Joel Bylos Becomes The Secret World's New Prophet of Doom

The Secret World’s game director goes off the deep end in a new video chronicling the end of days.

The Secret World (TSW) kicked off its latest ARG earlier this month hinting at a cataclysmic event. This week Game Director Joel Bylos, after spending a weekend researching the end of the world prophecy of December 21st, 2012, and watching a few cheesy special effect disaster movies, served up his thoughts on the subject in the first of a new video series.

Bylos, playing off his total belief of the end of days, marches into a marketing room and begins ranting about cancelling the game’s subscription to get as many players to play TSW, or as Bylos also called it “massively multiplayer orgasm of gaming”, to get as many people to play it before they die a most likely horrible and painful death. After a brief exchange with the marketing crew over the subscription fee and the upcoming event, Bylos sets off to go build a bunker.

Is this a hint of TSW going free-to-play or is this simply the ramblings of a madman? Stay tuned and we’ll update you when we have more.

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