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    The miscreants we pass off as staff on the TenTonHammer team found a way to pass the time while World is WorldCraft is down today. No, they won't be working extra hard to make my life easier, instead they decided to play Plasma Pong.

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    Apparently Chinese World of Warcraft players have threatened a boycott of the game. This news comes from GamaSutra who are reporting that,

    "The Chinese userbase reports widespread delays of over an hour when logging into the game and getting a server list, and the last straw seems to have been complete server outages that disrupted the endgame of a large-scale raid involving nearly 1,000 players."

    Just for good measure, I'll repeat the statement made by Blizzard that I quoted in this column yesterday.
    Paul Sams of Blizzard had an amusing statement about putting the game on the XBox 360. Mr. Sams said,

    "World of Warcraft is built as a PC gaming experience. Porting PC games to console often compromises games, and we'd never allow the World of Warcraft gameplay experience to suffer."

    It's one thing to annoy North Americans. Making the Chinese upset is a whole new level of crazy. The Chinese are pissed off and the North Americans are pissed off. To think that I wondered why a Spanish localization was being cranked out.
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    Let us entertain you or at the very least waste some of your time at work.

    • Dungeons and Dragons Online: Unconventional Group Strategies

      Can a group made up of barbarians, fighters and rangers survive the
      dungeons of Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach (DDO) without a healer or crowd controller? Darkgolem thinks so. He offers up strategies for handling this, as well as some other unconventional grouping situations. It all comes down to knowing the three roles that are critical to a well-rounded party."


    • Vernal Virtues For MMORPGs

      "As yet another MMORPG rolls onto the scene, is it time for some spring cleaning? Ethec takes a look at how developers can improve their game by tossing out some old misconceptions."
    • Dungeons and Dragons Online: A Critical Look at DDO

      "North American servers for Dungeons & Dragons Online:

      Stormreach flung open their doors to welcome new gamers on February 28, 2006. Did players arrive to find a spotlessly clean game, or were there smudges on the windows and cobwebs in the corners? Shayalyn may like hanging out with DDO, but she's got a few cleaning tips for its developers, Turbine, Inc. Is DDO Martha Stewart approved? You decide!"
    • Auto Assault: A Look Under The Hood

      "Let's take a look under the hood of Auto Assault and see if there is anything that needs a tune up! This week's common content article is all about spring cleaning. What could be changed to make Auto Assault better? What is broken and needs to be fixed? We take a look at all of these things in our article "A Look Under the Hood". So rev up that engine and ride on down to here. You won't regret it."
    • Warhammer Online: Racial Overviews - High Elf, Dwarf, Empire

      As things begin to pickup around the Warhammer Online Community; we here at TenTonHammer have begun producing content. For the first piece of content, we have the Racial Overview pages for three of the main races in Warhammer Online. Included in this update is information on the High Elves, the Dwarves, and the Humans of the Empire. A basic overview on the current situation of the race and their stance towards the other races is provided. As time goes on, we will be adding all of the Races to our Racial section, as well as adding additional information to what is already present"
    • Vanguard: Spring Cleaning

      "Spring Cleaning, today's common content across the network has AnomalousSilence  looking at what Vanguard might do to clean up some debated elements."
    • EverQuest 2: Changes and Improvements

      "Change is a necessary evil in the world of MMOGs.  Slide takes a look at how it affects the EverQuest 2 player for better or worse.  Is there anything else the game needs that would help improve an already fun game?  I'm sure we could find something."

    Vin Diesel Fact of the Day: George Bush said "America is looking to new forms of fuel" and that fuel is Vin Diesel's anger.

    Now on to the real world. You can't make this stuff up.

    As always, thanks for visiting TenTonHammer.com,
    -- John "Boomjack" Hoskin

    Tue, Mar 07, 2006
  • Dusktreaders, haven't heard of it? That's ok because you're going to get a good idea of what it's about with this interview. Walking completely away from the general MMO path, Granite Games has created something original and just a little scary.

    You have a gothic world revolving around vampires and werewolves. Is there a possibility that at some point the players will be "turned"?

    Actually, yes. Although, not permanently and you lose control of yourself while either a vampire or werewolf. Players facing down such foes as vampires or werewolves who are unfortunate enough to be bitten may be temporarily turned into a vampire or werewolf. They are cured if the one who bit them is destroyed or if that player is killed. If bitten, you have about 30 seconds to drink an antidote. Alchemists can make antidotes, if you bring the right ingredients.

    You cannot be a free-willed vampire or werewolf.

    Read the entire interview here.

    Mon, Mar 06, 2006
  • New Dev Blog at the Gods and Heroes Official Forums. Normally it's done by Deodatus. However it's been hijacked!

    Deo was kind enough to let me hijack his blog this week so I could comment on all that has gone on this week. First of we launched our new website which was a long time coming, and somewhat overdue. This was a huge undertaking by the team and it turned out even better than I was expecting. Over the next few weeks and months we will continue to add new content as we move toward beta and launch. Next I want to say how excited I am to have Sony Platform Publishing as our Co-Publisher. For me this goes beyond what they can do from a Marketing and PR perspective but I also get the opportunity to work with old friends from Origin in Austin ( our new Marketing Director was on Ultima Online for many years ).

    Are you as excited for this one as I am?

    More News and Info on Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising!

