Fight Like a Pirate in TERA’s Corsairs' Stronghold Battleground Coming July 2nd

By Stacy Jones -

TERA is upping its PvP game next month with a new update that will add a massive new 40-player battleground to the game. The CorsairsÂ’ Stronghold map will pit two teams of 20 level 30+ players against each other in a massive siege battle. The battleground match consists of two rounds where one team will defend while the other attacks and tries to breach the stronghold to destroy its anchorstone by using a number of siege items such as ladders, airships, siege tanks, and more. When one round ends, the two teams switch offensive and defensive roles.

The battleground will also equalize gear, making the fight more skill-based than gear-based. Players that take part in the new battleground can earn new achievements and even earn the coveted Black Pearl mount.

The CorsairsÂ’ Stronghold update is scheduled to launch in North America on July 2nd.

Source: TERA CorsairsÂ’ Stronghold

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