The Secret World Beta Key Giveaway

Updated Tue, Jun 12, 2012 by Shayalyn

You're on a highway to Hell! Get your key for The Secret World Beta Weekend #3: Hell Raised and be among the first to join one of three secret societies and test Funcom's conspiracy-themed horror MMO.

The third Beta Weekend for The Secret World starts on June 15th, and for nearly three days you will get explore and enjoy even more of the game than ever before. In this Beta Weekend you get to play as Dragon, Templars and Illuminati, and sample the starter experience in the Seoul, London and New York hub cities.

Your adventures will also take you beyond Kingsmouth and into a massive new region known as The Savage Coast. Here you will soon discover that the very gates of hell have opened up, inviting you into an epic dungeon experience known as 'Hell Raised'. But that's not the only dungeon available; a wrecked supertanker known as 'The Polaris' has been spotted off the coast of Solomon Island, and both challenges and awesome loot awaits in this amazing outdoor dungeon.

When you're ready to begin your adventure in society's darkest places, where every nightmare, fairytale, legend and conspiracy theory is true, grab your beta key from Funcom and Ten Ton Hammer and prepare yourself to venture out on June 15th

When I click on "Get Your Key" nothing happens, it just refreshes the page I was on already and shows the same button saying "Get Your Key"

We've been working to address this issue. It seems to occur only for some Firefox users. In the meantime, using another browser should do the trick.

Awesome, got it working now. Thanks!

It keeps telling me im not logged in. Although I am :)

Hi , id like to know if this giveaway is for a Closed Beta Key or just a weekend beta key ?

There was an error in the URL alias, but these keys are for the beta weekend, not the closed beta.

Don't mean to jump on the, "What's going on here?" train, but when I click the key, it just flashes and reloads the "Click here!" page.

(Tried in 3 diff browsers.)

I keep trying to get the key but it always logs me out and when I think I get it, it says "Access Denied". What should I do?

I am having the same issue ...

Have those of you experiencing issues tried the fix above? (Log out, clear cache, etc.)

In any case, I've alerted our tech team. Someone should be along with some information or a fix soon. In the meantime, don't worry about losing out on a key--fortunately, we have a pretty bountiful supply of them.

If you guys don't mind me asking whats the game about?


Joel Bylos returns from his hiatus with an update on The Secret World’s development and release of Tokyo.

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