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  • There are 100 (yes I said 100) new screenshots at the Roma Victor Website. Go Check them out in all of their technicolor glory.

    If you get tired of the clicking, you can always more news and info on Roma Victor

    Fri, Jan 20, 2006
  • Turbine has posted a Hunter Class update on the Official Lord of the Rings Online site.

    Woodsman, pathfinder, and master of the bow, the keen-eyed Hunter can use her arrows to devastating effect from a distance. Archery is not the only thing the Hunter excels at, for she can lead her companions through the forest at greater speed than they could on their own, and can set up traps to ambush enemies. The archer is no close-quarters fighter, however, and would generally rather let her bow do the work than resort to her sword.

    The Hunter will be the class of choice for players who enjoy striking a target at range. Clever by nature, the Hunter is known to lure her targets into traps to hinder them, giving her time to use her bow to deadly effect. A Hunter's knowledge of nature also provides skills that help her and her fellows survive in the wild. A Hunter's combat style depends on her ability to injure others while staying out of harm's way.

    Take of your bows and get ready!

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    Fri, Jan 20, 2006
  • The Official site has updated information on the Cenarion Circle Reputation Rewards and Class Quest Rewards

    At last, the long watch has ended - the hero has risen, to mend that which was broken, to unite those who were divided. But the true test is yet to come. When the gates of Ahn'Qiraj open, will the mortal races stand united once again and face the onrushing terror or will they fade silently into the darkness that has risen once again in the distant lands of Silithus?

    Check it out here

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    Fri, Jan 20, 2006
  • There's a new Age of Conan QNA up at OGaming with Funcom's Gaute Godager.

    OGaming: Why, of all licensed properties to choose from, did you folks decide to go with Conan the Barbarian?

    Gaute Godager: Conan's exploits occur in a very dark, brutal and sensuous universe. You might not realize it, but more than 70 years of books, comics, movies and lore has made the Hyborian realm a very deep and meaningful place to set an online Action-RPG in. Sadly, to many people, their knowledge of the Conan universe extends to the '80s movies [starring actor Arnold Schwarzenegger], with all their strengths and weaknesses. I am glad to inform everyone that Hyboria is so much, so very much, more than that.

    The Hyborian world is like a decadent, dark, twisted and corrupt version of Euro-Asian history. Take a bit of the Roman empire, Mongolian culture, Babylonian mysticism, '30s myths of undiscovered Africa, and much, much more – mix it all and add a dash of brutal darkness and you can see the shadow of something very unique and quite interesting brewing. Put on the lid and let it cook until it is about to explode and you are ready to sample the world of Hyboria...

    I'll tell you why they chose Conan.. it's because he's the most butt kickingest barbarian that ever lived! Sheesh.

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    Fri, Jan 20, 2006
  • Blizzard has released new Burning Crusade Screens. You can see them on GameCloud

    Anyone else getting tiny little shivers of delight in anticipation of this expansion?

    The Best World of Warcraft Site Ever!

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    Fri, Jan 20, 2006
  • Awen (that would be me) writes about the newly made accusations of prejudice against the Chinese in WoW.

    Are all gold farmers Chinese? The answer to this question is absolutely not. However, the proof of Asian gold farmers is greater simply due to the fact that the Asian governments are cracking down on this market. Publicity causes awareness within the community. People who have had bad experiences because of these farmers begin to associate the Asian people with this trade. It's easier to point fingers at people who you have proof of doing the deed rather than an anonymous entity that exists right in your own back yard. Does this mean that all gamers have an instant dislike for the Asians or feel that they are all gold farmers? I think not.

    Is it just me or could this all be a lack of communication? Read It Here

    Fri, Jan 20, 2006
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    ArchLord, another Asian PvP MMOG is coming to North America. What is ArchLord all about you ask? PvP with a chance to become the King-pin of the server, complete with plenty of perks.
    Free-for-all PvP and the chaos that inevitably comes with it has never been successful in North America. Take a look at World of Warcraft, the PvP servers are the least populated. The EverQuest PvP servers have been consolidated and the Lineage series just never panned out like NCSoft had hoped. RYL offered a $1,000,000 prize to the PvP champion and nobody signed up.
    I wish Codemasters luck with this, and I hope the can pull it off, but I have m doubts.
    I know you have comments about PvP. Send them here!

    Game Movie:Busting a DnD Nerd - [Thanks Shayalyn]

    Vin Diesel Fact of the Day: Many people know that James Earl Jones is the voice of Darth Vader. Few people know that Vin Diesel is the voice of James Earl Jones.

    Beer! A guided tour of Maj'Dul. Noobs and grouping tips. It's new and it's posted today on
    Here's what's new on the network!

    • EverQuest 2: Guide to Maj'Dul

      "The City of Maj'Dul is home to thieves, cuthroats, snake charmers, and three government factions pitted against each other in a struggle that has lasted over 100 years. This level 50 zone is not for the weak. Almost every NPC is attackable, many of them with sharp shiney things to poke you with. Slide shows us some "recreational" things of note in this dangerous, sandy city as he keeps a tight fist on his purse. Yes, he carries a purse. "
    • EverQuest 2: Interview With a Brewmaster Who Makes EQ2 Themed Beer

      "I enjoy high-quality, unique beers like some people enjoy Renaissance paintings. While college friends were pounding swill and sleeping away the weekends, I much preferred a quiet chat with a few close friends, enjoying a random selection from our favorite tavern's sizable beer list. I still, on occasion, will travel far and pay big a few favorites by the case when I can't find my McEwan's Scotch Ale, Beamish, or Franziskaner Weiss at the local establishments."
    • Lord of the Rings Online: Noob Journal Part 1

      "Our noob-in-the-field, Gypsy, is preparing to play LotRO by learning her way around MMOGs via World of Warcraft. How will our intrepid adventurer fare? Find out in part one of her ongoing Noob Journal series."
    • Vanguard: Are You A Good Grouper?

