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  • The moment you've been waiting for is almost here! Ragnarok 2 will be released! Let's hope it promises as much shitty gameplay and eye tiring graphics as the original.
    1UP is reporting that Ragnarok 2 will be revealed in all of its tramphy anime glory at the Tokyo Game Show. We are 100% absolutely confident they they may have written this:

    " At the Ragnarok Festival IV held back in July, Gravity said that everyone should hold tight; they will reveal Ragnarok 2 Online at the Tokyo Game Show. Keeping good on their promise, Gravity plans to reveal the game to the public and give an announcement about the company's future plans at the show on September 16th. "

    You can read the entire Ragnarok 2 Announcement at 1UP
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    Mon, Aug 29, 2005
  • Vin Diesel was born with a tail, but removed it himself with a buck-knife when he was three-years old. In other news, we have an Op/Ed that includes the word "tail" and doesn't discuss sex in games.
    Joystiq, one of those sites that so humorously confuses us all by spelling their name in l33tSp3ak, has posted an Opinion / Editorial titled, The short and long tails of Massively Multiplayer Games. They propose that MMOGs do not have lasting revenue power, unlike a media like music, because of the cost of keeping a MMOG running with a low player base. We're nearly positive that they wrote something that looked disturbingly like this:

    " Long after certain consumer products are popular, they continue to sell and can, over the long run, ring up sales volumes that rival the biggest blockbuster products. Music, for instance, sells well for years after that music topped the Billboard pop charts. Some games also have a long tail: witness Atari’s launch of retro gaming systems this summer and last summer. "

    You can read The short and long tails of Massively Multiplayer Games at Joystiq.
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    Mon, Aug 29, 2005
  • Ganked! Sunday edition.
    Jeff "Ethec" Woleslagle with the Sunday morning comics... er, I mean real-life news that's completely ridiculous but taken from creditable, TTH-approved sources.
    What's new and sort-of new around the Ten Ton Hammer communities:
    Everquest 2 -
    The "Thundering Steppes" zone guide - maximize your time in this level 18-30ish zone.

    Everquest 2 - Tradeskills: Levels 1-10 - in a jiff and with the least cost!
    World of Warcraft
    - Priest Guide - The recent update covers a host of fundamentals.
    Vanguard: Saga of Heroes - 17 Classes Too Many? - Finchal takes an early look at how SoH will handle class roles.
    Guild Wars - Understanding the Warrior's Role - You might be surprised at this more-than-a-meatshield approach.
    Lord of the Rings Online
    - Lunch of the Rings - Our very own Blindharper brings back an exciting report from a luncheon with Turbine devs

    And on to the news that you could make up. Just kidding, there's no way you could, really. It happened, and that's just all there is to it, see?

    • Farmer Discovers and Traps First Goat Blood-Sucking Chupacabra in Texas

      The vampiric rat-kangaroo-dog actually bears a resemblance to Michael Jackson... or maybe it's just the pastiness.
    • Replica of Buddha's Tooth Stolen from Asian Temple

      Apparently the replica of buddha's belly wouldn't fit in the rickshaw.
    • British Researchers Probe the Causes of Housecat "Petting Aggression"

      Cures for Alzheimer's and Heart Disease still waiting for funding.
    • Peeping Tom Mechanics Inspect More than Your Car

      At $65 a labor hour, they could've at least given patrons a reach-around.
    • Have a Problem with Hideaway Bandits? Calcutta Says, Release Lions!

      Not since Roman times have criminals had such a sporting chance.
    Sun, Aug 28, 2005
  • Face of Mankind Gets a Facelift
    The motion capturing studio is a staple of modern gaming development, and the folks at Duplex Systems are kind enough to show us how the modelling and character animations are being redone for the coming sci-fi MMOG. Interesting stuff!

    "Here you can see the capture studio. The red glowing devices are some of the

    special high speed cameras mounted at the ceiling. The motions of the actress

    are recorded by a total of 18 cameras that pick up the positions of the highly

    reflective balls attached to the capture suit. For the capture session the light

    had to be dimmed and no flash photography was allowed while recording, which

    explains why the pictures are dark and a bit grainy. "

    Face it! This sounds interesting, so get yourself registered at the Duplex Systems site and take at how they do the voodoo that they do on Face of Mankind!

    Sun, Aug 28, 2005
  • I have to put "Huxley" in quotes...
    For some reason it conjures up images of "The Cosby Show" rather than the fast paced Massively Multiplayer first-person-shooter due out in Q3 2006 that it is. If all goes as planned, "Huxley" might just be a perfect storm of FPS and RPG elements, set inside perhaps the most dynamic environment we've seen. Though, of course, we haven't seen Auto Assault yet!

    " The game itself takes place in a massive world that is always changing and evolving. Right now, there are two massive cities that allow players of the two races to communicate and socialize with each other in a camp-like area before going into battle. Once in battle, Huxley will feature both player-vs.-player and player-vs.-non-player character fights that have the high intensity of other online FPS, but they will also feature RPG elements that will provide for a rich gaming experience. That is one of the key areas that WEBZEN wanted to address. Instead of just doing a FPS on a larger scale, they wanted to combine the fast-paced action of an online FPS with the interactions of an RPG. This mixture of gameplay genres makes for a very satisfying and deep experience. Everything a player does in Huxley not only has an effect on himself (or herself), but also on his/her group, the race, and the world itself. The interactions of the players are linked to the survival of their entire race. "

    More fun than a Puddin' Pop: the "Huxley" preview at Worthplaying!

