Krampus Comes to Ruin Christmas in The Secret World

Holiday festivities begin in The Secret World today as Krumpus opens a Niflheim to kick off A Mother of a Season event.

The Secret World (TSW) kicked off a new Christmas event today with A Mother of a Season, a tweaked version of last yearÂ’s End of Days event. During the event, players can enter a portal to the Niflheim, land of frost and ice, opened by Krampus. Players can enter the portal ad face a number of different creatures, including Hel, who can also be pulled through the portal into the playerÂ’s world (well, your characters) for a bigger challenge and chance for more loot. The catch is that the ritual is a bit of a puzzle that you'll have to figure out.

In addition to those little challenges, players can also earn new loot and even become the Lord of Misrule in PvP for a limited time complete with a few unique abilities.

The Mother of a Season Christmas event is currently underway and will run through Thursday, January 2nd, 2014.

Source: TSW Christmas Event Announcement

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