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  • An MMO Made From Borrowed Assests? posted this interesting Q & A with Colton Burgess, Head of Operations for Loud Ant Software LLC. It seems that this game is being made with borrowed assests from other developers. Sounds interesting. Keep reading to see if this sounds like a game you're interested in...

    I understand that Thrones of Chaos will make use of assets from at least one MMORPG that is no longer in development. Can you give us a little background on the project?

    CB: We procured a few different assets from numerous areas to help us get a functioning MMORPG title on the market in a very short time period.Either way, we have all the tools and experienced team members needed to put together an interesting MMOG experience in a timely manner.

    Want to know more? Keep reading to find out how this game is being developed. Stay tuned to Ten Ton Hammer for all the latest news on all your favorite games, including Thrones of Chaos.

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    Wed, Jul 12, 2006
  • WoW Macro Guide Updated: New Macro Examples

    No MMO has ever offered players the level of customization that World of Warcraft does. One important way Blizzard puts the power in the player community's hands is through macros, small customizable sets of scripted instructions that keep your head in the game by sparing you mouseclicks. Ten Ton Hammer scours the interwebs to bring you the best we could find for the latest addition to the WoW Slash Commands and Macros Guide.

    "Jump to Low-Res: If you're ever in a raid or instance situation and your system is dragging (or maybe you're getting some Orgrimmar or Ironforge lag), this is a quick macro that will lower the biggest performance-hogging settings. Experiment with a separate macro to restore your settings to what you're used to (max is 777,2,1).

    /z SetFarclip(177)
    /z SetWorldDetail(0)
    /z SetBaseMip(0)"

    Learn more about macros at WoW Ten Ton Hammer.

    Wed, Jul 12, 2006
  • Ranger Guide Revamped

    Back in our EverQuest days, Rangers were the butt of many a
    joke. For instance, dying and going back to your bind point was known as
    "Ranger gating." Well, laugh no more, little campers--the Vanguard: Saga of
    Heroes Ranger means business. This woodland scout is not only an expert
    tracker with a foraging skill that helps him make cures and enhance his
    abilities, but also a dual-wielding, bow-toting damage machine. Learn more
    about the Vanguard Ranger in our newly revamped guide.

    "In combat, the Ranger has a unique method of creating chains. She
    has three basic attacks which serve as 'openers'--beginning attacks that
    open up a chain that can potentially end with a powerful finishing attack.
    Her three attacks are nature themed, with names such as Blade of Summer,
    Blade of Winter and Blade of Storms."

    y&ceid=332">Learn more
    about the Ranger at Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer.

    Wed, Jul 12, 2006
  • Let Your Voice Be Heard

    This week is Editorial Week at DDO Ten Ton Hammer. We’ve been sounding off about the drow, and now we want to hear what you have to say.

    What does the introduction of the drow do for DDO?

    * Turbine gave us what we wanted. Drow are a great addition.
    * Eh. It keeps me playing a little while longer, but I’ll soon be needing more content.
    * The drow are a joke! Giving us a poorly implemented and overpowered race ruins all of the hard work we put into our previous characters.

    Get clicking and add your vote at DDO Ten Ton Hammer.

    Wed, Jul 12, 2006
  • Putting Marketing before Fun

    Today marks the release of the Twilight Forge module and the introduction of the drow race into Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach (DDO). Since this is Editorial week at DDO @ Ten Ton Hammer, Darkgolem couldn't resist making his feelings about the drow known.

    "The way that drow are attainable in DDO rewards people for playing a lot, but after the amount of favor needed is attained, the DDO implementation of drow discourages use of other races for character classes. The benefit to the makers of DDO of course is that people spend a lot of time playing to first unlock the drow and then to level their new characters. But this detracts from the game in several ways."

    Read more about Darkgolem's thoughts on Drow at DDO Ten Ton Hammer!

