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  • The Burning Crusades Brings New Professtions

    On the official World of Warcraft site, an article has been posted detailing one of the new professions expected to be included in the forthcoming expansion, The Burning Crusades. Get a look at Jewelcrafting...

    World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade will introduce a lot of new features to expand the game in many interesting and fun ways. One of these additions is the introduction of a new profession: jewelcrafting.

    Jewelcrafters learn the art of creating beautiful jewelry and trinkets from metals and rare gems. By processing the raw ore mined from the various deposits and mineral veins, jewelcrafters can extract gems from the ore which they can then use for their craft. Although miners sometimes find gems while gathering ore, jewelcrafters mostly rely on their prospecting skills to get more of the precious stones.

    Find out more about this profession and let us know what you think on our forums at WoW Ten Ton Hammer!

    Mon, Jul 10, 2006
  • No More Euro Servers?

    According to, Net Devil and NCsoft are confirming that Auto Assault's Euro servers will be merging with US servers on July 13th.

    Auto Assault's US and European servers are to merge this week, according to NCsoft and NetDevil.

    Although the game reviewed fairly well, it's thought that the player-base isn't quite up there with some of NCsoft's bigger titles like City of Heroes and Lineage II - so the merger makes a certain amount of sense.

    The result for players will be one big server, called Nexus, which is hosted in the US. The change is set to take place on July 13th.

    Read the rest of this notice at Don't forget to visit Auto Assault Ten Ton Hammer for all the latest updates on the game.

    Mon, Jul 10, 2006
  • Key Devs Talk About Chocobo Breeding, Expansion Zones, and Player Leveling released this interview Friday to in their words, "take the development team's temperature" about the recently released expansion, Treasures of Aht Urhgan.

    With a few months of wear and tear on Final Fantasy XI: Treasures of Aht Urhgan's collective belt, we figured it was time to take the development team's temperature the old-fashioned way and see how they were doing. The time was also right to hit them with some pressing questions about some of TOAU's more significant problems (see: Besieged), and of course we couldn't help but ask them some smart-ass questions about why Beaucedine Glacier is such a hassle to get around.

    Get clicking to see what the devs had to say and let us know what you think in our forums. Keep checking back here at Ten Ton Hammer for the latest news and information on all your favorite games, including Final Fantasy XI.

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    Mon, Jul 10, 2006
  • Can You Make a Better Zone? posted a preview of the forthcoming addition to The Saga of Ryzom, Ryzom Ring.

    We’ve all done it. We may not admit to it, but we have. “Oh, I could’ve done better then that stupid quest!”, “That quest was teh suk!” or perhaps something not quite as intelligent and simply filled with words caught by the profanity filter of many MMO’s. Armchair quest writing is quickly gripping the world of massively multiplayer titles. Of course, there’s not really any way to prove our self-toughted abilities, but we’re usually quite certainly that our guild or friends or whoever happens to be within earshot will agree…at least to our faces. At least, there was never any way…until now.

    Keep reading to see how rated Ryzom Ring. Stay tuned to Ten Ton Hammer for all the lastest Ryzom news!

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    Mon, Jul 10, 2006
  • Actiontrip Takes a Look at The Burning Crusades posted a preview of WoW's forthcoming expansion, The Burning Crusades. Did they like what they saw or think that it needs to head back to the drawing board? Keep reading to find out.

    It goes without saying, but yes, World of Warcraft is the most successful MMORPG of all time. It is the 800-lb gorilla of MMORPGs, but what’s striking is that WoW is the first game to truly bridge the gap between hardcore gamers and the mainstream crowds. Blizzard’s giant cash cow is becoming a part of popular culture, supplanting The Sims as the “it” game of choice for both gamers and non-gamers alike.

    Head over to to read the rest of the preview. Don't forget to visit WoW Ten Ton Hammer for all your latest WoW news and information!

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    Mon, Jul 10, 2006
  • Can a computer make you cry?

    Writers all across our network are describing their most emotional experience, whether it is good or bad, with their site's MMORPG. I'll admit that most of the time I don't let myself get too affected on a personal level due to the desire to maintain some degree of stoicity. As a result, there are no heartbreaking stories here. But there is a mixture of disappointment, anticipation, and hope that spans various time periods of Auto Assault's life thus far - including its beginning, its beta, its retail launch, and its upcoming changes.

