TERA Developer Journal Reveals the Labyrinth of Terror

En Masse Entertainment’s new developer journal delves into the depths of TERA’s Labyrinth of Terror.
MMORPG.com has managed to get their hands on a new TERA developer journal from En Masse Entertainment. The new journal offers a peek at the high-level dungeon known as the Labyrinth of Terror.

If Thulsa claims most of Lorcada, then the Labyrinth of Terror belongs to Killian. In this instance dungeon for high-level players (with an extra hard mode), players must wind their way through the labyrinth, battling Killian’s favored servants, plus the chaos mistresses and Sihranar mercenaries that have rallied to Killian’s side. Killian’s minions reflect his twisted sense of amusement; they’re jesters and musicians who treat murder and torture as entertainment.

If you’re an aspiring Vanarch, you’ll need to be able to handle anything that TERA can throw at you, so head over and check out the Labyrinth of Terror and what lies beneath.

Source: TERA Dev Journal: The Labyrinth of Terror

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