    Wed, Jul 12, 2006
  • Loading... is brought to you today by Sony

    The CFD-F10SILVER Boombox
    Was $79.95. Now $39.95.
    It has been rumoured for some time that John "The Romero" Romero, co-founder of Id Software was making his way into the MMOG industry. Daikatana the MMOG you say? Pshaw!!!
    The Romero has opened a new studio, Ion Storm The Barricades. Alright, it's not called that, it is called Slipgate Ironworks and is located near Redwood City in California. Good luck to John with his new venture. In John's own words, let's hope this one doesn't, "Suck it down!"
    Karen, our Vanguard: Saga of Heroes community manager put me on to a gold farming quote by Zack Karlsson, Director of Business Development at Sigil.
    Four new MMOG articles, pavement and gold farmers are but a click away.
    Loading... July 12, 2006 [The Romero Edition]

    Wed, Jul 12, 2006
  • Vanguard's New Feature: Employee Spotlight

    The makers of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, Sigil Games Online, want us to get a feel for who is making this much anticipated game. To that end, they have begun a new feature on their official site...Employee Spotlight. Rob Matzker is featured in this edition...

    What is your favorite part about working for a game company?

    The culture! People here are creative and like to have fun while working hard. It really makes for an exciting and rewarding work environment. I love the electronic entertainment industry and I’m proud that our company is working on a product that so many people are looking forward to.

    Learn more about Rob Matzker and how he got his start at Sigil Games Online. Stop by Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer for all the latest news, interviews and information on all things Vanguard!

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    Tue, Jul 11, 2006
  • Vladmiir the Pirate Rouge Gnome Speaks!

    The very outgoing Vladmiir, aka Paul Luna, took some time to talk to Vanguard Spheres and let us have a glimpse into his world. Now a GM, one is left wondering if there is any job over at Sigil Games Online that Paul hasn't tried!

    Always a smile and very mischievious twinkle in the eye, Paul criss-crossed us all over the building and back again, multiple times, to make sure we saw everything! Including Brad! So, while we're hoping that all the GMs are able to take part in the interviews, we thought it fitting to ask Paul to be first, and he graciously responded, but I expected that!

    So, may I present to you, Game Master, Paul Luna!

    Get clicking to learn more. Don't forget to stop by Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer and let us know what you think!

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    Tue, Jul 11, 2006
  • First Look: Release Notes Twilight Forge Module

    If you're like me, you are counting the minutes until tomorrow's Twilight Forge update. To make your wait easier...ok well maybe just to pass the is a sneak peek at the release notes.

    Long ago, the Restless Isles were a chain of peaks linked by a labyrinth of tunnels and caverns. This natural fortress was transformed into a war foundry by the ancient lords of Dal Quor in their battle against the giants of Xen'drik. Known as the 'Twilight Forge,' this armory created warforged and other weapons for the cataclysmic war that ultimately ended in defeat for the quori and ruin for the giants.

    Thousands of years have passed since then, and the land has been inundated with water from the Thunder Sea. Only the tops of the peaks remain above sea level, but quori-reinforced tunnels continue to link the islands in this mysterious chain. Although the quori have been gone for 40,000 years, their strange architecture survives. So do the wildmen – a race of warped humanoids known nowhere else in Eberron, and presumed to have evolved from servants that the quori left behind.

    Visit Baudry Cartamon’s Shipping Warehouse, Ghola Fan’s Compound, The Shrieking Mines, and The Twilight Forge. Only a powerful party will survive the challenges of the Restless Isles!

    Read the rest of the notes and pass the time until it goes live letting us know what you think about the changes on the forums at DDO Ten Ton Hammer!

    Tue, Jul 11, 2006
  • MMO's In Pro-gaming World of E-sports has posted this interview with Michael Gills, ArenaNet Tournament Coordinator. He talks about the steps Guild Wars Faction is taking to being MMOs into the competitive world of e-sports.

    Guild Wars Factions has single-handedly created an entirely new e-sports genre, won over thousands of fans and provided a brand new way to earn a Ferrari. We recently caught up with Michael Gills, ArenaNet Tournament Coordinator, and asked him about Guild Wars's fledging steps into e-sports status, and what the future holds for the game.

    What challenges have you faced when attempting to stay on top of keeping the game balanced, and how has the introduction of large cash prizes changed the way you run the league?

    Find out how this question is answered as well as many more. Stop by Guild Wars Ten Ton Hammer to learn more.

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    Tue, Jul 11, 2006
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