TERA Server Merger Coming September 18th

TERA’s latest Producer’s Letter outlines plans to merge servers and upcoming events for this fall.
Change is coming to TERA this fall. En Masse Entertainment recently announced plans to merge their current list of servers down to three and revealed a fall lineup of content plans ranging from Halloween events, PvP tournaments and battleground tournaments.

On the subject of server mergers, Celestial Hills will not be merged with any other servers, but the remaining servers will be merged down into two and they are as follows:

The following servers will be merged into 1 (currently unnamed) PVP server:

  • Basilisk Crag
  • Feral Valley
  • Jagged Coast
  • Valley of Titans

The following servers will be merged into 1 (currently unnamed) PVE server:

  • Arachnaea
  • Blightwood
  • Dragonfall
  • Freeholds
  • Serpentis Isle 
  • Frost Reach

You can read the full Server Merges FAQ for more details and what you need to do to prepare for the coming merger.

Source: TERA Fall Producer’s Letter

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