TERA Promotion Offers New Epic Mount and Items

By Stacy Jones -

ThereÂ’s a new bit of incentive to pick up a retail copy of TERA today. En Masse Entertainment is offering anyone that purchases and registers a Standard or CollectorÂ’s Edition box of TERA after December 12th a free Tawny Huntress mount. But there appears to be something else in the works as well. In order to claim the item, you have to enter the code backwards. The reason is listed within a short lore segment in the official post, which may indicate that the code could possibly be used again for something else in the future.

“The runic passwords are ordinary passwords right now, but there’s a secret within the secret. On the day when our armies must evolve into something greater, we will reverse the runes. There’s a potent thread of magic there, just waiting to be unleashed.” Fraya smiled. “Provided you and your cohorts can remember them, of course.”

Additionally, the promotion also rewards players with two emeralds and two semi-enigmatic scrolls.

Source: TERA Box with Epic Mount Announcement

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