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  • Pacesetting in Guild Wars

    Guild Wars contributing writer Tap joins us again with this week's Common Content article. How well is Guild Wars paced? How well does it hold up to the dominant MMORPG on the current market, World of Warcraft?

    Guild Wars has a nice linear approach to missions, yet allows enough dynamic game play in questing and other repeatable quests (Fissure of Woe and Underworld to be specific) to keep things fresh and exciting for players. Even while playing PvP exclusively since August ’05, I still feel the draw to get Fissure of Woe armor on my remaining PvE characters.

    Read more in Tap's editorial, "Pacing Yourself" at GuildWars - TenTonhammer.

    Mon, Apr 10, 2006
  • Speculating on Vanguard's Pace of Advancement

    Across the Ten Ton Hammer network, writers are taking a look at the pace of current MMOs. How fast do you go through the content of your favorite game? Do you rush through levels with barely a look to the left or right? Are you the type that takes months or years to make the end levels, taking your time to try out all the content you can?

    Here at Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer, we don't have the joy of seeing the pace of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes yet. This didn't stop Anomalous Silence from giving us a look at things from his perspective.

    Within any MMORPG is there are certain key elements: perhaps foremost among these elements is the pace of advancement. It is an aspect that can and should be handled with great care. The speed of advancement can dictate whether a player gets a feeling of accomplishment or a feeling of not accomplishing anything, whether that player sees the pace of gameplay as rushed or slowly inching along.

    What does he forsee for the game to come? What hints from the developers have given a clue to what we can expect? Read his article at Vanguard - TenTonHammer!

    Mon, Apr 10, 2006
  • Adam Sandler Likes it "At a Medium Pace"

    The secret to good comedy is good timing. Gaming is not that much different. As Darkgolem explains, learning the pace of gameplay that is right for you is essential to enjoy Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach (DDO). He covers the benefits and problems with both power-gaming and relaxed gaming in DDO:

    The amount of time you play Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach (DDO) should be based upon what is the most fun for you. Some people prefer to play a few times a week, some play a lot more. To power-game (level as quickly as possible)--if that is something you wish to do--you have to approach gaming in an organized way, paying attention to key information. To game in a more casual way, you need to play enough that you don’t lose a “connection” to the character you're playing. The enthusiasm is part of the fun.

    Read Pacing Yourself, at DDO - TenTonHammer and find the right pace for you!

    Mon, Apr 10, 2006
  • Outpacing the Fun?

    Everyone loves to do more in less time. The pace of life is steadily increasing, and the evolution of MMOs shows a transition by degrees from the halcyon pen-and-paper days to today's drive-thru MMO. Can the old-school social gamer thrive in today's "casual" games. And as we rush through the levels, are there more tacit tradeoffs looming just over the horizon?

    "In one of those ironic twists that keep game designers awake at night, the scads of console-trained 'achievers' are the only reason pace is a major problem. Achievers always seek the path of least resistance, but if you play an MMO as a linear "single player RPG"-style game, you're bound to be disappointed. In an MMO, designers have to deal with an infinitude of perspectives all of the time; you have far fewer creative limitations if you have one player in a big world. So, if you want to make a truly open-ended "worldy" game and make it massively multiplayer as well, you have to defeat achievers' every attempt to find a shortcut to the top."

    Is the pace of today's MMO so fast that you don't enjoy yourself? Too slow, that an evening of gaming gets you nowhere? Check out the first of this week's TenTonHammer Network editorials as Ethec paints the genre in broad strokes.

    Mon, Apr 10, 2006
  • It's new, it's shiny, and we'll tell you how to get it!

    In the latest World of Warcraft update, a whole new set of armor was introduced for each class. Seeing how many players are frantically searching for information on how to get this new set, we wrote the following guide:

    In patch 1.10 Blizzard implemented an upgrade to the class set items available in the late game instances. This change is to allow non-raiders to put time and effort in to gaining access to epic quality items without having to raid. While the items are not as good as raid epics they are a decent step up in power from the tier 0 set items.