    Mon, Mar 06, 2006
  • MMORPG.com has an article titled Do Girls Game Differently? Now, let the tirade begin.

    1. Do girls game differently than boys? Some do. Some don't. We are not all the same. Boomjack games differently than Ethec. However, I game pretty much the same as Ralph. It's all a matter of personality.

    I cannot begin to tell you how tired I am of all of these "Women Gamers" articles that go on and on and on and on about how different we are and how we don't like the same things and how this and that offends us. It's absolutely ludicrous to state that everyone has the same set of beliefs or opinioins.

    You know what? When I game, I like instant gratification. I don't stop to think about whether or not my armor is going to match and the fluff in games bores me. When I create a character and I have a boob slider, I make the biggest most obnoxious ones I can find because I find it completely humorous that I can do so. I craft because I like to build things. Not because it makes me happy that there are non-violent aspects of a game. I'm more than happy to go slice and dice mob after mob to achieve my goal.

    I'd write more but my fingers are getting tired. What do you think about the topic? Think that lumping women into one category is bull? Tell me about it.

    Mon, Mar 06, 2006
  • The humans, dwarves, and high elves of Warhammer Online!

    As things begin to pickup around the Warhammer Online Community; we here at TenTonHammer have begun producing content. For the first piece of content, we have the Racial Overview pages for three of the main races in Warhammer Online.

    Included in this update is information on the High Elves, the Dwarves, and the Humans of the Empire. A basic overview on the current situation of the race and their stance towards the other races is provided. As time goes on, we will be adding all of the Races to our Racial section, as well as adding additional information to what is already present.

    You can find our Warhammer racial information page at Warhammer - TenTonHammer.

    Mon, Mar 06, 2006
  • The Official site has this new explanation of changes for the new PVP rule-set servers.

    PvP Range While Grouped: The valid range to determine both who you can attack and who can attack you is now determined by the highest level member of the group or raid. Grouping with lower level players will no longer allow you to attack anyone who is normally in their range. Be warned though; grouping with higher level players will allow anyone who can normally attack them attack you as well. As before, there are no limitations to who you can attack as long as they are higher level or grouped with someone higher of a level.

    How do you all like the new PVP in EQ2? Tell me!

    The best there is in EverQuest 2 Information.

    More news and info on EverQuest2.

    Mon, Mar 06, 2006
  • Bard's the Ward!

    Everyone loves the bonuses to attack and damage bonuses that come from the bard in the party in Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach. Many people consider it a plus if the bard can handle a weapon, too. But the main thing expected of any bard once he joins the party is that he will be ready with his cure spells to help keep the party alive.

    Ralsu is a bard who focuses on crowd control. His battle strategy is to immobilize the enemy so that no one needs a cure spell in the first place. In fact, Ralsu doesn't know any cure spells at all:

    Be ready for personal attacks and slander against your mother for not specializing in Cure spells. People expect bards to be healers...The CCC is dedicated to rendering monsters incapacitated so that the heavy hitters can deal with them in a leisurely manner...Extra Song V and Inspired Damage II are two Enhancements that combine to allow the CCC to keep the entire party buffed almost constantly with bonueses to hit and damage.

    Analyze the entire bard-crowd control build at DDO-TenTonHammer!

    Mon, Mar 06, 2006
  • Here's a good way to start the day! Gamecloud has an interview with CME's Chris Klug What are they talking about? Duh! Stargate Worlds!

    Gamecloud - First, why did the development team decided to pick a licenced property like Stargate for their first game, rather than develop an original IP for their MMORPG?

    Chris Klug - The founders are big fans of Stargate and also it takes less time to develop a game based on a license than a game based on original IP. And you have to make sure that the new IP is any good. Stargate also gives us credibility.

    More Stargate Worlds Information and News.

    Mon, Mar 06, 2006
  • Sprucing up to max out Vanguard's potential

    Today with the feel of spring on the air it's appropriate that "Spring Cleaning" was chosen as the topic of discussion at Vanguard - TenTonHammer.

    While Vanguard: Saga of Heroes isn't released yet (though we're all eagerly waiting), there are inevitably a few things that any company designing an upcoming MMORPG could do to improve the potential of the game. Only three Spring Cleaning issues come to mind for Sigil, however. These include the one significant concern and two minor concerns.

    AnomalousSilence tackled Vanguard's Spring Cleaning at Vanguard - TenTonHammer. Take a look!

    Mon, Mar 06, 2006
  • All your improvements are belong to us.

    Everything changes, so if we are talking about change, why not make it positive? If there were an award for most improved MMO, EQ2 would likely win it. Nonetheless, Slide takes a classy look at Everquest 2 and what it can still do better.

    The process of making something different for better or worse. They always seem to say that change is a good thing even though it's not something that is rarely looked forward to. People, in general, tend to dig themselves into a rut or routine. It's a comfortable place to be. This is the exact reason why players regularly get upset at the developers of their chosen MMOG. Massively multiplayer online games need to change to survive and need to change in order to keep their content fresh so that subscribers will stay with them. It all seems confusing. Why would a company make people upset in an attempt to get them to stay? Well, in the large scheme of things, the ratio of new subscribers to angry "I hate you SOE, I'm leaving you" subscribers are high enough. This holds true if changes are made in good form and fashion that I think Sony has gambled with a time or two.

    Read the entire article at EQ2 - TenTonHammer

    Mon, Mar 06, 2006
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