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  • Light Shed on Silverpine...

    The Ten Ton Hammer World of Warcraft team has been taking you on a virtual tour of zones for the Undead. The next in their series is a romp through the Silverpine Forest.

    Once you have completed your adventures as a Forsaken in Tirisfal Glades
    your next move is to Silverpine Forest to the south. Here you will find
    the Sepulcher and the apothecary Renferrel. Here you really start your
    journey and you will spend quite a few levels advancing through quests to
    advance your knowledge of the Scourge.

    What are you waiting for? Grab your walking stick and join the tour at WoW Ten Ton Hammer!

    Tue, Jun 27, 2006
  • Screenshots of the Ships of the Line

    Flying Lab shows a small flotilla of four varied vessels including a 104 Gun, a Spanish galleon, a brig and a cutter at RPG Vault. Don't miss these shots. They are wonderful!

    Head on over and see them for yourself.

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    Tue, Jun 27, 2006
  • Darrin McPherson Talks About Paladins

    Sigil Games Online's Darrin McPherson chats with the folks at Paladins of Telon. Keep reading to learn more about the Vanguardian Paladin...

    Paladins of Telon - Other than tanking, what do you think will be the main aspects of a Paladin that will make them desirable to groups?

    Darrin McPherson - Paladins are our most defensively oriented Protective Fighter. They are very geared towards protection and augmentation of their group. They have auras that can heal, empower or protect their parties. They have heals and buffs, which you would expect, but they also have powerful rescue abilities. One of the themes that I wanted to go with for the Paladin was protection and retribution – You don’t want to attack a Paladin’s ally. Our Paladin is the least damaging of the classes in his archetype, except when he is performing rescues. A Paladin’s rescues deal damage to the offender, damage that is on par with or that exceeds the Warrior in some cases.

    Read the rest of the interview at Paladins of Telon.

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    Tue, Jun 27, 2006
  • Game Code Updated

    Pirates of the Burning Sea developer logs have been updated. You can read about "Get Rid of Lua Day", a mass push by developers to change the game code...

    Last Tuesday we celebrated the first official Flying Lab Programmer Holiday, "Get Rid of Lua Day."

    Lua is a scripting language that we have been using for the past several years. It has served in a wide variety of ways on the PotBS client, but mostly we have used it for game UI and console commands (like /tell or /toad.)

    We've been gradually moving game functionality from Lua into C++ over the past year and a half, but significant chunks of the game were still in Lua, so I took a day out of the schedule for every programmer and we made a single big push to get as much of the lingering Lua out of the game as possible. I would have to call the day a complete success.

    Read more about these changes.

    Tue, Jun 27, 2006
  • Hero's Hall Interview with Tracy Butler

    Hero's Journey fansite Hero's Hall has posted an interview with Tracy Butler, Art Director at Simutronics Corporation. She is currently focused on the development of Hero's Journey.

    Hero's Hall: This is Ben Overmyer, for Hero's Hall. Could you introduce yourself?

    Tracy Butler: My name is Tracy Butler. I'm the art director at the Simutronics Corporation, currently focused on the development of our latest MMO, Hero's Journey.

    Check out the rest of this interview at Hero's Hall.

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    Tue, Jun 27, 2006
  • The Stormreach Assistance Program: Helping New Players

    Dungeons and Dragons Online has announced a new assistance program where players help each other. In the spirit of teamwork, they call out to the community to organize those with the time and ability to help others...

    We introduce our new assistance program to help new players to the world of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ONLINE™: Stormreach™

    House Ghallanda welcomes new adventurers, and invites them to visit the taverns throughout the city. House Tharashk encourages veteran adventurers to seek out and assist new arrivals in their first adventures. The continent of Xen'drik will be mastered only by skilled and experienced individuals, and it falls to us all to work together to cultivate the talent we have arriving each day.

    Learn more about this on the official DDO site.

