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  • Winners Never Whine; and Whiners Never Quit

    The official forums: You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. No, wait...that's Obi-Wan describing Mos Eisley spaceport. But anyhow, the official forums for Dungeons & Dragons Online can certainly be considered "wretched" at times. Shayalyn takes the flamers to task, and shows how if you don't join 'em, you beat 'em. (How's that for a bunch of mixed metaphors?)

    Why is it that some gamers refuse to act civilized? It is indeed possible to criticize or even complain without being disrespectful of the game, its developers, or other players. We do it all the time here at Ten Ton Hammer in the form of editorials. It’s also possible to accept criticism, either of the game or yourself, without getting one’s tightey whities in a whirl. You may sleep in DDO Underoos and have every collectible Dungeons & Dragons miniature known to humankind, or you may have played every DDO class to 10th level, but that doesn’t mean you’ve been granted some special dispensation by the gods to trash anyone who disagrees with you, does it?

    Want a few tips to help you keep your cool? Read on at DDO - Ten Ton Hammer!

    Fri, May 26, 2006
  • This on the official site today.

    Vanguard was recently featured on the cover of Computer Games Magazine and in that issue we included codes that will allow for closed beta access to the game. We add new beta testers in regular batches however we have not yet added any CGM codes. Because of the publisher change for Vanguard, we are discussing where the beta will now be hosted before we add any new people into the process. Just as soon as we have a solid date for a beta hosting change, we will announce it here. A reminder, however: the CGM codes will not all be activated at once. We will add people in batches and you must register the code you received in your magazine. Please follow the instructions here to register your code with us and we look forward to seeing you all in game just as soon as we can!

    If you do not have a CGM code and you have registered on our forums hoping to be chosen for beta selection, you will still be considered for beta. We greatly appreciate everyone who is interested in helping us test our game and we’ll continue to add batches of testers in. Those who are selected will receive further instructions via email. However, just as with the CGM codes, we are not currently adding any beta testers from our forum registrations until we get more details about switching over to our new co-publisher.

    We hope you will all remain patient with us while we get some of these new details hammered out. We very much appreciate that so many of you want to help us make Vanguard a great success!

    While you're thinking about how much you love Vanguard, you can visit our Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Community.

    Fri, May 26, 2006
  • SOE: Standard of Excellence, or Start Of the End?

    Medeor takes a look into the co-publishing angle between Sigil Online Games and Sony Online Entertainment (SOE). Find out how he feels about SOE and the deal they have with Sigil. It might surprise you...

    So before we go throwing dirt at SOE as the destroyer of all things good and wholesome, take a look at the progress brought about in EQ2.

    Read more about the SOE co-publishing conundrum and what Medeor thinks it means to Vanguard at the Vanguard @ Ten Ton Hammer community site.

    Fri, May 26, 2006
  • War!

    Huh. Good God ya'll. It writes history and changes the souls of those involved. Peace talks have begun between Qeynos and Freeport, and the negotiations are tougher than deciding chicken or beef. Join Coyote as he covers these peace talks while standing on his head.

    "This is Coyotee Sharptongue for Ten Ton Hammer news reporting to you live from the peace talks between the beautiful and gracious Antonia Bayle from our lovely city of Qeynos.." The catman begins as he gestures to the woman who nods in regal confirmation. "..and the unwavering and merciless Overlord Lucan D'Lere from the ever imposing city of Freeport." He finishes the introduction as he turns towards the gray haired man who's ponytail bobs angrily as he sharply acknowledges the greeting.

    Don't miss what's behind the scenes Coyotee Sharptongue's weekly feature at EQ2 - Ten Ton Hammer.

    Fri, May 26, 2006
  • Man I love this company. I'm not kidding. I LOVE them. Today's Developer Log talks about the upgrades to the Content System and I'm not kidding you, this game is going to rock.

    It’s finally happened – our user-content system finally gets an upgrade! And there are so many revisions and additions that you’re going to get a whole dev-log introducing the changes! :)

    In fact, it’s the sheer size and scope of the changes that made it take so long. We’ve got a rather tight schedule around here at FLS, so imagine Aether’s challenge: coordinate the efforts of several devs and designers in order to give the entire user-content system and overhaul, but don’t use up any time on the schedule. How does one man manage a Herculean task like this? How did Aether get useful labor out of this herd of cats? By harassing us on a daily basis! By insulting our bloodlines, by pleading with us, and by plying us with free t-shirts and booze. Gently, quietly, and ever so slowly, Aether managed to turn our after-hours efforts into a product we can release to you: our adoring public.

    So let’s get down to the often revolutionary (and sometimes controversial) changes!

    You can read the rest here.

    More Pirates of the Burning Sea news.

    Fri, May 26, 2006
  • This just in from the Official Page.

    Bots Banned 26 May 2006
    In our continuing efforts to preserve a solid game economy and to support the legitimate Guild Wars player, we have been actively pursuing those who use "bots" in Guild Wars. In the last week, we have closed more than one thousand accounts of those using third-party programs, and we will continue to take similar action in the future.

    Let the smackdown of justice begin!

    In the meantime, smack yourself down into our Guild Wars Community.

    Fri, May 26, 2006
  • The pricing is complete, the release date is set. All that's left to do? Release some "beauts" of screenshot glory to the public so we can drool.

    Find the screenshots here.

    Get more Dark and Light news.

