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  • Travel advisaries for the greater Maj'Dul area...

    Among the citizens of Maj'Dul, the turbulent city at the heart of EverQuest 2's last retail expansion, live three factons warring for control of the city. Players can enter the fray by choosing allegiance to one of them. RadarX expounds on the Maj'Dul city guide by explaining how faction works and what the benefits are.

    Within the city of Maj'Dul lies three factions: Truth, Coin, and Blades. Each of these factions wrestle for dominance, and exercises control over certain sections of town. The Court of Blades is the local militant force which guards the city against threats (similar to the Freeport Militia for you EQ1 Players). The Court of Truth represents local law enforcement and they appreciate you not littering. Finally, the Court of Coin represent the mercantile and banking interests of the city.

    It's like a CIA Factbook entry, except for gamers... and stuff. Read the updated EverQuest 2 factions guide at our very own EQ2 community site.

    Fri, Jan 27, 2006
  • Turn in loot, help your guild!
    In EverQuest 2, Status Loot is one way for players to help their guild gain status along with pocketing some for themselves. Kill a mob, get a status item and turn it into the correct faction. Slide gives us an updated guide to these special items which includes "Tier 7" expansion status loot.

    Status Loot items are relics that Freeport and Qeynos factions will purchase for a small amount of money and status which goes toward a players personal status pool and guild experience. Each specific faction will only buy a status item related to their guild. They can be randomly picked up off of dead creatures throughout the world of Norrath. There are many variations of status loot such as who will take them and how much factions will give you for turning them in.

    Let all of your status item questions be answered here.

    Thu, Jan 26, 2006
  • Signature Art Imitating Life

    Eliana, a writer for the Vanguard-TTH site, takes a look at the attachment gamers have to their characters and the worlds in which they play. She looks specifically at the popularity of making personalized signature art and what deeper meaning lies beneath them.

    There’s probably not a gamer out there who doesn’t remember the first time they felt the magic—the magic of the game world. From Final Fantasy to EverQuest, these worlds are bursting with color and enchantment. Our avatars, too, are captivating. They never age; they look just like we want them to look. They’re prettier, more virtuous, nobler, and can leap tall buildings in a single bound.

    View the newest feature at VTTH here!

    Thu, Jan 26, 2006
  • Malfurion was just added to the list of possible servers for our Ultimate Warcraft Championship.

    You still have until January 31st to get your server name in. Now there are more ways to submit.

    1. Mail Me!
    2. Post on our Forum
    3. Post on the Official WoW Forums - General Discussion
    4. Post on the Official WoW Forums - PVP Discussion

    With all of these choices how can you not submit your server name? There's a C-note up for grabs. Who will get their hands on it?

    Thu, Jan 26, 2006
  • There is an entire series of Age of Conan Peeks at RPG Vault. This one has images of models. It's really quite spectacular. Go read the series and then Come back here for more News and Info on Age of Conan

    Thu, Jan 26, 2006
  • What happens when you get so big that your servers become a muck of stinky mud where nobody has a good connection and it's a miserable mess? Well you open new servers and you say "Ok I'll let you move!". This is what Blizzard is doing.

    Select Character Transfers to New Realm! - Eyonix on 1/26/06
    We will be opening character transfers for the 8 realms listed below tomorrow, Thursday, January 26 at 3:00 AM. Characters on these realms will be able to transfer to a new PvP realm, Mug'thol. This round of transfers will be open Monday through Friday from 3:00 AM to 3:00 PM PST until Wednesday, February 1 at 3:00 PM PST. Please be aware that until the transfer window is closed, standard character creation will be unavailable for Mug'thol.

    Bleeding Hollow
    Burning Blade
    Burning Legion

    Character transfers are available Monday thru Friday from 3AM to 3PM.

    Interesting to see Skullcrusher back on the list. Our guild of over one-hundred just moved from there. I wonder if this is going to help actually. The room left after the mass vacate just fills up faster than you can push sand into an ant hole. Are there any permanent solutions? Let me know!

