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  • Every gamer wants--no needs-- to know about the classes in a new game. But the Tolkien fans looking forward to beta of Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar (LOTRO) demand to know more than just the name of each class. They want assurance that each class closely adheres to the lore of Middle-earth while providing a functioning game mechanic. New LOTRO contributor Vastori takes a peek at the Champion and tells us what to expect.

    “Turbine has indeed said that although dual-wielding is a focus of the Champion, it is by no means the only choice for players. Players will in fact have several other choices they can make in order to make their Champion unique, from different weapon specialties to various battle stances. These choices will also help the Champion survive in battle. The ability to strike first will work heavily in the Champion’s favor since her speed and agility are not suited to the heavier armor types.”

    Find out more about the < a href=" ">Champion

    Wed, May 10, 2006
  • Combat is an interesting mechanic in Auto Assault. It controls
    just about everything. You need to fight to gather money, crafting
    supplies, experience. You need to fight to finish missions and advance
    the story. It's pretty much at the center of everything. That's why
    mastering the art of combat in Auto Assault is always a great idea!

    "Combat is one of the most unique things I have experienced. The word
    itself is so simple, generally meaning to fight someone, but if you
    take it apart you can see layers and layers of depth. Battle tactics,
    positioning, battlefield awareness, and so much more is filed away
    under this one generic word. Fighting is much more then locking onto
    someone and blasting away!"

    Combat Mode

    Wed, May 10, 2006
  • Yesterday we gave you a taste of the fan fiction Ralsu wrote prior to becoming Assistant Community Manager. Today we bring you another glimpse at the series of events that took place before Ralsu Vejes came to Stormreach. This tale recounts part of Nealgig's journey as he chases Ralsu to Stormreach.

    “Moving aside his green cloak and reaching into the boot of his left foot, the stranger produced a silvery dagger and raised it over his head. Then the stranger plunged the point into the flesh of whatever tentacled denizen of the sea the dwarf had on his plate. The blade pierced the food and penetrated the wooden dish it rested on to embed itself into the table beneath.”

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    Wed, May 10, 2006
  • Auto Assault supports a very unique feature, in-game voice
    communication. Every convoy out there has the ability to chat with
    each other in real time! So the next time you're in the heat of
    battle, don't stop to type it out – just say it! Our Voice
    Communications Basics guide has been updated with information on the
    Auto Assault voice chat system and what you need to do to utilize it.

    "Being simple and to the point with the information you want to
    provide can go along way in helping everyone be understood. If say
    someone is coming from the northwest and you spot them, saying
    "incoming northwest!" is preferable over "OH NO GUYS THERE IS A GROUP

    Updated Guide

    Wed, May 10, 2006
  • Now if after reading the Getting Started Guide, you are loaded up but Auto Assault is giving you a few problems, don't worry! Grab your electronic toolkit and get to work at tweaking Auto Assault's performance to the point where it purrs like a kitten (with rocket launchers, lots of rocket launchers).

    "You may notice that if you have an older system then you probably
    will hit speed bumps while travelling through the wastelands.
    Slowdowns, jitteriness, and a myriad of other symptoms that come with
    aging computers can plague your experience within Auto Assault. Kind
    of like having a nice chassis but an old cranky engine inside, it just
    doesn't work efficiently. Worry not though; there are some tricks you
    can do to make Auto Assault run better without having to pay for new

    Let's get tweaking

    Wed, May 10, 2006
  • David "Xerin" Piner put together a guide on getting Auto
    Assault installed on your computer, registered, and ready to play. So
    fret not about getting into the world of Auto Assault, it's actually
    easy and fun (if you have snacks)!

    "Ah, the joy of obtaining a brand new game. There is no better feeling
    then ripping apart the plastic, stickers, security tape, mechanized
    lock systems, another layer of plastic, some kind of security
    clearance, fingerprint identification and then finally taking the game
    out of its case. While that isn't entirely true, it is quite fun to
    get a new game! Since games are about fun and not frustration, this
    guide will go over step by step the process of installing,
    registering, and logging into Auto Assault."

    So get those snacks handy and read the guide

    Wed, May 10, 2006
  • Another round in the Role-Playing series by AnomalousSilence. Today he looks at selecting a server type to begin your RPing adventure. Which server should you choose? There are Player vs Enviroment servers, Player vs Player servers, and Role-Playing Preffered servers. Which is right for your Role-Playing type?

    For pure role-playing purposes, it is obvious which server you would choose based on the above examples: the world used in the first example with open PvP. This is, sadly, not really a possible outcome because there is no single server that is perfect in role-playing. Thus, the decision to join either a PvP-RP or a PvE-RP server should be based on both the role-playing qualities and the negative, /OOC qualities.

    Read on to find out more

    Check back next week when he talks character creation

    RP Series - 1st Article

    Wed, May 10, 2006
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    It's here! Our E3 coverage begins today with full coverage of games like Hellgate: London, Pirates of the Caribbean Online, Lord of the Rings Online, and Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. Check our newly opened E3 2006 area for new articles throughout the day from our seasoned staff of a dozen hardcore writers.
    Here is your appetizer. The main course is only a click away.

    • Loading... E3 begins! Blizzard at the Box Office?
    • Stargate Worlds interview, guides galore!
    • Be sure to write down your Vin.

    Loading... for May 10, 2006 is one click away. 

    Wed, May 10, 2006
  • A Pre-E3 Stargate Worlds Interview with Joe Ybarra

    Since Stargate World won't truly enter the E3 limelight until next year, Joe Ybarra (VP of Product Development at Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment) won't be joining us in LA. Undeterred, we met with him last Friday in Phoenix, Arizona. He shared his incredibly well-spoken views on how Stargate Worlds is progressing, and answered our questions about gameplay and thematic elements as well.

    [Ed. note: Ybarra on where Stargate Worlds is at in pre-production:] "We’ve got enough of the tech base worked out with BigWorld that we can actually make comments about the size of shards, play environments, the number of areas that we can instantiate, the density of population with players and NPCs. We’ve actually made a lot of progress with the technical side. On the design side, we’re zeroing in on completion of the combat system. The combat system is the most complex system that we have to build. The reason is, it has to evolve. It’s not a static thing; as a player advances through his levels, we expect the way he plays is going to change several times in the course of his evolution. For us to be able to develop a combat system that sustains that over a game life of about 500 hours to completion is a fairly complex task.

    This information-packed interview is presented in it's entirety because, well, we couldn't find anything to cut out! Learn why we're already excited for Stargate Worlds by reading our pre-E3 TenTonHammer interview with veteran developer Joe Ybarra.

    Wed, May 10, 2006
  • Savanja explores, leading the way for all, in one of the newest zones
    brought to EQ2 by the Kingdom of Sky expansion. Find out where to hunt in
    The Bonemire, what quests to look for, and navigate your way through the
    multiple islands with an easy to read map by Slide.

    The Bonemire is a bitter desolate place. A rocky wasteland, doomed to be
    forever shrouded in darkness, which is why this zone is also known as the
    "Realm of Night". Accessible from Norrath via the teleportation spires in
    the Feerott and the Enchanted Lands, and from the sister realms of the
    Barren Sky and Tenebrous Tangle, the Bonemire is one of the 3 major zones
    brought to us by the Kingdom of Sky expansion pack.

    Check out the

    Tue, May 09, 2006
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