    Tue, Jun 27, 2006
  • FiringSquad.com Talks to Paul Whipp

    FiringSquad.com had a chance to talk to Paul Whipp. Australian developer Auran introduced their upcoming fantasy MMORPG Fury at last month's E3. See what the game's producer had to say...

    FiringSquad: First, how did the idea for Fury come about?

    Paul Whipp: For some time I had been wishing that I could play a game where I would customize my role play characters more freely and prove them in an FPS style arena combat. When I met the guys at Auran games who were already talking about making a sword oriented multiplayer combat game, I knew we could work together to build a great MMO game that would fulfill my dream.

    Learn more about Fury at FiringSquad.com

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    Tue, Jun 27, 2006
  • Daniel Miller Chats With Jeff "Ethec" Woleslagle

    Daniel Miller talks about the present and future of Ryzom Ring, including integration of Ryzom Ring into the Saga of Ryzom core experience, and what it means to make an MMORPG in the cultural paradise called Paris, France.

    "Nevrax wants Ryzom Ring to become as well known for its content-designing power as for its simplicity. "We've designed Ryzom Ring to be simple enough for my mother to use," Miller quipped. As far as R2's power, Miller emphasized that the Ring is incredibly robust. Echoing Milko Berset's comments during the earlier preview, he pointed out that player testers reportedly "hadn't yet found the limit" of where their imagination could take them while designing their own adventures."

    Learn what else Daniel Miller had to say to Ethec.

    Find all the Ryzom Ring Event Coverage with one click!

    Tue, Jun 27, 2006
  • Entering the Ring - How Nevrax's Ryzom Ring addon turns players into designers and more!

    You've heard the hype, now it's time to see how Ryzom Ring, the free addon to Saga of Ryzom that allows players to design their own adventures and run them DM style, all comes together. Join Ten Ton Hammer as Nevrax leads us through a eye-opening map to mob to mission overview of how to create our own Ryzom adventures!

    "Building your own MMO adventure, but the ability to control the experience for other players is what really makes Ryzom Ring revolutionary. If you're lucky enough to make the creator's list of players who have Dungeon Master (DM) privileges, you get to kill your friends. And heal and resurrect them. Or respawn mobs, add or subtract hitpoints, or (if the designer has added the appropriate mobs and DM-only triggers) spawn bots and NPCs to change the experience on the fly. Teleport around or use your DM super-speed to transport your invisible godlike presence around. For some added fun, speak to players through the mouths of any NPC. It's all up to you as the DM; which hearkens back to the good ol' days (and nights, and days) of pen and paper RPGs."

    Read more about Ring of Ryzom and how you'll be able to create your own adventures!

    Catch up on all the Ryzom Ring Event Coverage!

    Tue, Jun 27, 2006
  • Ryzom Ring Impressions, Plus an Interview with Nevrax's Milko Berset and Sebastien Daniel

    Our resident Ryzom Ring expert Messiah shares his impressions of Ryzom Ring after experiencing Nevrax's live event last week in Paris, France and speaking at length with Ryzom Director Milko Berset and Marketing Head Sebastien Daniel.

    "While I am mainly interested in Ryzom Ring as a method to once again enjoy level design as I used to in FPS and RTS games, there are at least two other big options that it opens up. The first is that it will bring very real, very live RPG elements into MMORPGs. This is something that I think will draw many dungeon masters and game masters into the game, and many players as well. Instead of planning and playing a real life RPG in a room someplace, Ryzom Ring allows you to do almost the exact same thing in a visual manner online with friends all over the world.

    The other option that Ryzom Ring will allow is a very simple to use system to make video game based movies or machinima. The tools are all there to take and essentially program in a movie with this tool! From that point you just have to record it and put a soundtrack into it to have your own high-quality movie. With the popularity of video game movies and the lengths that many players of guilds go through to stage and record exactly what they want, this could become a huge attraction to Ryzom Ring, even for people that never planned to play the game!"

    Get clicking and check out what Messiah thinks and what the developers had to say!

    Read up on all of the Ryzom Ring Event Coverage.

    Tue, Jun 27, 2006
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