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  • It's always interesting to get into the minds of developers, especially for all the voyeurs out there!The Pre Production Process by Dustin Bales is no exception. He's the content director for Mythic's Warhammer Online.

    Ten thousand pages. That's my best guess at the amount of finalized documentation that our content team will produce before the launch of WAR. We should start an office pool, or a printing press. Ten thousand pages for a game based on an existing property rich with detail. I can only imagine the number of pages we'd be writing if we were coming up with a world of our own!

    It's a good read full of little interesting tidbits.

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    Mon, Dec 19, 2005
  • Slowly but surely this one is picking up speed in all things newsworthy. You can read this dev log On the official site however, you have to be a member of the site. So in essence.. they only want the MOST DEDICATED players to access their information.

    (@[QT]Rhaegar) (Raam) How goes guild management work? By that I mean, how soon can you start a guild in the game, and are there any requirements at all to make one?
    (@[FLS]Aug) Right now, our requirements for starting guilds are minimal, and people should be able to set them up very quickly once they are in game
    (@[FLS]Aug) This is an area that we are watching very closely in beta, however, and we'll bump up those requirements if we feel it necessary
    (@[FLS]Aug) Aside from that, guild management at launch will have the standard features, and will get better as we continue development :)

    Yeah I'm just that dedicated.

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    Mon, Dec 19, 2005
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    I hope everyone had a weekend filled with holiday cheer. I enjoyed my vehicle's engine roasting on an open fire....Jack Frost nipping at my nose, while I sat on the largest highway in the country. It's a good thing my wife and kids could be tricked into coming to rescue me or I might still be there.
    It's so cold here today that the brass monkeys all came inside. Even the snowmen are asking for warmer weather.
    In the good news department, Vanguard Beta 2 has been announced, the holiday quests and cheer have been added to World of Warcraft and the Auto Assault site has been updated with a tractor trailer load of information.
    From the "you have to be kidding me" department. We have a company here called M and M Meats. What they really are is a company that sells all kinds of assorted ready to heat foods for people too lazy to actually cook themselves. Their advertisement came today and they now offer grilled cheese sandwiches pre-made. Just heat and serve. Who on this planet needs a pre-made grilled cheese sandwich? What's next....pre-boiled water. Will these guys eat the food for you too?
    MMOG Quote of the Day: Tell - "A private message which, the instant it is sent, magically transforms itself into a "Mistel"" - Neddie Seagoon
    If you enjoyed that one, you will love the really good ones submitted by Neddie Seagoon, available in our Random MMOG Quote repository.
    TenTon Comics: Dating service miscue? You decide in today's comic. You can view it "Right Here".
    EQ2's finer points, underground Vanguard and the basics of Guild Wars are yours for the taking on the network today.
    Here's what's new on the network!

    Monday Vin Diesel Fact: Vin Diesel knows the caramilk secret.

    Now on to the real world. You can't make this stuff up.

    As always, thanks for visiting TenTonHammer.com,
    -- John "Boomjack" Hoskin

    Mon, Dec 19, 2005
  • Blizzard welcomes the cold and celebrates that holiday season with decorations!
    has a cute little poem titled "'Twas the Week before Christmas..."

    ‘Twas the week before Christmas, Blizzard began to celebrate.

    To show spirit in their home cities, they began to decorate.
    Chains used for garland on their Christmas trees.

    Skulls making the best decorations for the evil side you see.
    Don't have too much Holiday Spirits to drink.

    Get a little mistletoe that shall help you think.

    Fri, Dec 16, 2005
  • Game Chronicles
    has a review of Ever Quest: Depths of Darkhollow by Megan Dyer. Thanks to
    MMORPGDot.com for finding
    this one:

    Sony’s EverQuest is one of the first and by far one of the most successful
    MMOs out there. With a deeply devoted fan base, EverQuest has been going strong
    for six years and ten expansions; the latest being, EverQuest:Depths of Darkhollow.

    With new areas to explore, improved graphics, and new missions and abilities,
    Depths of Darkhollow has a lot to offer its die hard fan base, and though
    EverQuest isn’t the most visible of MMOs out there today for the newer
    generation of gamers, there’s something in it for the newbies as well.

