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  • 9 Screenshots of 9 Dragons

    MMORPG.com follows up their preview of 9 Dragons with some great looking screenshots today.

    To go with our clan feature today, we have nine images of the Shaolin clan for you to enjoy.

    Do you plan to play 9 Dragons? Tell us what you think in our forums here at Ten Ton Hammer.

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    Fri, Jul 14, 2006
  • Double The Previews

    Today both GameSpot and IGN have previews of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning posted. Keep reading to see what they have to say...

    GameSpot starts us off today.

    Nothing says "summer" quite like having a bunch of video games in one place. At a recent press event at which publisher EA Games showed off a great many of its upcoming games, we had a chance to take an updated look at Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, the upcoming massively multiplayer game from developer Mythic and its brand-new publisher and corporate owner.

    According to Mythic's Jeff Hickman, much of the content for the game's first "racial pairing," the dwarves versus the "greenskins" (a faction of orks and goblins), is complete, including many of the lower-level areas and items. In addition, though we were unable to see it in action, Mythic has begun production on the game's high-level player-versus-player (PVP) content, such as capital city raids, which will offer multiple types of treasures (including open, undefended loot and special items that can be obtained only by defeating specific enemy characters, such as merchants, barkeeps, and kings). These raids will let players capture enemy dignitaries and hold them hostage (and for some cheap humor) until they can be rescued by players from the opposing side.

    Does IGN feel the same about this forthcoming game? Take a look and see...

    Electronic Arts was prominently featuring Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning at its press event today, as the game's developer, Mythic, was recently purchased by EA. We got to play the latest build, and while it was basically the same game we played at E3 a couple months ago, there are a few significant updates to report.

    Tell us what you think in the forums here at Ten Ton Hammer!

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    Fri, Jul 14, 2006
  • Crafting and the Shaolin Clan

    MMORPG.com has two preivews up today on the forthcoming 9 Dragons. The first preview discusses crafting in this unique world.

    Ken Johnson tells us...

    In this article you will learn more about how the crafting system works in 9dragons, the new martial arts MMO from Acclaim and Persistent Worlds. 9Dragons is a mixture of Hero, House of Flying Daggers, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and for you more mature gamers a touch of Jackie Chan’s Drunken Master.

    The second preview at MMORPG.com tells us about the Shaolin Clan in 9 Dragons. Ken Johnston and Steven-Elliot Altman tell us...

    Hello and welcome to this, the first of six articles specially written for MMORPG on the starter clans in 9Dragons. The six clans we are going to cover are Shaolin, Wu-Tang Clan, the League of Beggars, Heavenly Demon, Sacred Flower and the Brotherhood of Thieves. All six of these clans are based upon Chinese history and mythology and we’ve researched them to give you as authentic an experience as possible. In ancient China, the clans were labelled as either white or black, as delineated by their allegiance to The Imperial Emperor. The white clans were, on the whole, loyal and noble, while the black clans were rogues with intent that violated Imperial decree. Of course, there are many famous legends in which disciples of these clans have acted out of order with their clan’s traditions!

    When you're done checking these previews out, don't forget to return to Ten Ton Hammer and let us know what you think in our forums!

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    Fri, Jul 14, 2006
  • Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard...Fantastic or Not So Nice?

    Macros. In MMOs, long the domain of esoteric min/max-ers and gold farming bottomfeeders. Establishing itself as a serious macroing platform with 54 programmable keys, the Logitech G15 gaming keyboard also boasts an onboard LCD, media controls, backlighting, and a few other surprises. Too much keyboard? Hell yea! Join Ethec as he plugs in and kicks the tires of Logitech's macroing monstrosity, and looks at the differences between cheating and macroing in MMORPGs along the way.

    "All that to say this: on many levels, it's important not to expect too much from the LCD. It's a nifty thought and definitely has its place, but gameplay-wise it suffers from the same marginal utility the LCD on the Sega Dreamcast controllers withered in back in the day. Your eyes can really only keep track of one screen at a time, why shouldn't they stay on the screen that really counts? Granted, I've only seen the LCD working in handful (World of Warcraft, Civ IV, Unreal) of the lackluster number of currently supported games, but if you're used to getting ammo counts, stat, or compass info from the actual game screen, the G15 offers little reason to change your habits. Add to this the aforementioned qualms devs have for giving too much support to peripherals, and you've got yourself a bona fide fluff feature."

