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  • Rouge AND Wizard?

    Anyone who's played Dungeons & Dragons has encountered (if not played!) a rogue/wizard combo. As we continue Week of the Arcane Master here at Ten Ton Hammer, Darkgolem thinks it is high time we applied the build to Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach. So, sharpen your blades and your wits--this build requires both!

    "Scouting, dealing with traps and locks, buffing, diplomacy, and other areas are the things that the Arcane Ally brings to a party."

    Read this full article to see how this unique class combo shapes up. Have you played a rogue/wizard? Let us know how it worked for you in the forums at DDO Ten Ton Hammer.

    Wed, Jul 26, 2006
  • Loading... is brought to you today by EVE Online!

    Your 14-Day FREE Trial is only a click away. Fancy spaceships warping all over the universe blowing up your enemies in heated PvP battles or in my case mining that wondrous and jaw dropping beauty it into teeny, tiny bits that I haul around in an ugly ship. All the cool kids are doing it. Give it a try and support our sponsor! I mean it, click on that pretty link, give them an e-mail address and try the game for 14 days. I'd like to hear your impression of EVE Online. The best quotes will be featured here.
    "No plan survives first contact with the enemy." is a favourite saying of our resident pessimist and "bah"sayer Phil Comeau. Vacation plans are no different. I had planned to watch my kids at soccer camp, fish and get a few things done around the house. In reality I helped teach a soccer camp and did my best impression of a handyman fixing 4,291 things around the house and property. Note that I am as equipped to fix things as a snake is to win a handshaking contest. Nonetheless vacation is over and I'm back. I didn't get to go fishing very often, though Phil dropped by on the weekend to float around the lake for a couple of hours. I did get to amaze the local kids with my tomfoolery and gadgetry slight of hand.
    Gadgets, $500 in prizes and so much more is but a click away.
    Loading... July 26, 2006 [Rodeo Clown Edition]

    Wed, Jul 26, 2006
  • Shay's Treehouse - We're Goin' In!

    Sometimes waiting for the next great MMO to come along invokes feelings of exasperation, not to mention impatience. Last night, Shayalyn chose to stave off the waiting game by logging onto the EverQuest progression servers. This afternoon, she waited through a monumental update, and then logged into EverQuest 2. What gives? Nostalgia seems to be spreading around the Ten Ton Hammer network, and Shay's caught the bug.

    "I decided to build a brand new toon on one of the progression servers. Being a newb again sounded like fun, but I wasn’t prepared for just how newbish I would turn out to be. After all, I did choose to make a druid character--since I don’t intend to play for any significant length of time, I figured it made sense to go with a class I knew intimately--and I was certain that I’d be able to go out, dressed in my skimpy 'old model' green Wood Elf teddy, and battle my way through the Greater Faydark in no time. Instead I found myself running to the guards to avoid a thrashing from a yellow con bat, and getting lost in Kelethin while trying to find my trainer at the Druid Guild."

    Read more at Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer.

    Tue, Jul 25, 2006
  • Innovative new system for item rewards

    Dusktreaders has released information on thier innovative item reward system that reportedly will not penalize players based on if they choose to group or solo mainly.

    Treasure rewards will now be based on the effort players exert.

    For example, if a solo player beats a monster that is very hard for her, she will receive the same quality of gear reward as three players who beat a monster that is very hard for them. Both the solo player and the group player worked hard, and they both deserve a reward that shows it.

    Read the rest of this announcement and then head over to the forums here at
    Ten Ton Hammer and let us know what you think. Do you think that this system will be successful?

    Tue, Jul 25, 2006
  • Brush Off Your German For This Preview has posted a preview of Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising.

    Ganz einfach: Ein MMORPG, angesiedelt in der mythischen Welt des alten Roms. Schon zu Beginn werdet ihr feststellen, dass es zwischen eurem Charakter und den Göttern eine ganz besondere Beziehung gibt.

    So you say your German is a little rusty? Never fear, there is a translated version too! Head over to the forums here at Ten Ton Hammer and let us know what you think about this upcoming game.

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    Tue, Jul 25, 2006
  • Exploring Middle-earth: The Dead Spire

    Today brings us a new installment of Exploring Middle-earth. The official site is updated today with a look at The Dead Spire.

    The Barrow-downs is a name of dread, but it was not always so. The barrows were originally raised by the Edain, Men of ancient days, and later kept and revered by the Dúnedain of Cardolan. In the Third Age, a great plague swept across Middle-earth, out of Mordor, and the last vestiges of the Men of Cardolan perished. The Witch-king of Angmar sent evil spirits out of Angmar and Rhudaur to stir the bones of the dead and make the Barrow-downs the place of dread and evil it has become.

