Trove Update Adds Town Portals and Player-Created Items

Posted Thu, Jan 16, 2014 by Martuk

Trion Worlds has posted the latest patch notes for its building adventure game, Trove. The new update adds craftable town portals, several new player-created items, and makes some changes to crafting recipes. You can also explore those crafting changes with the new robot workbench. Have fun.

  • Town portals are now in the game, craft them!
  • Before unlocking new crafting recipes you must first craft one or more other items.
  • The robot workbench and many new robotic decorative blocks have been added.
  • Equipment no longer has ranks, power is based solely on rarity and higher rank zones drop higher rarity items more often.
  • Hit effects and damage are now predicted client-side when attacking, making attacking feel more responsive.
  • Object previews in the UI are no longer affected by the day/night cycle
  • Fixed a shader issue causing terrain to disappear.
  • You can now hold down the left mouse button to continuously swing your sword.
  • First pass at in world tooltips.
  • Whispering to another player now displays the recipient's name instead of your name
  • Fix for people getting stuck in a buggy not-quite-dead-yet state if they use a health potion just as they are killed.
  • Leveling up now grants greatly increased stats.
  • Fix for some of the black screen issues.
  • Fixes for some of the Cornerstone issues.
  • Adventuring content has received a balance pass. As zone rank increases NPCs now scale more dramatically.
  • Treasure chests are now found only in dungeons.
  • Treasure chests can no longer be hit by NPCs.
  • Crafting stations should now face the right way when placed
  • Crafting stations now have proper icons in the inventory and crafting window
  • New player created weapons from 3of9, linky00, Tribe, Apjhouston and BaconLaserBeam are now in the game!
  • New community items from Pyro, Naatti, SerinaNight, Zap, and Chiara have found their way into the world!

Source: Trove Reddit


Trove’s latest update makes changes to equipment and adds craftable town portals, the robot workbench, and new player-created items.

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