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  • More House Items That You Can't Dupe

    SOE has posted its 3rd feature on Creature Mastery quests. TTH only needed one article to tell you what they told you and much much more... just sayin'!

    Lore and Legend quests, also known as Enemy Mastery quests, involve the study of various creatures to learn more about them. In order to gain knowledge about these creatures, you must find and study various body parts. You can find suitable body parts for your studies by killing the type of creature you wish to learn more about. Find out more about these types of quests.

    See the SOE Everquest 2 Lore and Legend article, part 3 here!

    Sun, Aug 14, 2005
  • We reached into DAoC's grab bag..."

    And pulled out more info on server clustering, DAoC's project to create more populated PvP regions. How clustering affects shared housing, players who have characters in different realms within the same cluster, and more is included with this edition.

    Q: I have characters in two different realms on the same server cluster. I tried to make characters in the third realm on the third server in the cluster, but it wouldn't let me. How come?

    A: This answer has changed a little since Februrary. If you did not have characters on one of the clustered servers when they were combined, then you are limited on which realm you can create characters in on that cluster. You can only create new characters in one realm on a cluster, so any new characters made on a server you previously had no characters on would be from one of the two realms you currently play on that cluster.

    In addition, you cannot delete your characters from one realm to switch to the third realm. Since you already have characters in one realm, if you delete all of the characters on the second server in the cluster, you will be limited to the first server's realm at that point.

    All this in more in this week's Dark Age of Camelot grab bag!

    Sun, Aug 14, 2005
  • The PC Version Is Still Making Too Much Money To Go Free-Box!

    Light server loads on EQ's Mac-Only server have driven SOE to throw Mac gamers a bone: a free, downloadable client. Though Mac expansions only run through "Planes of Power," EQ's 4th of 10 expansions, this move seems to ensure the Mac project's continued life for the short term.

    However, this isn't surprising to anyone who's played EQ Mac. The one server (Al'Kabor) was always more lightly populated than their PC cousins. The latest community manager even became more a fixture at a fan-based forum than the official ones, in a move eerily evocative of what became of EA's official support for Ultima Online.

    Read more about Everquest free for Mac Users!

    Sun, Aug 14, 2005
  • If you can't blow it up, it won't be in Auto Assault!

    Fully destructible environments and creating the "depth" of Auto Assault through tradeskills, PvPs arenas, and instancing are on tap for this UK site's last interview with Ryan Seabury, Net Devil's Design Director.

    Pro-G: Auto Assault makes no bones about targeting a more casual market than most MMOs. Do you see the game attracting hardcore MMO players as well as casual gamers?

    Ryan: We obviously hope for both. There's definitely stuff for hardcore gamers. What we've been trying to do when we go out to events is to show people how much depth there is behind the fastest most destructive MMO that's out there. The combat you can show somebody in five minutes because it's so fast paced. But nobody was really getting the MMO aspects of it. We forgot to point that out in our rush to show everyone how different we are to everyone else. Then everyone came away thinking it might be shallow. That was the general take of the five minute presentation.

    Take a look at what more Ryan has to say in Pro-G's Auto Assault Interview, Part 2.

    Sun, Aug 14, 2005
  • Ganked! Saturday edition.
    Jeff "Ethec" Woleslagle with the Saturday silly real-world news, plus the marginally-less-silly MMOG news. John "Boomjack" Hoskin, newstracker extraordinaire, will be back on Monday, so till then Ethec gets to housesit. And you, my friend, are knocking on the door. I'll put on a pot of coffee, we're gonna need it.
    As always, you can't make this stuff up.

    • Indiana Police "Firing Range Bullet" Hits a Home a Mile Away

      This one's literally in my backyard. Which is more disconcerting, I wonder: wayward bullets, or cops that couldn't hit a mountain with a mortar shell?
    • Man Rakes Car With Gunfire to Silence Alarm

      Police refuse to charge: after all, isn't he just acting on a fantasy we've all had at some point?
    • Student Forces Purge on Teacher, Sentenced to Clean Up Vomit in Police Cars

      We need more creative judges and judgments like this. If he's not sorry now, I bet he'll be sorry for the next 4 months.
    • Man Concocts "I Killed a Hitchhiker" Story to Make Wife Leave

      Talk about a bad breakup. He could've just gone with my standard "I love MMOGs too much to leave them for you" excuse.
    • Barking Man Arrested for Biting Postal Carrier

      I guess he was looking for something to do between "The Price Is Right" and "Matlock" reruns.
    • Cheerleaders Turn Plate Number Into Cheer, Help Police Nab Hit-and-Run Suspect

      World shocked that cheerleaders, for the first time, influence an outcome. FBI fires profilers, hires pom-pom squad.
    • Man Attempts to Auction Two Toronto Maple Leafs Tickets on Ebay for $250k

      Apparently this oil tycoon isn't much in-tune with NHL news as of late.
    Sat, Aug 13, 2005
  • Economy Tanked, "Exchange" Skanked, H@ckz0rz Laugh All the Way to the Bank

    Cnet reports that virtual coin "dupers" have hit Everquest 2's nascent Station Exchange program, causing 20% inflation in the 24 hours before they were caught. These hackers attempted to sell their plat for real-world money using the SOE out-of-game marketplace.