    In the meantime you can do three things with us -

    Visit our World of Warcraft Page
    Help us pick a server for our Ultimate Warcraft Championship
    Read More News and Info on World of Warcraft

    Thu, Jan 26, 2006
  • Everyone is up in arms! Good Lord Man! How can we expect people to come to our booths if we don't have scantily clad women there to lure them in? Frankly I'd rather have a wicked good party with great martinis. However, that's just me!. GameCloud has interviewed various industry professionals and here is what they have to say.

    Epic Games designer Cliff Bleszinski seems to indicate in his response to us that booth models at E3 can be a problem. "I think they need to figure out a faster way for me to get between the halls that doesn't involve pushing through a massive crowd of folks lined up for a free T-shirt. If that means less booth babes or more clothes on said babes, so be it. I'm at E3 to work. Save the naked ogling for evenings at The Body Shop over on Sunset."

    It's an interesting read. We'll see what happens in the months to come.

    Thu, Jan 26, 2006
  • The screenshots seem to be flying like a swarm of mosquitos these days. Pirates of the Burning Sea is no exception. There are three new shots up in the Official Site Gallery. Go take a look at your boats people. They're fairly well done.

    More News and Info on Pirates of the Burning Sea

    Thu, Jan 26, 2006
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    Anyone who reads this column on even a semi-regular basis knows my opinion on games that are designed for the hardcore gamer at the expense of the casual player. One of the companies who is banking on my opinion being a load of dung is Sigil, the team behind Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. Vanguard is aimed dead-straight at the hardcore player. If anyone is going to deliver a big-time, high sales game in that segment of the MMOG market it is likely to be either Sigil or Turbine. I hope they succeed, I'm just not sure that the market is large enough to make it worth their while.
    Why bring up this topic again? Simple, I want them to succeed, not only because it means that TenTonHammer.com will continue to have a thriving community at our Vanguard Community Site, but because I'm a hardcore player. We have some exclusive screenshots from Vanguard: Saga of Heroes and an interview with Den Beauvais, Senior Artist at Sigil that are well worth taking five minutes out of your day.
    Gold Free MMOG Sites

    Comments? Flames? Send them here!

    Game Movie: Here Without You


    Vin Diesel Fact of the Day: Vin Diesel holds the record for the fastest English Channel swim. He swam the entire distance underwater.

    Dwarfs, cooking and status...what do these three things have in common?

    Read on to find out...
    Here's what's new on the network!

    • EverQuest 2: Guide to Status Loot

      "Status Loot is one way for players to help their guild gain status along with pocketing some for themselves.  Kill a mob, get a status item and turn it into the correct faction.  Slide gives us an updated guide to these special items which includes the Tier 7.  Let all of your status item questions be answered here."
    • World of Warcraft: Two Hours To 150: Cooking and Fishing

      "Maybe you thought the "Cooking" and "Fishing" professions in World of Warcraft are gimp, too complex, too time-consuming, too boring, or too expensive to get into. Not so. At least, not anymore.
      We have some secrets to share with you, secrets that will catapult your skills from 1 to 150 in both the Cooking and Fishing professions for a handful of silver, and in less time than it takes to watch another late-night "B" movie. It's not an exploit, it won't get you banned. It's just a taste of the old-school MMO "grind smarter, not harder" approach.
      Two hours, no gold, 300 skill points. Sound good? Check it out."
    • World of Warcraft: Guide - Cooking Profession

      "Batwing crunchies? Um...
      We, like you, don't put much thought into the tasty delicacies our characters devour after a tough fight. Nevermind that (arguably) the best dish in the game contains more than a snort of goblin rocket fuel. And no, Booty Bay revelers, we're not talking about the "volatile rum" they serve down there.
      But for those of you that want an inside look at the horrors of the World of Warcraft "Cooking" profession, we offer a new FAQ that Upton Sinclair would be proud of. You've been warned!
      (No mechanical war-chickens were harmed in the creation of this guide.)"
    • Dungeons and Dragons Online: Race Guide - Dwarf

      "May we present the dwarf, in all his gruff glory. Ralsu gives us a profile on the mighty mountain-dweller, complete with details about racial traits, bonuses, and penalties. Is the dwarf the right race for your Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO) character? Read our guide to find out!"
    • Guild Wars: Hot Feets - Crippling Shot Ranger

