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    Congratulations to Italian fans on their victory in the World Cup. I can't imagine two teams that I would have less liked to see in the final than Italy and France. Both teams are notorious diving; flopping around like Paris Hilton at an all you can skank party. There were often more players on the turf clutching at their shins like they were being bitten by alligators then there were tracking down the ball. It was a cartoon-like game, Super Mario versus Asterix so to speak. The Italian side is known as the "Azzuri", well I azzuri wish they would stay on their feet and give up the fetal position mambo. On the bright side, there are a lot of happy pizza shop owners out there today just itching to give me a deal on a slice and a soda when I walk in cheering, "Italia!"
    MMOGs have the "World Series of Video Games", which include World of Warcraft, which of course is silly because WoW is a computer game, not a video game. That said there were some impressive feats accomplished including a player who took a character from level 1-10 in two hours. A similar event was also held in Dallas over the last few days and was such a rousing success that even the event homepage makes no mention of winners. You can still sign-up though, even though the event is over! Until we find out who won this thing let's just assume that I did, levelling a character from 1-10 in one hour and 59 minutes, shattering the old record.
    Levelling contests, nine exclusive MMOG articles and criminal mascots are but a click away.
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    Mon, Jul 10, 2006
  • Mythic's Mark Jacobs Talks to GameSpy had a chance to sit down with Mythic's Mark Jacobs to talk about the recent EA deal. He answers some of the questions that are burning in the minds of gamers who follow Mythic's games such as Dark Age of Camelot and the forhtcoming Warhammer Online.

    GameSpy: Let's start with the inevitable question: Does EA's history with MMOs (Motor City Online, Earth & Beyond, Ultima Online 2, et al) make you nervous at all?

    Find out how Mark Jacobs answers this question and more at GameSpy.

    Features, Interviews
    Sun, Jul 09, 2006
  • Raph Koster On the Past and Future of MMOs and Game Design

    German site MMPlay has posted an interview with Ralph Koster. Thankfully, they have posted an English translation for all of us who do not speak German! What would Raph Koster be doing today if MUDs and MMORPGs had never been invented?

    I'd probably still be chasing the dream of being a writer. For much of my life, that was what I was training to do, and it was my chief passion. These days, I don't spend that much time doing it. Sometimes, I kind of miss it. It's also possible I'dbe doing something with music, I suppose.

    Read the rest of this interview and let us know what you think in our forums!

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    Sun, Jul 09, 2006
  • 15 Trillion Gold Pieces Removed From Play

    It's being reported that Ultima Online has cracked down on rule breaching players who have been unbalancing the game world's economy. reports...

    Publisher EA have axed the accounts of some 180 participants in the persistent world of Ultima Online, and have in the process sliced some 15 trillion gold pieces from the world of the game. The accounts in question were linked to users found abusing the game's rules related to the storage of gold in Ultima's cheque system.

    Read the rest of this report and don't forget to let us know what you think in our forums.

    Sun, Jul 09, 2006
  • Mercurial Thoughts: Let's Hear it for the Girls

    Back when Mercurie was playing pen and paper roleplaying games
    in the 80's, he was fortunate enough to play in a regular group with a
    couple of real live women. Now he's contemplating women who play MMOs, and
    is pleasantly surprised to find that more women enjoy online gaming than
    he'd thought. Take a look at this week's Mercurial Thoughts and join
    Mercurie in welcoming the ladies to what is often thought of as a "boy's

    "To many old time gamers like me, the revelation that many women
    play MMOs was a bit of a surprise. In her paper, "Multiple Pleasures: Women
    and Online Gaming," Taylor gives various reasons why women would be attracted to MMOs. One is quite simply the social dimension of online role-playing games. In MMOs a woman can log on, meet new people, renew old acquaintances, and socialize in general. Quite simply, the virtual communities of MMOs give women the opportunity to forge new relationships."

    y&ceid=329">Mercurie's thoughts
    and catch up on all your Vanguard news at Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer.

    Sun, Jul 09, 2006
  • New Level and Zone Updates!

    Over the last few days, the team at WoW Ten Ton Hammer have been busy updating their Where to Adventure Guide.