    Fri, Dec 16, 2005
  • Better Than Any Vin Diesel Movie

    Worthplaying has a
    whopping 20 new screenshots for Auto Assault. They also have a rather fancy
    definition for the game:

    Auto Assault combines vehicular combat with role-playing elements. Players
    explore a post-apocalyptic future in customizable cars, motorcycles, semis
    and even tanks. Players battle other players both in arenas and in epic race
    vs. race wars for control of the regions in a devastated Earth.

    Much more elaborate than my definition: cool cars, big guns, shoot stuff.

    Images, Media
    Fri, Dec 16, 2005
  • Half-man, half beast, don't try to take these guys money!
    has a pretty neat look at the mythical Minotaur from several different games
    by Thorjack. It's all to coincendental that GamerGod did this:

    Minotaurs: the half-man, half-bull, fearsome beasts of legend, lore and fantasy
    have captured the imagination of people across the centuries. From its earliest
    beginnings in Greek mythology to its prevalence in modern gaming, the Minotaur
    continues to invoke a sense of fear and fascination. Raven’s recent
    series of articles on Gamergod, Fantasy vs. Mythology, has covered a great
    deal of the differences between these two types of tales. However, the Minotaur
    is one of the select monsters that seem to transcend these traditional boundaries,
    rising above the level of mere legend to become infused into the fabric of
    The mythology of the Minotaur is quite complex, and the origins of the story
    are incredibly ancient. Minoan Civilization flourished from approximately
    2600 to 1450 B.C. on the Greek island of Crete. This far pre-dates the rise
    of what is known as Classical Greek civilization. It was the Greeks who originally
    told the story of the Minotaur. Minoan civilization is known to have had a
    matriarchal religion and worship centered on several goddesses. The rituals
    surrounding this worship included a strange act of ‘bull-leaping,' which
    apparently involved jumping onto the back of a charging bull. It may have
    been the matriarchal nature of Minoan religion and the ritual of bull leaping
    that seemed odd to the Greeks and inspired the myth of the Minotaur.

    It's a little history lesson for you plus some cool pictures from the various
    games talked about.
    a Look

    Fri, Dec 16, 2005
  • We are men! We're men in tights, tight tights!
    has a new review of City of Villians.

    As expected, there are numerous similarities between City of Heroes and City
    of Villains — in many instances this is a good thing, but in some ways
    the game is disappointing. To their credit, though, Cryptic did a marvelous
    job utilizing the same tools to create a different effect.

    For example, most of the graphics and animations in CoV are the same as the
    graphics and animations in CoH. But with the clever usage of lighting, placement,
    and a few new additions, the Rogue Isles are militaristic instead of pristine.
    Skills, at first glance, are a major disappointment; there are very few new
    powersets, and most of the new ones belong to the Masterminds. Once I started
    to play, though, I realized how different the CoV Archetypes are from their
    CoH counterparts; the mix of powersets creates truly different characters
    that require an entirely different game play style. Corrupters don’t
    play like Blasters, but they also don’t play like Controllers; even
    Stalkers are a far cry from their Scrapper brethren.
    Unfortunately, there is still a lot of balance work to be done with the CoV
    classes. Some archetypes are just way more powerful than another. For example,
    a Mastermind with six robots or ninjas can clear an entire mission on the
    highest difficulty setting, relentless, while a Corrupter might have a hard
    time on the easiest setting, villainous.

    Be wary of those Heroes!

    Fri, Dec 16, 2005
  • It Burns!
    For quite some time now I have really been looking foreword to SUN. It looks
    absolutly breath-taking. Luckily, MMORPGDot.com
    found 13 new screenshots from WorthPlaying!

    Images, Media
    Fri, Dec 16, 2005
  • Ok.. imagine this.. Me bouncing around my house clad in my spongebob jammies in the state of kindergarten excitement. Now if you've envisioned that, multiply it by one thousand and you'll come close to the absolute divinity that is my excitement right now.

    Hello all!

    Vanguard: Saga of Heroes has entered Beta 2!

    It is an exciting time for us as we begin to gradually invite more people into Beta to help us continue to test and develop Vanguard and make it the game we are all waiting to play!

    Thank you for your support as we enter this next phase of our development. We look forward to seeing many more of you in Beta soon ™!

    Ok.. I'm going to go camp my email. You guys are on your own! bounces off in bliss

    Absolutely The Best Vanguard Fansite In The Universe!

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    Fri, Dec 16, 2005
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