    SOE proclaims its security mechanisms worked well to quickly catch the threat, though players on all EQ2 servers saw the player market grind to a halt for 48+ hours.

    Sony claims that a group of hackers illegally created a huge amount of EverQuest II currency over the weekend, and it says the players caused the game's economy to suffer 20 percent inflation in just 24 hours before being caught.

    According to Chris Kramer, director of public relations for EQ2 publisher Sony Online Entertainment, the players had, on Saturday, begun using their so-called "duping bug" to make large quantities of platinum, the game's currency. (A duping bug is a hack that exploits a weakness in online games' code to effectively create counterfeit currency or other goods.)

    A gnomish replicator, numerous dyes, and a stamping machine were seized in raids late Friday and GMs lead the perpetrators (faces concealed by unfolded newspapers) away for the sentencing phase.

    Anyway, read more facts about the Everquest 2 hacks here!

    Sat, Aug 13, 2005
  • Devs Timeline Brought Back to Irth is reporting a September release date for Irth Online, the largest MMORPG (square km-wise) yet to be released. Beta 3 applications are also welcomed at this time.

    One of the highlighted additions in Beta 3 is the incorporation of graphic assets purchased from recently-cancelled MMORPG Wish, including the introduction of an underground Dwarf City. The Irth Online development team anticipates that former Wish players will enjoy seeing some of their favorite characters, avatars, and action sequences come back to life in Irth Online. The inclusion of previously acquired Wish assets into earlier Irth Betas has been well received by gamers, especially by players who have converted their support from Wish to Irth Online.

    Read the full news release on Irth Online here!

    Sat, Aug 13, 2005
  • SOE Takes the Red Pill

    Players have questions regarding Sony Online Entertainment's takeover of The Matrix Online, and SOE has some hard-to-swallow answers. MxO players can, however, look forward to 30 days of free play.

    When will the transition from WBIE to SOE take place?
    The transition is scheduled to occur on August 15, 2005. When you attempt to log in to the game on or following the scheduled August 15th transition date you will be notified that MxO is moving to SOE's Station platform. The notification window will carry a link to the Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) Station web site at which you will be offered the opportunity to create a new Station account.

    In order to continue to play MxO as of this date, you will need to register with SOE by creating a Station account, submitting billing and other subscriber information, and agreeing to SOE's End User License Agreement, Terms of Service, and other rules and policies. You will only need to complete this full process of re-registration once.

    Read more about The Matrix Online and the SOE Takeover here !

    Sat, Aug 13, 2005
  • gets the lowdown on how hazard mode works in Auto Assault with Senior Dev Ryan Seabury. Also covered is class-race interaction, trade skills, and the concepts behind "overheating."

    A renegade editor driving a fission-powered garbage truck bristling with missiles reportedly wrote this:

    [Boomtown:]Are there real differences between the skills of the three races for a same class? For instance, will a mutant healer be any different than a biomek healer?

    Ryan Seabury: Absolutely.. We wanted each archetype class to fulfil the same combat roles, but achieve them through mechanically different ways...for each race, the skills are flavoured based on the culture of survival for that race to illustrate, using the healer classes. Human Engineers will employ beams and energy based repairing, since Human tech is highly based on light and shielding etc. Mutant Shaman will manipulate the Contamination to create phase-formed vegetation that replenishes nearby allies and Biomek Constructors deploy nanobot technology and automated mini-mechs and bots to help their friends. And of course, there are many other skills that each of those classes has beyond just repairs that are different from each other.

    Find more Auto Assault answers at Boomtown!

    Features, Interviews
    Sat, Aug 13, 2005
  • Minotaurs Ain't All Bad...

    DDO Stormreach is out with another monster profile, this time examining the role that minotaurs will play. Apparently they're not all bullies ("bull"-ies? get it?).

    Once the tormented slaves and beasts of burden of an ancient giant empire, today the minotaur of Xen'drik is a fearsome creature that stands a full foot or two over the typical inhabitant of Stormreach. These bullheaded shaggy humanoids aren't all completely devoted to evil - some of them have been seen peddling goods inside the city. In this they are no different than the common avaricious dwarf - though perhaps a bit more appealing to look at. Outside of the settled regions, minotaurs are almost completely devoted to violence and a militant defense of their territory. Venturing into such dangerous territory is exactly the sort of peril that brings an adventurer fame and fortune.

    The complete monster profile at the DDO official site (free registration required).

    Sat, Aug 13, 2005
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