Zenimax Tackles More Community Questions for The Elder Scrolls Online

Posted Mon, Feb 11, 2013 by Martuk

The Zenimax Online team unleashed a series of new answers to community inquiries relating to several topics for The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO) in their latest “Ask Us Anything” feature. If you’ve wanted to know more about the inclusion of guilds from previous The Elder Scrolls games, more about the Daedric Prince and Princess, Malacath, weapon types, or prominent Argonian figures, there’s a little something for you in the latest round of answers.

Since the Guild Act is passed during the Second Era, is it safe to assume that these organizations will exist within ESO? To what level will the players be able to interact, will they be joinable or will the player be in more of an advisory role? How will the developers handle a multitude of players making a multitude of different decisions? – By John Kelley

The Fighters Guild and Mages Guild definitely exist, and you’ll be able to join these organizations. Each has a definite purpose in our time -  the Mages Guild needs to recapture lore that could be lost in the chaos of the interregnum, and the Fighters Guild is attempting to thwart the designs of Molag Bal. You will be able to accept quests from the guilds to assist in achieving these goals. As with the rest of the game, the decisions you make affect how you see the world, not necessarily how other players see the world.

Additionally, Zenimax will be taking the TESO food truck out for a spin this March as it begins its tour across the US to deliver tasty snacks and gaming goodness to fans at five gaming conventions and six different college campuses. The tour begins on March 10th at the SXSW festival where the crew will be joined by the talented singer Malukah, who makes music based on and inspired by video games. Some of her work includes the Skyrim-inspired The Dragonborn Comes and very awesome Mass Effect tribute, Reignite. Visit Malukah’s YouTube page and official website for more of her music. The TESO food truck tour schedule is available here.

Sources: TESO Ask Us Anything, Food Truck Tour Announcement

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