief should almost always be in Sneak mode, so Faster Sneaking X will make life easier. Improved Spell Resistance makes the Master Thief close to immune to mind-control spells. The other two Enhancements boost skills used all the time."

    Learn more about this build. DDO Ten Ton Hammer is your one stop site for all the lastest news, information and interviews. Don't see what you're looking for? Stop by the forums at DDO Ten Ton Hammer and let us know!

    Thu, Aug 03, 2006
  • Some wiseacres are trying to rig the vote to name a Hungarian bridge so that it will be christened the Chuck Norris bridge. What kind of codswallop is this? The economy minister of a semi-stable, marginally noteworthy country tries to use the Interweb to name a bridge and people make fun of his endeavour? It's reprehensible behaviour and I for one won't stand for it. We need to nip this in the bud. Stop it once and for all. End the madness. I encourage, urge, coax and prod each and every Loading... reader to do the right thing, head to the website and vote for Vin Diesel Skyway as the official name of the bridge! We are many and we have the power to name a bridge in a former communist country. With any luck we can have a picture of the Vin Diesel Skyway posted to the official Hungarian tourism website.
    Vote now! Vote often! Here is a link to the website which at the time of writing this is down, due to the power of Vin Diesel.
    Eight new exclusive MMOG articles, Chinese dog culls and more are but a click away.
    Loading... August 3, 2006 [Terrier Tartare Edition]

    Thu, Aug 03, 2006
  • EQ2

    Heat exhaustion... or bad chili?
    Submitted by Dan - EverQuest II

    The Ten Ton Hammer "Dead of Summer" Contest Extended Through August 9th! Between back-to-school sales, home projects, family vacations, and hugging the A/C vent, it's a busy time of year. Though we've received a number of great entries so far, we're extending the latest Ten Ton Hammer contest for another week (through August 9th) because we wanted to give you plenty of opportunity to submit your entry for the "Dead of Summer" screenshot contest. We've got plenty of autographed prints, gamecards, and Zboard gaming hardware to trade for your cool cadaverous screencaptures, so check out the contest details page, check out the latest entries, and send in your amusing post-mortem screenshots and captions.
    It's that simple, so be sure to enter before the August 9th "dead" line!
    Check out the "Dead of Summer" contest details and enter today!

    Thu, Aug 03, 2006
  • Update Details

    The official site for Final Fantasy XI has been updated with the notes from the latest changes to the game.

    -The continuation of the Treasures of Aht Urhgan storyline has been added.

    The following Besieged-related issues have been modified:

    - Status effects that slowly decrease player HP will now be automatically removed after Besieged.
    - After retreating, the beastman forces will now remain at half strength.
    - The number of monsters that invade Al Zahbi during Besieged has been changed.
    - The conditions for causing a beastman retreat have been changed.

    Read the rest of this update list and then let us know what you think of these changes in the forums here at Ten Ton Hammer.

    Wed, Aug 02, 2006
  • Head of ArchLord's Design Team Interviewed had a chance to ask Dae Hwan Kim a few questions about the upcoming ArchLord. With Orcs, Moon Elves and Humans for players to choose from, what options within the races can we expect?

    Dae Hwan Kim:
    Human: The first race to learn to use fire, and as a result were the first race that were able to learn to use iron. As a result they have the highest defense power of all the races.

    Orc: The Orcs talents lie with the Earth. They are also blessed, or cursed, with a strong desire to win. This means that they have a higher tendency to attack than all the other races.

    Moon Elf: Moon Elfs have a great ability to control water, but due to their background they also have strong abilities in all the other elements. Their main strengths lie in magic and summoning as a result of which their magic skills are set higher than other races.

    Read the full interview and then hurry back and let us know your thoughts right here in the forums at Ten Ton Hammer.

    Features, Interviews
    Wed, Aug 02, 2006
  • Dime a Dozen Title or More than That?

    GameDaily takes a look at ArchLord to see if it will be different from the dime a dozen MMOs that are popular in Korea.

    In South Korea MMORPGs are a dime a dozen, and even the smallest of MMOs there have enough subscribers to challenge most games here in the US. Within the last couple of years some marketing people over here got a brilliant idea to talk to the marketing cats on the other side of the world. As a result, we've seen MMOs like Lineage IIrelease over here. Thus far they've been primarily met with lukewarm fanfare, usually due to cultural differences like gameplay style and poor localization. Codemasters has decided to take this idea and go a step further: they nabbed a new game in South Korea that isn't centered around team PvP from the get-go, and maintains individualistic goals for solo and small group players.

    Keep reading to see what they think of ArchLord. Are you planning to play this upcoming game? Let us know how you think it is shaping up in the forums right here at Ten Ton Hammer!

    Features, Previews
    Wed, Aug 02, 2006
  • A Look at What is to Come for the Monk

    Boot to the head! We think of the Monk in MMOs as the consummate martial artist, dealing his own brand of punishment through leaps and kicks and deadly-accurate punches. What does Vanguard: Saga of Heroes have in store for the Monk class? The tidbits of information that have been uncovered so far are found in our revamped Monk guide. So gather your inner focus, Grasshoppah, and begin upon the path to enlightenment at Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer.

    "Monks also rely on a special pool called Inner Focus, from which they draw power for certain attacks. Inner Focus does not regenerate on its own, but relies instead on the Monk completing finishing moves in combat. The Monk will find himself building up and expending his Inner Focus quickly while fighting."

    Keep reading to learn more about the Monk. Do you think Vanguard is heading in the right direction with this class? Share your thoughts in the forums at Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer.

    Wed, Aug 02, 2006
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