    The first update comes with this description...

    More updates have just been uploaded to our Where to Adventure Guide. This time I look at instances for players in the 20-30 level range and start looking at the zones for 31-40 level range players. The updates includes the Blackfathom Deeps, Gnomeregan, Shadowfang Keep and Stockades instances and the Alterac Mountains and Arathi Highlands zones.

    Then today's update reads...

    In our quest to have the most useful zone guide out there, we have more updates today! Updates for The Badlands, Stranglethorn Vale and the Scarlet Monastery have just been uploaded to our Where to Adventure Guide.

    Watch for more updates to follow! And once again, if you have comments or additions please send them in!

    Find these updates and more at WoW Ten Ton Hammer!

    Sun, Jul 09, 2006
  • Off to Never Never Land: A Fantasy MMORPG Creation

    Memnok gets creative with MMO creation over on our WoW Ten Ton Hammer site.

    You have been given unlimited power…

    The power to create the ultimate MMORPG, with anything and everything you would
    like, want, or wish to be in it. How amazing would it be? Where would you
    start? What ideas would you choose from? For the first article of the month
    here at Ten Ton Hammer, I, Memnok, have been assigned the task of creating and
    coming up with my own ideal Online Game. I have been given free power and
    control over all aspects and ideas, though, unfortunately, I am very certain
    they will not come into fruition! I hope that my ideas might give everyone a
    small chuckle, maybe even raise an eyebrow or two, or even make some people
    scratch their chins and say, “Hey, that’s not a bad idea!” Enjoy!

    Head over and see what Memnok has created!

    Fri, Jul 07, 2006
  • It may be more of a twitch at this point but seriously.. they're still alive and well as far as we know. Celebrating it's 5th year live, Mythic gives out the details of the Fan Gathering in Las Vegas.

    Mythic Entertainment announced details for the 2006 Dark Age of Camelot Roundtable Fan Gathering in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Players from around the world are invited to join Mythic at the Rio Hotel and Casino on September 29th and 30th to celebrate 5 years of Dark Age of Camelot. Players who attend the event will meet the developers as well as fellow players of the game. They will also receive information on the future developments of the game. There are several events planned such as LAN play, open discussion forums with the development team, guest speakers, and contests.

    Players who register before August 25th will receive a beta account for the next expansion for Dark Age of Camelot along with a free copy of the expansion and an exclusive in-game item. Attendees can win prizes from sponsors such as NVIDIA and Razer along with several others.

    "I can’t think of a better way to celebrate five years of Camelot and discuss the game’s exciting future than with the players who helped make it all possible," said Walter Yarbrough, Producer of Dark Age of Camelot. "Our plans for the seventh major expansion demonstrate our continuing commitment to Dark Age of Camelot. Those in attendance will be amongst the first to experience this exciting new content and see for themselves why Camelot has never been better."

    For more information on the event and to purchase tickets, please go to

    If you're in Sin City and you want to check it out, here is the easy link.

    Fri, Jul 07, 2006
  • I'd love to see a Lineage version of the Citibank Commercials. Give me a Dark Elf with a redneck Bubba's voice and I'm a happy girl.

    Apparently, a number of individuals with access to various individual's personal information from their companies' databases leaked lists of various citizens' resident registration numbers to people who operated 'game rooms'. Then...

    The seven gameroom operators reportedly hired about 100 part-time game players and made about 14.2 billion won ($15 million) in offline profits by selling cyber items obtained in the process of game-playing. Such items usually take long hours of play and a certain degree of luck. They are sold over Web sites to players for "real" money.

    But even though NCSoft knew all about this, including senior NCSoft executives, they didn't actually do anything to stem the tide of stolen identities being used. They covered it up, afraid their profits would go down if it was common knowledge that their system was so insecure.

    You can read the rest here.

    More Lineage News.

    Fri, Jul 07, 2006
  • I want you to look at that water and tell me that this game doesn't look gorgeous. Hah! You can't! Take a peek at Pirates Ahoy!

    More Pirates of the Burning Sea news!

    Images, Media
    Fri, Jul 07, 2006
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