    The quests for the Horde and the Alliance side are almost identical, as are the quests between the classes. The main difference is the main quest provider. For Horde the main NPC is Movkar who can be found in Thrall's Room in Orgrimmar, while the main Alliance NPC is Deliana who can be found in King Bronzebeard's room in Ironforge.

    Check out the complete guide here: WoW - TenTonHammer's Guide to Tier 0.5 Armor Quests.

    Sun, Apr 09, 2006
  • Wednesday night (4/5/06) I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. NetDevil had their Auto Assault Meet & Greet a mere few hours away. Of course I was going to go!

    I posted the link to the pictures that I took while I was there yesterday. Now.. you get the full scoop!

    Take fifty of the biggest Auto Assault fans in Colorado and put them in one room. What do you get? You get a great party with lots of great stories. Last night was the last meet & greet for Auto Assault fanatics before the April 11th launch. Gamers came from all over Colorado for a chance to meet the NetDevil team.

    Luckier than most, I was able to get a quick tour of the premises where this great title is being developed before the festivities began in earnest at the Buffalo Wild Wings.

    Read about my experience here.

    Love Auto Assault? You'll love our community Site!

    Fri, Apr 07, 2006
  • Er, what I meant to say was the Watching Stone. It's a new bestiary update for you today.

    Statues throughout Middle-earth are not always what they seem. The very stone of some statues hold the trapped spirit of malice within, crafted by the Dark Lord long ago with skilled workmanship and dark ritual. These ominous statues act as sentries and alarms within the realm of Angmar and throughout the lands corrupted by the shadow. Within many of the ruins throughout Eriador and Arnor, in lands once controlled by the darkness of Mordor's reach, these watchers remain, ever-vigilant even after centuries of abandonment.

    Read it all here.

    Our Lord of the Rings Online community - A good place to be.

    More news and info on Lord of the Rings Online.

    Fri, Apr 07, 2006
  • The official Age of Conan site has a new archetype preview. This time they're focusing on the Thief.

    Unconventional and devious fighters, characters in the Thief Archetype are those intent on causing maximum harm to their opponents through any means necessary.

    These classes are not the disciplined soldiers of the warrior archetype, but cunning and often vicious opponents that their enemies would be unfortunate to meet in one of the many dark corners of Hyboria.

    More news and info on Age of Conan!

    Fri, Apr 07, 2006
  • This summer the City of Heroes comic will be going bi-monthly and heading in an exciting new creative direction!

    After completing the storyline involving the Heroes of W.I.S.D.O.M., the comic will switch from three issue arcs to single issue, self-contained stories that focus directly on events that have happened, are happening or will happen in the City of Heroes game itself.

    To celebrate this new direction we are kicking off a Comic Book Storyline Contest! All players will be able to submit a single story concept - the winner’s idea will be turned into a script by Sean “Manticore” Fish. This contest will begin in early May, so start thinking of ideas now! Stay tuned for more details.

    If you love getting those comics in the mail this is good news indeed!

    Fri, Apr 07, 2006
  • The Auto Assault - Tabula Rasa Beta Invite Contest

    Listen up Auto Assault players! Tabula Rasa is looking for a few elite road warriors!

    The Allied Free Sentient forces need your combat skills to go up against an enemy that has ravaged and enslaved star systems across the galaxy. How do you enlist in this desperate struggle? Be among the first 200 Auto Assault players to sign up for a monthly subscription after the free 30-day trial and you'll be entered into a chance to strap on body armor and high-tech weapons in the Tabula Rasa closed beta.

    The contest begins on Auto Assault launch day and ends 31 days after.

    Notification of approved enlistments will be sent out starting May 15 via email. It's very important that you make sure your PlayNC account email is up to date (watch that spam filter!). Once you've received your official orders, you will report for duty when the TR closed beta begins-at a time to be announced later. Players must be 18 years of age or older to enter.

    One entry per PlayNC account and email address - you can only win ONE beta slot per person.

    Winners list will be posted on both and on May 31st.

    Good luck recruit! We're looking forward to having you join the fight!

    More news and info on Auto Assault

    Fri, Apr 07, 2006
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