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  • Avoid elimination and go to E3!

    If you happen to be an Auto Assault player who is exactly level 30 and have three friends that match the same criteria, you might stand a chance in tomorrow's E3 Elimination Tournament. The grand prize? A trip to E3, all expenses paid!

    We are running an E3 Elimination Tournament on April 29, 2006. This event will take place with level 30 characters only. Characters level 29 and under as well as characters level 31 and over will be disqualified and all characters must be of the same faction to participate as a team. The ‘tournament’ will consist of 4 person convoys. In the qualifying round on April 29th, an unknown number of registered teams will participate in an elimination series of tournaments. The matching functionality is random and handled by the game itself.

    View the official contest rules and prize info at the Auto Assault official site, then go get your frag on Saturday afternoon!

    Sat, Apr 29, 2006
  • We'll believe it when we see it...

    Netcraft reports that Blizzard finally has an concrete solution planned in response to the game's intermittent authentication bottlenecks.

    World of Warcraft says it is planning to upgrade its authentication servers to address performance problems that have plagued the popular online game in recent weeks. With more than 6 million subscribers, World of Warcraft has been struggling with login problems since the game's authentication system crashed on April 7.

    Granted, Blizzard's scaling efforts are breaking new ground. But for nearly a year and a half now, we could wish in one hand and put Blizzard's promises in the other. We remain empty-handed, frequently frustrated with WoW's performance. Hopefully, Netcraft's report on planned performance upgrades in World of Warcraft rings true.

    Sat, Apr 29, 2006
  • This is ReliantK, PoS_Car do you read me?

    Grouping in any MMORPG is the foundation for the social experience. Grabbing some friends and zooming through the wastelands is what takes Auto Assault from “awesome” to “SUPER AWESOME”. That’s why NetDevil has released a new How-To on Convoys and the various options when joining one!

    So how do you get in a Convoy? You can go around looking for one to join or you can start one yourself. There’s a specific radio channel for those looking to get into Convoys (channel #3, “LFC” – Looking For Convoy) through which you can transmit your pedigree (your class, level, etc.). You can also send out an automatic LFC signal by clicking on the LFC button at the bottom of the Convoy interface.

    So take a few friends and blast some pikes right over at Auto Assault How-To: Convoys at Auto Assault - TenTonHammer, courtesy of NetDevil.

    Sat, Apr 29, 2006
  • Profits for everyone!

    Our Auto Assault @ TenTonHammer team has updated our Research & Marketing guide to include some of the recent changes to crafting. Did you know that when you craft something from memory that the item is patented to you? That means it can’t be re-crafted by anyone, including yourself. So rest assured that when you sell a memory crafted item that it won’t fall in the wrong hands of evil geniuses who wish to reverse engineer it!

    There are four research crafting disciplines. They are given to every character no matter the level. As you gain levels in Auto Assault, you gain research points. These points can be spent to raise the level of one of the four crafts. They can't be used to raise one of your primary crafts though, so keep that in mind. Those can only be raised through crafting items.

    Grab some needle and thread, I mean grease and duct tape and head to the Research and Marketing guide at Auto Assault - TenTonHammer!

    Sat, Apr 29, 2006
  • A Vanguard Double Feature

    Merriandra updates her popular Vanguard-themed fanfiction series "Rain and Roses" with episode IV (and it's sure not to disappoint like that other Episode IV).

    Her eyes opened, unfocused, looking at the past, not the present. The next would be the hardest, the actual telling. Now it was just a disconnected narrative, as if she were still in the army and giving a report on the day’s work. He noticed that her speech didn’t slip into the patterns of her home. No, instead her words were without accent or dialect.

    Help yourself to more Merriandra "Rain and Roses" goodness at Vanguard - TenTonHammer.

    And, don't miss the latest artwork from Niborea:

    As he scouted ahead he caught a glimpse of something out of place. Proceeding causiously, the ranger bend down to investigate further. He would need to tell the others he had found the rare herb they'd been serching days for. He didn't mind, they paid him well for his time and expert tracking skills. He'd let the others handle things from here, for he knew that even though it looked harmless, it could mean instant death if the leaves touched the skin.

    Check out "Ranger in the Woods" from DDO - TenTonHammer's resident artist, Niborea!

    Fri, Apr 28, 2006
  • Guild Wars Gains a Tourist Destination

    It's expansion day for Guild Wars! Want to take your Tyria-bred character over into the new, mysterious lands of Cantha? We've got you covered. In this short guide, we explain how to unlock the ship to Cantha for any of your Guild Wars Prophecies characters.

    Although you'll have to do a quest, it's terribly easy to get to Cantha from Tyria, as long as you know where to look. As far as hoop-jumping goes, this is pretty minor, and gives play to an interesting bit of back-story for our friend Mhenlo, the handsome young monk.

    Read the details in our guide, "Tyria to Cantha" at Guild Wars - TenTonHammer.

    Fri, Apr 28, 2006
  • Auto Assault isn't the only game with ornamental dice...

    The ability to customize your dice appearance is one of the new Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach developer Andy "Denour" Giles is talking about in a new dev journal entry at MMORPG blog. Also on the agenda: voice chat.

    There was work to be done beyond the Party UI. In order to make configuring voice as painless as possible I had to incorporate a microphone test into the audio options. Performing a microphone test will display a sound meter that will assist in setting your sound levels so you are not clipping when talking (clipping is what happens when an audio wave is truncated, causing distortion and unpleasant sounds). Another feature included into the options is the ability to switch between press to talk and hands free mode.

    Get more detail on what Denour's been up to at MMORPG blog.

    Fri, Apr 28, 2006
  • Shriners, minus the nifty little cars...

    The new expansion for Guild Wars came out today! And one of the cool new features in Guild Wars: Factions is the resurrection shrines. Just like in Tyria, nearing a shrine sets it as the point you'll raise if you wipe out. Now they have an extra trick. We explain how to make offerings to the gods, and list the buffs you can buy.

    The next time you find a glowing Resurrection Point, kneel (/kneel) before it. A spirit will rise and give you a chance to dedicate an offering to one of the aspects of the god.

    Read more about shrines in our Offerings to the Gods guide at Guild Wars - TenTonHammer.

    Fri, Apr 28, 2006
  • Turbine hires a Baker to improve DDO (the butcher and candlestick maker were under contract)

    Keith Baker, creator of Dungeons & Dragons world of Eberron, is now a member of the Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach content team, according to TotalVideoGames:

    "Keith Baker is the creative genius behind Eberron, the setting for DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ONLINE: Stormreach. His fiction is sure to engage and entertain our players in the months to come," said Jeffrey Anderson, President and CEO of Turbine, Inc. "We are delighted to be working with him."

    Read the Keith Baker announcement at TotalVideoGames, then check out DDO - TenTonHammer to fulfill your craving for virtual d20.

    Fri, Apr 28, 2006
  • The Topics page found on the official FINAL FANTASY XI website is now also available from the PlayOnline Viewer. Log in to PlayOnline and proceed to the FINAL FANTASY top page to read all the latest information!

    More Final Fantasy XI News.

    Fri, Apr 28, 2006
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