    Read more about The Dead Spire at the official site for the Lord of the Rings Online. LOTRO Ten Ton Hammer is full of the latest news and information for this upcoming game. Stop by, look around and jump on into the forums and let us know what you like and dislike about the things you have seen so far.

    Tue, Jul 25, 2006
  • Update 1.6.9 Notes

    Here's a look at the latest update notes for Vendetta Online...


    - fixed all references to 'battery' and changed them to 'power cell'
    - changed zoom button to 'Zoom to System' in nav menu
    - client updates faction/licenses correctly now
    - hud weapon progress bar is now more accurate and doesn't reset when the hud is closed and opened
    - new station/pda current cargo count is updated when cargo count changes
    - %lastprivate% variable for who last msged you, so we can make a /msg %lastprivate% command and a /reply command.
    - station prevents someone from connecting an addon if they don't have the required licenses
    - tried to make advancement log only update when it is visible
    - changed sort function in ship load/unload tab to sort by name first
    - changed order of station dialog closing to handle port auto-save properly
    - support for animating controls. HUD cargo element uses this
    - mining tutorial uses 1) 2) menu so it works in the new station interface
    - limited support for hotkeys in pda and newstation

    Don't know much about this MMO? Head over to the official site for Vendetta Online and check it out. If you've been playing this, head over to the forums here at Ten Ton Hammer and tell us all about it!

    Tue, Jul 25, 2006
  • Stieg Hedlund answers a slew of questions on gameplay and design... has posted the first half of an indepth Q and A with Stieg Hedlund. If you're looking for some insight into the design and development of Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising, keep reading... Many games support guilds by giving them large places to gather. What kinds of tools and resources will Gods & Heroes provide for people who want to form large guilds?

    Stieg Hedlund: Our tribe system (guilds) is not unlike most guild systems in many other games; however we have committed a team to working on various upcoming tribe features. Right now tribes have many of the standard features like a ranking system, full-featured control for officers, tribe-chat, and we're even talking about adding some additional tribe features to help us stand head-and-shoulders above the norm. We are building the system with small-to-large scale tribes in mind so it shouldn't be too unfamiliar to those experienced with other guild systems.

    Head over and read the rest of this informative interview. You can also check out three screenshots that feature combat. Tell us what you think in the forums right here at Ten Ton Hammer, your one stop source for all the latest news, interviews and information on Gods and Heroes and all your favorite MMOs.

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    Tue, Jul 25, 2006
  • Wolfpack Studios Closes, Stray Bullet Studios Is Born

    Recently Shadowbane's developer, Wolfpack Studios, was closed down. This spawned Stray Bullet Studios, a company made up of many of the team from Wolfpack. Not only did they form this company to help keep Shadowbane going, but to keep a successful team moving forward on many other projects. Read on to learn more...

    FiringSquad: How did the decision come about to form a new studio to continue supporting Shadowbane?

    Sean Dahlberg: We have a great team here; we’ve got solid experience developing and supporting MMOs, we’ve got multiple shipped products, and we’ve been working together for years. From the moment we heard the news, we started talking about possible ways to keep the team together.

    Initially, Shadowbane was not a part of that equation. While we wanted to keep the game alive, we wanted to preserve the studio and its pool of talent and experience more than anything else. It is very rare to find such a team that meshes so well together and has the drive, experience, and personality as Stray Bullet Games now has. We had a few loses but the majority of developers from Wolfpack Studios made the transition to the new company.

    Keep reading to see what the team at Stray Bullet Studios is up to. What do you think of the changes to Shadowbane? Let us know in the forums here at Ten Ton Hammer.

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    Tue, Jul 25, 2006
  • Senior Designer Joseph Hewitt Talks to has posted a wonderful interview with Joesph Hewitt, Senior Designer for Fury. In this interview we get a look at many of the systems being put into the game at this point. The incarnation system stands out and sounds very interesting...

    Once we decided to go with a skill based system for Fury, we took a hard look at what some of the downsides to it were. Personally, when I play games where I can build my own character, I am always afraid I am making a bad decision that might gimp my character. We decided that we wanted you to be able to rebuild your character anytime you wanted with no costs or penalties. That way we were sure players were free to have fun and experiment. Once we did that it was just a natural progress to say that you could load and save those templates and the incarnation system was born.

    Read the rest of this interview and then jump on over to the fourms here at Ten Ton Hammer and let us know what you think. Are you watching this game? Hope to play it once it launches? Tell us about it!

    Features, Interviews
    Tue, Jul 25, 2006
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