    Keep readingto find out more. Think Ethec is off base with his feelings about this gaming keyboard? Tell us in our forums and keep checking back to Ten Ton Hammer for the latest news, interview and information on all your favorite MMOs!

    Fri, Jul 14, 2006
  • What's Up In The Official Forums?

    Each week the team at Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer wade into the official forums and bring you the good, the bad and the ugly...

    Yeehaw! It's time for another weekly forum roundup. Our Aunraye
    rides out each week to lasso some interesting, informative, or controversial
    topics from the Vanguard official forums. This week she covers epic weapons
    and dungeon sentries who call for help. (I'll take, "A tizmak warrior calls
    for help as it swings at your head!" for $500, Alec.) Check them out! And if
    the official forums scare you, you can always post in our kinder, gentler
    forums instead.

    y&ceid=335">Get along buckeroos
    and make your way to Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer to find out more.

    Fri, Jul 14, 2006
  • Coyote Covers The Update

    Live Update 25 is going to break the entire game, and you heard it at Ten Ton Hammer first! Coyotee Sharptongue finds the voice of the people, rebelling against the changes, so don't miss this insiders look.

    "This is Coyotee Sharptongue for Ten Ton Hammer news reporting to you LIVE from North Qeynos where a large crowd has gathered in protest. Signs, banners, and angry chants fill the busy street as shopkeepers bar their doors and wary citizens keep cautious distance." A large Kerran reporter holding a microphone yells loudly over the din of an angry mob behind him.

    Want to find out if Coyote makes it out of that crowd? Keep reading this and all the latest news and interviews at EQ2 Ten Ton Hammer.

    Fri, Jul 14, 2006
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    Fri, Jul 14, 2006
  • Tier 6, Loot Revamp and Elder Play

    A Letter to the Players regarding Tier 6 (Elder Play) design philosophies was posted for debate yesterday at Horizon's official site. Want to know more? Keep reading...

    Recently, we have been monitoring those topics that appear to be paramount to our Elder Players and hope that we can enlighten you as to the direction we are heading - without giving too much away. Please, understand, these are in no way promises of what is to come, but more a "design philosophy" - our hopes of what the game will be.

    Head over and read the full letter and then return to Ten Ton Hammer and let us know what you think!

    Thu, Jul 13, 2006
  • Double Your Experience!

    This notice arrived today from the fine folks at NCSoft...

    Heroes and Villains, prepare to experience our first ever Double XP weekend event! The rules are simple. Hero and Villain characters will receive double the XP for all of their accomplishments in the game. Take advantage of this opportunity to level up your favorite characters. Good luck and have fun!

    Event Timing:
    Start: Friday, July 21st at 9am PST / 12pm EST
    Finish: Sunday, July 23rd, 8:59pm PST / 11:59pm EST

    NCsoft Community Staff

    Get ready...Get set...Get leveling! check back for more news and information on all your favorite games including City of Villains and Vity of Heroes here at Ten Ton Hammer!

    Thu, Jul 13, 2006
  • Gods & Heroes Interview With Stieg Hedlund

    The Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising official site has an introduction pointing to an interview on MMOsite.com. Keep reading to see what Stieg Hedlund, Lead Designer of Gods and Heroes has to say.

    MMOsite.com has a fairly in-depth interview covering many of the hot topics concerning Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising up on their website.

    "Our world is awesome. We've done a lot of work to bring this consistent and immersive world to life, from doing extensive research to a great deal of conceptualization. We have tremendous environmental art, both on interiors and exteriors, and tremendous ancient architecture, plus gorgeous natural settings and terrific special effects. We're all particularly proud of our water and shadow effects."

    Read the full interview and don't forget to head to the Ten Ton Hammer forums to let us know what you think about Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising and all your other favorite MMOs.

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    Thu, Jul 13, 2006
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