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  • You may know him as Rev. He's a developer at Flying Labs. His column at the Stranger made me laugh right out loud.

    The booth babe up on stage at E3, the big video-game expo in Los Angeles, finally lost it. The throng of gamers with their cameras snapping pictures of her in a revealing fantasy costume, grabbing from the floor below at the T-shirts she was giving away, was just too much. "Vultures, VULTURES!" she yelled at them. "You're all a bunch of vultures!"

    You should absolutely read the rest.

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    Mon, May 22, 2006
  • Arena Net and ATI have teamed up to bring you a spankin new contest with hot new prizes.

    To participate just simply enter the name that you think fits the monster for a chance to win a prize. Come back each week for another chance to win. No purchase necessary. For a list of complete rules, click here.

    Prize Details:

    * Copy of Guild Wars Factions
    * All-in-Wonder® X1900
    * Winning Monster name appears in the game.

    This weeks Monster

    Choose a name for the monster. It can be a name that is a first and last name, such as Stank Reekfoul (a famous Guild Wars Prophecies monster) or it can be a name and a title, such as Neing the Tanner (a helpful NPC in Guild Wars Factions).

    For those rules click here.

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    Mon, May 22, 2006
  • Age of Conan has cleaned up so far this year from some E3 awards. it looks like Gamespot, IGN and Gamespy have all given our favorite barbarian the Best of E3 and Editors Choice awards. Good news for Funcom. I've always said that they make great games and this just proves it.

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    Mon, May 22, 2006
  • I am now going to admit to you something that I've never admitted to anyone in my life. . . I don't read lore. It's not something that attracts me. With that said, I have read Dusktreader's Lycan Lore. I was spellbound through the entire piece.

    The army cut large swaths through the forest as they advanced, and built siege weapons from the trees. Large bonfires burned through the nights. Alcoa’s walls were too high and its city too well protected to directly attack it, so the invading army took camp outside of its gates. Controlling the fertile lands beyond the city, they hoped to starve them into submission. While the months passed, the men of Isathule foraged the wilderness clean for many miles.

    Pauh appeared to the tribal leader Trigould and told him of the ruin the army wrought on the land. True to his word, Trigould gathered his hunters and their large grey wolves to prepare to defend the land.

    As Trigould and his clansmen approached the encampment, they saw the army of Isathule outnumbered the hunters of Cohanna nearly ten to one. Trigould knew their chances of victory were slim, and even with the goddess behind them he feared the loss of his tribe.

    If you're looking for a good story you have to read the rest.

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    Mon, May 22, 2006
  • Interview with a former Vanguard Community Manager

    Nicole may not be a vampire but she sure has some bite. Lady Sirse was able to interview Nicole "Awenyddion" Hamlett, Vanguard @'s former Community Manager. She was able to get Nicole's views on how Sigil seemed to be doing at E3 as well as her impressions of the game itself.

    She told me that she is “very jaded now with these games but I'm really really excited for Vanguard. I feel like it will bring that feeling of community that so many games are missing now.”

    Check it out for yourself at Vanguard - TenTonHammer.

    Mon, May 22, 2006
  • You've read the Ten Ton Hammer E3 Preview of Hero's Journey. Ratboy and Messiah were extremely surprised and pleased with what they saw. Their excitement was contagious. We all want to see this game in action now. Lucky you! You get to see some new screenshots of the game.

    You can find them here at 3D Gamers.

    Mon, May 22, 2006
  • Just when you think there is no E3 coverage left to be had... you find that you were so so wrong. Warhammer Online is the game. is the place.

    The first sight to greet me as I sat down was my Ork character, beautifully armored in a set of haphazard armor, was that the enclosure had the look and feel I was expecting for an Ork encampment. The next thing I noticed was the presence of goblins and other Ork allies. Leaving the camp and approaching a stunning giant I was introduced to what was perhaps my favorite feature. Here I was automatically given a quest by the giant to fetch him 20 casks of beer that were conveniently lying around the area. This is something I have never seen in a game before but will be great for players like me who love to explore and find new things to do. As I moved further out from the camp I began to notice other features of the world. Sadly before I could explore much farther it was time to get up and go talk to the developers of the game.

    Now, find out what Ratboy is up to at our Warhammer Online Community.

    Mon, May 22, 2006
  • It's like European Vacation. Except I don't think that the Griswald family will be vacationing in Middle Earth.

    The Lord of the Rings Online(tm): Shadows of Angmar(tm) Beta Program applications hotting up.

    Register your interest now

    Applications for the European Beta Program to gain entry to The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar have already begun and tens of thousands of potential participants have already registered their interest.

    By going to you can sign up for the chance to become one of the lucky hobbitses to gain exclusive early entry into the biggest fantasy universe of all time, join with thousands of other beta program winners to form Fellowships and explore Middle-earth in breathtaking detail.

    As an added incentive Codemasters will be entering all beta program signups between today (May 22nd) and next Wednesday (May 31st) into a prize draw for 2 pairs of free passes to Codemasters sponsored CampZone (worth up to €150), the largest outdoor LAN party in the World, taking place between July 21st - 31st in Biddinghuizen, Holland.

    For more details on The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar visit the official European website at

    For more information on the show and ongoing event updates, visit the official Codemasters CampZone website at alternatively more details will be announced shortly on Codemasters Online Gaming's official MMO game websites.

    You can get some hot information from our Lord of the Rings Online Community Site.

    Beta, Official Announcements
    Mon, May 22, 2006
  • Who said you can't role-play in the wastelands?

    There exists a clan for everyone out there, no matter how you play there is always someone out there who shares your playstyle. For instance if you enjoy a mature RP enviroment then there would be a clan just for you. That clan would be BRONZE on the Wasteland (RP) server. BRONZE is a clan dedicated to providing a fulfilling softcore RP experience in a mature enviroment. They host various clan events which range from hunting down enemies to helping our newbies!

    There are lots of different clans out there. Clans for casual gamers, hardcore gamers, clans for lowbies, clans for PvP, and well the list just goes on. However, on the Wastelands (RP) server there is a clan designed for mature players in a mature atmosphere. Don't mistake mature for serious though, these guys love to have fun! Just not in the "1337" way.

    Find out more about BRONZE in our Clan Spotlight Interview: BRONZE at Auto Assault - Ten Ton Hammer!

    Mon, May 22, 2006
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    It's a holiday in Canada! Today we celebrate the birthday of Queen Victoria. She died in 1901, but we really, really like her.
    Special and heartfelt thanks to Jeff Woleslagle for covering this column last week while I was unable to do so. Additional and equally fervent thanks to the rest of the team that turned our E3 coverage into a tremendous success in my absence. Even more thanks to those that sent me their condolences last week. I couldn't get back to everyone, but please be assured that I appreciated each and every letter. Who's da man? You da man!

    • My take on E3 traffic - somebody forgot to teach Blizzard to share.
    • WoW Guide to Ahn'Qiraj continues - Flowers for Algernon called. It wants its apostrophes back.
    • EQ2 Update 24 gets players talking - Dr. Phil called in.
    • Vin Diesel goes video retro.
    • Real world news without Tom Cruise - Mission Possible.

    You can't handle the truth, so I handle it for you, with BBQ tongs.
    Loading.... May 22, 2006 is but a tong click away.

    Mon, May 22, 2006
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