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  • No, not that kind of cyber interaction...
    On the heels of Ogaming's "Project Massive" interview with a CMU doctoral student researching human-computer interaction, Indiana University announces the Arden Institute...

    The Arden Institute is a research center at Indiana University whose aim is to promote innovative research on synthetic worlds: crafted online spaces that host thousands of users on a persistent basis. To this end, the Institute supports research activities and hosts an annual conference, the Ludium, whose output is published exclusively on this website. The Arden Institute is an initiative of Edward Castronova, Associate Professor of Telecommunications, Indiana University.

    Anyone else feel like we're making this waaaay too complicated? Anyway, take a look at the Arden Institute site!

    Tue, Dec 13, 2005
  • Not Ready for Retirement
    EverQuest Titanium, a boxed set including every expansion released for the game, goes on sale for $19.99 January 11th. Also, players with cancelled accounts can grab 21 days of free play if they reactivate before January 13th. All of this co-incides with SOE's release of, a site chock full of real-time player profiles and other community-friendly features.

    In addition to EverQuest Titanium, SOE is launching EQ Players, a website designed to extend the player's interaction with the game outside of the game world. This new service gives players more ways to access, track and expand their in-game characters by obtaining character statistics, profiles, item information, in-game activities and more all in one place. The website,, will launch on December 15, 2005, and will have profiles for more than 4.9 million characters and more than 335 million total inventory items. EQ Players will be available for EverQuest players to try, at no additional cost, until December 29, 2005, after which time some EQ Players features will carry a monthly fee. In addition, as a special offer, SOE will reactivate previously closed EverQuest accounts for 21 days of free gameplay but the former EverQuest players must take advantage of this offer before January 13, 2006.

    View SOE's "EQPlayers / Free Play" press release here!
    Other links of interest:

    Tue, Dec 13, 2005
  • For once, we don't put real life on hold... talks to Mark Jacobs of Mythic about the social impact of MMOGs today and in the future In Asia we see players who are literally playing themselves to death, and there are numerous cases in the States of players with mental health conditions.

    Mark Jacobs: And in America, we have people who become so obsessed with stars (and the characters that they are portraying) that they become stalkers. Should we ban actors/actresses, because they are so good in their roles that people forget they are simply players and not the real thing? Should we stop making films because some people get so upset over them that they cry or become depressed? One of the beautiful things about America is that we are a country where people get to express their artistic, creative, personal, political, etc., opinions/works and other people are free to agree/disagree/participate or ignore them. Nobody forces anyone to buy a video game any more than a person is forced to buy a book or watch a television program. I'm all for Rating systems that work to satisfy the legitimate concerns of parents but at the same time I also believe in the ability of individuals/companies to create great entertainment no matter whether it is a book, game, movie, etc. People do terrible and tragic things everyday. Should we ban cars because some drunken fool kills somebody else? Should we prevent all the elderly from driving because some elderly people aren't fully capable of handling a car? Should a pharmaceutical company stop making a drug because somebody decided that taking 30 of the pills instead of one was a good idea? Should we ban all high school sports because some parents and kids become so "addicted" to winning that they throw common sense, decency and fair play right out the window? A wise person once said, "people are broken" and sadly, we see the truth in that statement play out every day in the news.

    Check out the Q&A with Mythic's Mark Jacobs, one of the true long-timers in the industry.

    Features, Interviews
    Tue, Dec 13, 2005
  • The Official Site has some new Dungeons and Dragons Online Screens If you didn't want to play before, you will after seeing these shots. They're absolutely vibrant and gorgeous!

    All You Need to Know About DDO is Here!

    Other DDO News!

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    Tue, Dec 13, 2005
  • Loading...
    MMOG Quote of the Day: Guild - "A society of like minded players passionately devoted to the worthy common cause of having a silly name appear on the top of their heads." - Neddie Seagoon
    If you enjoyed that one, you will love the really good ones submitted by Neddie Seagoon, available in our Random MMOG Quote repository.
    TenTon Comics: We took Slide's picture and gave it a new caption. We need your screenshots and/or your captions! You can view it "Right Here".
    Gratification, tombstones and ownage, female style are the topics of the day.
    Here's what's new on the network!

    Tuesday Vin Diesel Fact: Vin Diesel did it in the conservatory with a pipe wrench. .
    Now on to the real world. You can't make this stuff up.

    As always, thanks for visiting,
    -- John "Boomjack" Hoskin

    Tue, Dec 13, 2005
  • I Put A Spell On You!
    told readers about Spellborn's first newsletter:

    The official Chronicles of Spellborn site has word that the first game Newsletter
    has been sent out to in-boxes everywhere.