    "Auto Assault surfaced and promised action oriented vehicular combat set in a post-apocalyptic environment, and it seemed quite exciting and full of potential! Was this the new freshness that I sought? I set off to tell friends all about it and form a clan in preparation so we could all start off organized and together. There was still quite some time left before that would be possible, though..."

    Read more and see how Kir got her clan off the ground at Auto Assault Ten Ton Hammer!

    Mon, Jul 10, 2006
  • How MMOs Make Us Feel

    Emotions. Our feelings make us laugh, cry, swell with pride, or
    deflate with embarrassment. Can an MMO stir all these emotions and more?
    Absolutely! Shayalyn may not have experiences in Vanguard: Saga of Heroes
    just yet, but she's been hooked on a feeling in other games like EverQuest
    and Guild Wars. In fact, she gets so emotional, baby! Emotion is taking her
    over, and now she's cry-y-y-in' over...well, you get the idea.

    "I'm one of those people who can have a good time in a game playing
    solo, and I did plenty of that in EQ, but my best times involved getting
    together with my guild friends. What I remember most was laughter, and
    plenty of it. Humor was never in short supply among my friends, and we made
    the most of it. There are plenty of funny events that have gone down in
    guild history."

    y&ceid=330">Read more
    about these antics at Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer!

    Mon, Jul 10, 2006
  • Beyond Drudgery: Recapturing the Sense of Mystery that makes MMOs Worth Playing

    Are all MMO gamers sentenced to a mundane experience of simply grinding for levels and equipment? Ethec shares his thoughts on what could make playing MMOs something like a stirring experience again.

    "If it's a little depressing nowadays that you have to think for a bit about what's enjoyable about playing an MMORPG, if you're feeling kind of burnt out on MMOs (but single-player games just feel lonely), take heart. To me, the promise of the MMORPG is just below the surface. MMOs don't reach out and grab your emotions by the collar, they simply offer the tacit promise that you'll get out most of what you put in. It's not an emotion; it's not just a short-lived thrill, it's the full emotional spectrum. All the shades of humanity are represented: from the jerks, to the freaks and dorks, to the attention whores, to the close friends that, when you finally meet in person, you would have never pictured yourself getting to know."

    Find out what Ethec means and let us know what you think in out forums!

    Mon, Jul 10, 2006
  • RadarX Shares Most Significant Moment...

    We've all gotten emotionally involved in a MMO at one point or another. Whether it's the joy of completing a Heritage Quest, or the utter annoyance of camping a creature for hours on end, we all have those memorable events. Join RadarX, as he shares his most emotional EQ2 experiences, and why raid leaders should not blame Templars for their bad pulls.

    Have you ever had a really emotional experience resulting from something on television? Obviously visual mediums such as TV shows, movies, commercials, etc can play upon our emotions. This is why we cry happy tears at the end of Bridget Jones Diary.... errr I mean the Dirty Dozen. *sniff* Poor Franko never had a chance. What about video games? I'm not talking about doing a victory dance in your underwear because you beat Mother Brain (I was 12 years old...yeah that's it) , or weeping in Best Buy that they tried to make yet another Might and Magic game. I mean a moment of total victory resulting in screaming or utter devastation resulting in "-50 DKP" being screamed in a thick German accent. Playing since launch, I've had plenty of emotional experiences with EQ2, and it's really hard to narrow it down to the best or worst. Here is the one I think was most significant.

    Get clicking to find out what that most significant moment for RadarX is at EQ2 Ten Ton Hammer!

    Mon, Jul 10, 2006
  • Grab Your Tissues, Ralsu Gets Emotional!

    Any gamer worth his salt knows that massively-multiplayer online games (MMOGs) are no hobby. For many players they are an obsession. The result? We have some really emotional experiences surrounding our MMOG of choice. Ralsu shares what makes him emotional about Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach (DDO), and admits that he was a bit delusional regarding DDO after beta.

    "If you’ve played DDO, you must be laughing at me by now. Quite frankly, my blissful nights in DDO’s beta left me delusional: I misjudged the state of the MMOG mainstream these days. My lowest feeling regarding DDO easily comes from the player base (no, not you, dear reader!). In truth, my biggest problem with DDO is my unrealistic expectations."

    Keep reading to see how Ralsu deals with his unrealistic expectations at DDO Ten Ton Hammer.

    Mon, Jul 10, 2006
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