Zenimax Details Veteran Content for The Elder Scrolls Online

Posted Thu, Mar 27, 2014 by Martuk

One problem that many new fledgling MMORPGs tend to run into is a shortage of things to do once you hit the level cap. And with many players, that can happen rather quickly. This often results in players getting a bit upset due to lack of content at level cap, regardless of how much they blew through to get to that magical number.

With The Elder Scrolls Online's (TESO) early access just a few days away, Zenimax posted a new update to let players know that there will be plenty of things to do once they reach level 50. The latest update gives the rundown of what players can do once they hit the level cap in TESO. On the list of things to do you’ll find solo and duo PvE in Veteran Rank zones, 4-player Veteran dungeons, the Craiglorn Adventure Zone, 12-player Trials, and a heavy emphasis on PvP of all kinds.

While I deplore the shrinking size of the standard group, that’s just a few things that you can do at level cap. Be sure to read the full rundown from Creative Director Paul Sage for more.

Source: TESO Veteran Content

It is so refreshing to see an MMO that actually put some real thought into end game content and what options players will have once max level is reached.

All too often, it's all about the experience to end game, and not what can we do when we get there. GW2 is a prime example .. great crafting, neat concepts within the game, fun quests. But nothing to do at end game at all, unless you wanted to do RVR or PVP. Of course, what do you expect out of the title. The problem is, people have different interests in games.

In Neverwinter, they've actually kept adding new content, but they made crafting a bust. Anything really worth crafting (other than shirts and pants) is bind on pick-up, so you can't even be a merchant there.

Again, I'm just glad that our guild (with people with such a variety of interests) will have what seems to be a fair amount of content to mess around in once they reach end game.

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