      "Penthesileia takes a look at what you can do to be a good groupmate."
    • DDO: For Whom The Bell Tolls

      "Zed has experienced many an epic battle and at least one unexpected death in his adventures playing the pen-and-paper (PnP) Dungeons & Dragons. Now, he gives us an inside look at how death is handled in the PnP game, and how it’s being treated in Dungeons & Dragons Online."
    • Will Level For Cash - Paid Power Levelilng in World of Warcraft

      "In the olden days of MMO gaming (about 5 years ago), power leveling meant guilt-tripping your high-level friend into shielding, buffing and healing you while you wheedled down a mob that (under normal circumstances) could kill you as fast as Paris Hilton books hotel reservations. Nowadays, after experience / level caps on kills, power leveling means handing out your account key paying someone in a developing country to play your character. It's hardly sporting, and more than a little risky, but is it worth it in the end?"
    • AARP Takes On EverQuest 2

      "The word veteran in "veteran gamer" doesn't usually refer to the 50-plus set, but TTH's own Patrick "Troon" Connoy puts hands to keyboard to describe his introduction to and enjoyment of EverQuest 2. That is, as a proud member of a little-known (but steadily growing) gaming demographic!"
    • U.I. Mod Reviews - CTMod - World of Warcraft

      "UI Modding is a big thing in any big name, 3rd-gen MMO. But in World of Warcraft, most gamers can't fathom playing the game without their favorite interface add-ons. TTH begins a series of UI Mod reviews with one of our staff favorites, CT Mod. We rate mods on dependability (how well do the mod designers keep pace with "mod breaking" patches?), functionality (does the mod perform as advertised?), usability (the ease of installing, setting up, and working with this mod), novelty (how ambitious are the mod's features?), and give each mod an overall score. It's our turn to review now, but soon you'll have a chance to vote for your favorite mods! Stay tuned for a WoW UI mod ranking system later this month!"
    • U.I. Mod FAQ/Installation Guide - World of Warcraft

      "A lot of new players think user interface modding in World of Warcraft and other games is overly complicated or could make a player subject to being banned. None of the above! Not only are commonly available UI mods EULA-friendly, they can add a lot to the Warcraft experience (not to mention that it's fast, free, fun, and easy)! Check out our newest FAQ and UI Mod Installation Guide for details."
    • EverQuest 2 - Low Level Revolution Part 2

      "Live update #19 is bringing some major changes, the most notable of those being the entire low level content of what had been known formerly, as the Isle of Refuge, and the re-structure of the pre level 20 classes.  Savanja goes under cover on the test server, checking out the makeover for the Qeynos side, and saving the Queen's Colony from certain destruction! "
    • World of Warcraft: Guide to Zul'Farrak

      "This week we look at the very popular Zul'Farrak instance. Zul'Farrak is located in the Tanaris desert in the far south of Kalimdor and is a contested zone."

    Now on to the real world. You can't make this stuff up.

    As always, thanks for visiting,
    -- John "Boomjack" Hoskin

    Fri, Jan 20, 2006
  • Gamespy just broke the story that Codemasters who have partnered with NHN Games, one of the largest Korean MMO developers, is to bring their hit MMO Archlord to Europe and North America. Read the Story Here

    Stay tuned for more information on Archlords!

    Thu, Jan 19, 2006
  • They've come out with a brand new look and some brand new features to boot on their Official Website.

    Welcome to our new website! In addition to a new look, this website features a number of great new features, and more features are slated for release in the near future!

    Expanded FAQ
    Our expanded FAQ should help answer all the basic questions about Hero's Journey. If you have a question that isn't answered here, please feel free to submit it.

    Fansite List
    We are very proud of our fansites and very grateful to their talented webmasters. See them all here! If you have an HJ fansite of your own, please add it to the list! (To add a fansite, you must have a free Hero's Journey News account.)

    Fansite Kit
    Still working on your Hero's Journey fansite? Our Fansite Kit can help!

    Movie Snippets
    Our website features three movie snippets of Hero's Journey in the upper left corner, and there are more to come!

    Coming Soon!
    Very soon we're looking forward to releasing our extended features section, extended lore section, and downloadable movies. Stay tuned!

    Special Thanks!
    Special thanks to David Whatley, Steph Shaver, and Tracy Butler for all of their hard work to bring this site to life.

    Go check it out!

    More News and Info on Heroes Journey

    Thu, Jan 19, 2006
  • Morton Byom, Anarchy Online's Game Director gave an update on the progress of AO's expansion Lost Eden.

    I bring you good news and ‘not-so-good’ news depending on your point of view. Let’s get the ‘not–so-good’ out of the way first. We have decided to change the release date for Lost Eden. Whilst initially we planned to release early this year we have decided to push it back into later this year. We are not going to give an exact date, that will come later but today I wanted to address why we have decided to do this, because I firmly believe it’s the right decision for the game.

    Read the rest of it here

    Am I surprised by this announcement? Yeah.. I kind of am. I would think that they'd want to keep AO content fresh. It's a good game if a bit difficult.

    More News and Info on Anarchy Online

    Thu, Jan 19, 2006
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