    Fri, May 26, 2006
  • You know, I'm not sure if it's the American in me that will go all out for a freebie, but this could just be, oh I don't know, the bomb?

    So following on from the tremendous reaction we have received so far to the announcement of the ArchLord Beta Sign-up I am pleased to announce a great new competition. As an added incentive beyond the chance to Beta the great game that is ArchLord, we have got together with the awesome guys at to offer one person that signs up for beta a fantastic T-shirt!

    So to the details: anyone that signs up Monday – Friday for the next four week will got into a draw to be awarded a cool gaming T-shirt courtesy of That’s right, all you have to do is sign-up for the ArchLord beta at and you could win one of these great T-shirts!

    But that’s not all! Not wanting to forget our many loyal guys and gals who have already signed up for the Beta, I have a competition for you too! Design a wallpaper competition. So get those creative juices flowing for your chance to win an awesome T-shirt.

    Similar to the Beta comp, once a week for the next four weeks a Wallpaper will be chosen to win a T-shirt as well as be featured on the ArchLord website! So e-mail your entries to [email protected] with the subject wallpapers, and you’ll be entered into this brilliant competition.

    I wish you all the best of luck and will take this chance to thank the guys at

    Who will be the one to win that ONE T-Shirt? Sign up for Beta here. You could be the One.. .

    More Archlord News.

    Fri, May 26, 2006
  • There is so much information on this one today that I decided to put it all in one place. Let's start with the Concept Art.

    We have added some new concept art to the site today showing some of the work going into creating the buildings of Hyboria!

    When building an MMO one of the things that a great deal of time is spent on is creating the world itself! This is particularly true when you are dealing with a wonderfully deep license like the world created by Robert E Howard. The world has been envisioned by millions of peoples reading his books for decades and everyone has an ideal in their mind when they think of Cimmeria, Stygia, Tortage or anywhere else you care to mention!

    Bringing it all to life is no easy task - from concept art, through three dimensional art, to the world builders carefully putting everything together a whole lot of work goes into creating the world that the players will be able to explore.

    This week we wanted to show some of the fine details and attention to detail that goes into designing every aspect of the world and a great example is the buildings of Hyboria! To be more specific in this instance the buildings that players will find in Cimmeria, the birthplace of Conan himself.

    Go check out those huts!

    Next on our tour of Conan is the Forum Competition.

    Ready to show off your creative writing skills? Find out more about our great forum competition.

    Now is your chance to show the Age of Conan community your creative works! We are looking for a story about a character you will play or a character living in Hyboria. The top 3 creative stories selected will be allowed to set their own custom forum usertitle*!

    Your story can include several things including how you came to Hyboria, what your current profession is, any major events in your life that affect what you do now, childhood memories, your friends, your lifestyles, and lots more.

    The rules are simple...

    * Your submission must be about a civilian in the Hyborean world and you cannot portray your character as a hero.

    * Your submission must stay in the theme of the Age of Conan. (i.e. no cars, planes, computers, etc..).

    * Your submission must not be tied to any major storyline characters or alter or influence change in the main storyline of REHs works. (i.e. You cannot be cousins with Conan and have a latte with him every Tuesday down at Tortage Coffee Shop).
    * Your submission must be 700 words minimum and only one submission per person will be considered. The only accepted formats are Text Files (.txt) and Rich Text Files (.rtf) only.

    * You must be registered with the Age of Conan Forum located at and your account must be in good standing.

    All submissions must be recieved by June 9th, 2006 to [email protected] with the subject: Character Biography Contest - [Forum Name]

    Winners will be chosen and announced by June 16, 2006.

    Unfortunately you can count me out of this one. My writing skills rival the slowest first grader.

    Last but not least, our favorite Barbarian will be making an appearance at this year's DragonCon.

    t's that time of year again as we make our annual visit to Dragoncon and invite players along to join in the fun!

    We are delighted to confirm that we will be attending the Dragoncon convention in Atlanta in September and will again be having a player gathering for people to come and meet us and chat about the game and join in on some competitions and fun!

    There will be members of the development team there to answer your questions and join in the fun!

    If you are attending and want to reserve a place at one of our evening gatherings please send an email to community@anarchyonline with the subject line “Dragoncon gathering” with your name and details. Space will be limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

    Dragoncon is a great convention and a whole lot of fun and we look forward to seeing you all there!

    So much goodness that I'm spent!

    More Age of Conan News.

    Fri, May 26, 2006
  • If you've been reading my blog, you'll find that I am absolutely enamored of this game right now. If you want more Spellborn goodness you can join their Developer Chat tomorrow.

    Dev Chat #3 this Saturday!

    The third in our series of public Dev Chats will be held on Saturday the 27th of May at 21:00 CEST. The subject of this chat is the Quest system in TCoS. The chat is expected to run an hour or so and will be done in Question and Answer format, so make sure to drop in a bit before the chat starts to begin submitting your questions.

    You can stop by our irc server ( and join the #spellborn-QA channel in order to read or take part in the Q&A. Afterwards we will be making logs of the event available for those who cannot attend but are still curious as to how the system will work.

    Expected Dev attendees for Dev Chat #3 include content lead 'Lady Landmine', community favorite Andreas 'Thee' Bettermann and PR manipulator Marco 'Freeze' van Haren.

    I'll see you there!

    More Chronicles of Spellborn news.

    Fri, May 26, 2006
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