    We've sent out the orders to mail out the Premiere Issue of the TCoS Newsletter.
    Blizz pushed the button, and the wheels are turning as we speak. That means
    that you'll be recieving a copy in your email box very soon. We've included
    the latest news over Beta progress, as well as information regarding your
    TCoS fansites and more!

    Mon, Dec 12, 2005
  • A Conference Way Down Under
    sent a reporter into the wild of Austrailia for the Australian Game Developers
    Conference. "Muun" reports about the fantastic time he had:

    There he was; this guy who looked exactly like me, wearing my brown linen
    pants and my beloved Ranma shirt…holding…an…IRON. He stared
    back at me from the mirror dumbstruck for a few minutes and then; it slowly
    dawned on me: I … was… ironing! I've had my fair share of important
    interviews and hot dates and yet, I could not remember the last time I had
    even contemplated ironing an item of clothing (barring terrible flashbacks
    featuring my mother holding a double barrelled shotgun and piles of recently
    washed clothing). Yet here I was, quite happily ironing my funkiest black
    Japanese designer shirt and pants. And then I remembered a recent article
    by Deljarum here at MMORPGDot, which commented on a similar fixation with
    ironing prior to conferences. This relaxed my fears of an emergent split personality
    disorder and I proceeded to spend the next two hours trying to transform those
    valleys and mountains of drill cotton into gentle plains of black.
    I don't know how much better of an impression I made on the people I met
    at the AGDC but one thing is certain, I definitely missed out on the whole
    card trading game. Word of advice: if you're going to a big conference or
    gathering and don't want to feel like an elf at a rally of the local Dwarven
    Beard Trimming Guild do yourself a favour and print out a few cards. Even
    if it's just a simple name, number and address - play the card game. Even
    if you don't want to make an impression on anyone, play the card game. Why?
    Because you get this half disgusted, half demeaning look from people who ask
    "can I have your card?", that just puts you one down in the exchange
    that follows.

    Sounds like fun! Hope he got to see Crocodile Dundee!
    It Out

    Mon, Dec 12, 2005
  • WoW: The Burning Crusade At CVG
    Are they on fire or something?
    got a chance to drill the mind of Shane Dabiri about the upcoming expansion
    for World of Warcraft.
    Who is Shane Dabiri? Find out:

    What are you currently working on at the moment in the expansion?
    Shane Dabiri: As lead producer on the World of Warcraft team, I'm currently
    undertaking the exciting task of dividing and focusing our resources on the
    development of both the expansion set and on the continuing content development
    for the current game. This should help us streamline our efforts for 2006.
    What percentage of the content is geared toward players of all levels, and
    what percentage to only level 60 (and above with the level cap increase) characters?
    Shane Dabiri: As is traditional with MMO expansions, a large portion of the
    content will be geared toward characters in the range between the current
    maximum and new maximum levels, starting at around level 55. However, we do
    also plan to add content to better tie in the new races to the world, so players
    who choose to start as one of the new races will experience a great deal of
    new content up to about level 20.

    Mon, Dec 12, 2005
  • Weird Science
    has an interview from OGaming
    about the science of MMORPGs. Now that the theme song to Weird Science is stuck
    in your brain:

    OGaming talks with Project Massive's A. Fleming Seay, a PhD student
    at Carnegie Mellon University’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute,
    about the science of MMORPGs.

    OGaming: Why, of all things to study, choose to focus on massively multiplayer
    online gaming trends?
    A. Fleming Seay: My interest is primarily driven by a belief that multi-person
    experiences are the future of interactive entertainment and a desire to participate
    in the creation of that future. Project Massive has given me the opportunity
    to learn quite a bit about the current market; who plays, why, how they communicate,
    etc. I’ve also been able to look at issues like the operation of player
    organizations and the effects of play on the individual. Some of it is straight
    social science, some is more market oriented.

    • Nope, no Anthony Michael Hall. Sorry.
    • Here Is The
      Complete Story. No John Hughes either... bummer.

    Mon, Dec 12, 2005
  • The thrilling climax to Chains of Promathia was finally reached in the July version update. Now delve deeper into the stories of prominent Chains of Promathia characters as you enjoy the new quests planned for release in December.

    -New Summoning Magic

    The quest to obtain an avatar long awaited by summoners will soon be available. The terrestrial avatar Diabolos made his first appearance in "Darkness Named," and now those able to defeat him at the height of his strength will learn to harness the power of dreams.

    The Blood Pact abilities of Diabolos are quite unique when compared to those of other avatars. We have provided a list of Diabolos's abilities with brief explanations; however, we would like to allow summoners the chance to discover the full scope of these powers on their own.

    More FFXI Information and News

    Oddly enough I don't have any pithy comments on this one. *boggles at the fact that she's been struck speechless*

    Mon, Dec 12, 2005
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