      "Here’s a ranger that does a little bit of everything. Poison, crippling, interrupts, traps and energy management. The only thing you don’t do is heavy damage, but really, with such a big bag of tricks, damage is something you can leave to your team mates."
    • DDO: The Art of Multi-Classing

      "Darkgolem's extensive background playing the pen-and-paper (PnP) version of Dungeons & Dragons gives him an edge when it comes to demystifying the fine art of multi-classing in Dungeons & Dragons Online. His article takes a look at all the important things to consider when creating a multi-class build."
    • Vanguard: What Goes Up, Must Come Down

      "In our weekly series Tuesday's Takes, Raya adds her Take on adventuring in MMOs. Find out what real life phobia effected her game play and how she had to overcome it! Don't forget to give us your Take by following the link at the end of the article to our forums!"
    • EVE: Mining - The Tactics of the Trade

      "EVE Online has long been favored by truly casual players (for its offline training system friendly to those with little time to level) and truly hardcore gamers alike (hardcore gamers enjoy the game's intense PvP action). But if you play EVE and need some in-game money-- who doesn't?-- you need to mine some asteroids!  Ten Ton Hammer's own "General" Lee usually takes a background role, whipping up the vast array of fine graphics you see on our network. But Darren comes to the forefront to share some of his EVE mining secrets!"
    • DDO: Sorcerer Class Guide

      "Today we offer up our guide to the sorcerer class, Stormreach’s innately gifted arcane spellcasters. In this guide you’ll learn a bit about what makes sorcerers tick, including which abilities, skills and feats best suit his talents."
    • LotRO: Noob Journal, Part 2

      "Our newb-in-the-field, Gypsy, is preparing to play LotRO by learning her way around MMOGs via World of Warcraft. This week she learns a bit about aggressive monsters and how NOT to PvP. How will our intrepid adventurer fare? Find out in part one of her ongoing Noob Journal series."
    • Irth To TenTonHammer, Part 2

      "I feel a little bit like a Ginsu knife commercial spokesman listing everything this interview has in store for you, so... hey, it's late and I'm gonna go with it! Not only does Thomas Gale, artist for Irth Online (the newest MMO to hit the market, a game known for its unique skill system and one-of-a-kind PvP setup) discuss the tools and knowledge it takes to become a quality game artist, he'll even tell you what makes Irth artistically unique among its peers.

      But wait, there's more! Irth Online's developer, Magic Hat Software, was kind enough to send along five exclusive screenshots for your viewing pleasure.

      But wait, there's more! The developers might just pull a special discount offer out of their Magic Hat (sorry) for readers of this article! Click the link now, our site is standing by!"
    • Auto Assault: Interview With The Regular Joe

      "This week we interview someone really special to the Auto Assault community. Someone you might not know either. That's right, we interview the casual Auto Assault player taggle. Noone popular, just someone who was graced with the ability to play the Auto Assault closed beta. Even though he doesn't have the best loot or even his own brand of mouses, he has realstic views and opinions on the game. So this month, let's look at the views and opinions of just a regular Joe of Auto Assault."
    • Auto Assault: Roadstop Comedy Club - Part 2

      "Last we left Devrek he had just gotten a new job at the Roadstop Comedy Club. They probably made a mistake by hiring him.

      Nevertheless, this week we bring you another episode of the epic adventure of Devrek. This stand-up comic is trying to make his harsh living in the wastelands through the power of comedy and his hate of the penguin race. Join him this week as he discuses the fashion of duct tape hats and how penguins can read your mind."

    Now on to the real world. You can't make this stuff up.

    As always, thanks for visiting TenTonHammer.com,
    -- John "Boomjack" Hoskin

    Thu, Jan 26, 2006
  • Batwing crunchies? Um...

    We, like you, don't put much thought into the tasty delicacies our characters devour after a tough fight. Nevermind that (arguably) the best dish in World of Warcraft contains more than a snort o' "goblin rocket fuel." And no, Booty Bay revelers, we're not talking about the "volatile rum" they serve down there.

    But for those of you that want an inside look at the horrors of the World of Warcraft "Cooking" profession, we offer a new guide that Upton Sinclair would be proud of.

    If you can stomach it, check out our Cooking Guide. You've been warned!

    (No mechanical war-chickens were harmed in the creation of this guide.)

    Thu, Jan 26, 2006
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