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    Sun, Aug 28, 2005
  • Gamer Girlies Walk Us Through Their AA Experience
    For a bare-bones, no-acronym approach to what AA is all about, check out Game-Vixens AA preview (**Sort-of Pseudo Disclaimer: Ethec by no means wishes to say that girls can't use acronyms or write complex reviews, and he wishes to thank Game-Vixen for writing a review for simpletons like him... aaagh don't hurt me, please! ::curls into a ball::)

    "Auto Assault is set in a futuristic world contaminated by radiation released when humans attempted to wipe the surface clean in order to rid themselves of alien invaders. Only after resurfacing from hundreds of years living underground did they realize what a mistake they had made. This radiation created mutated forms of all life including a portion of humanity who are now called mutants. There were other humans who adapted to this contamination by fusing nano technology and flesh together; these humanoids are known as biomeks."

    More from the Auto Assault preview at!

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    Sun, Aug 28, 2005
  • Ganked! Saturday edition.
    Jeff "Ethec" Woleslagle coming to you live from the TTH newsdesk in the tropical, ocean-side paradise of central Pennsylvania.
    My favorite weird news story today even found syndication even in my hometown rag this morning. An exhibit participant, commenting on the London Zoo's "Homo Sapiens" exhibit (in which a gaggle of volunteers traipse around in a primate "enclosure"), said "a lot of people think humans are above other animals." Well, maybe that's because most of us are standing on the outside of the cage! In any case, monkeys have yet to design a quality first-person shooter, let alone an MMORPG.
    In other news, you still can't make this stuff up.

    • Sleep for Sale at the Mall of America: 70 cents a minute / $42 an hour

      Naps in a natural themepark of sorts. Note that "Asheron's Call 2" will only cost you $12.95 a month.
    • Ohio Woman Makes 79 False Complaints Against Neighbors, Including "Unnatural Acts with Animals"

      It kind of makes "get off my lawn!" akin to a pat on the back.
    • "Raging Grannies" Try to Enlist to Protest Iraq War

      Kill them all! Let Matlock sort 'em out.
    • Clerk-Punching 400+ Pound Man Could Get Life After 2nd Attempted Beer Heist

      Where he's going, they don't serve beer. What's worse: they have portion control.
    • Palestinian-American Gets Credit Card Offer Addressed to "Bomber"

      The U.S. Army veteran was even more outraged by the annual fee and APR Chase Bank was offering.
    Sat, Aug 27, 2005
  • If the name means "blank slate," you know it has to have a good backstory!Actually, we know it has an immersive storyline because Richard "the father of MMOGs" Garriott is involved! Since TR is still a long ways out, this preview focuses on what Destination Games / NC Soft developers are concentrating on: namely a pure PvE, soloer-friendly, story-stuffed sci-fi high-octane MMOG with an accent on open-ended, class role-defying gameplay (whoa, there's a lot of adjectives there!).

    "With Tabula Rasa, Destination Games is trying to do something a little bit different with the genre, taking certain elements from the first person shooter, and fusing them with role-playing. This isn’t to say that the game is going to be highly twitch-oriented, where dexterity rules the roost, as this simply isn’t the case. The game will still be focused on stats and character advancement like one would expect to find in an RPG, but the developers want to find a way to include some of the visceral, psychological elements of the FPS to include in the game. By doing this, they hope to provide a more intense, fast-paced experience for players."

    Sit back and enjoy Armchair Empire's Tabula Rasa preview!

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    Sat, Aug 27, 2005
  • Rush Hour, sans Chris Tucker & Jackie Chan
    The last installment of this Auto Assault interview series focuses on why the release date was pushed to 2006, PvP action, backstory, and what AA has to offer in the way of high-end content.

    " Can we have a few words on the recent news that Auto Assault has decided to extend the beta, and the improvements they are working towards?

    Scott Brown: We evaluated the state of the current game after rushing to get LOTS of content into the game and realized it was not ready for prime time. So we are taking some time to go through every inch of the games content now and making sure it is fun, looks great, and brings a new experience to the game. Specifically, this also gives us more time to get class balances right and make sure PvP is everything we want it to be for the initial release. It is giving us an opportunity that we are all very excited about, and lets us make Auto Assault the best game it can be. "

    Beat the traffic! Visit Auto Assault's Rush Hour 4 at Boomtown tout de suite!

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    Sat, Aug 27, 2005
  • Take a tour and punt a gnome!

    Cogglesworth's Tour of Norrath, Part 3 examines the zones that surround the two warring cities in EQ2. Included are some screenshots taken at such a high resolution that I could almost hear the computer cry out in pain over in San Diego.

    Professor Cogglesworth is a gnome sage of some renown. While he is well-known for cataloging a compendium of legendary figures, he has also compiled a journal detailing the lands he and others have visited. The professor has gone to great lengths to compile accurate information, but it should be noted that some entries within this journal may not be entirely factual. Cogglesworth is an exceptionally intelligent scholar, but history and lore are sometimes a matter of perspective.

    We continue today with two entries from Professor Cogglesworth's journal: Antonica and The Commonlands.

    Take a look at the continuing Everquest 2 zone pictorial at the official site!

    Sat, Aug 27, 2005
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