The Secret World Opens to All for First Month Celebration

Funcom celebrates the first month of The Secret World with new content, in-game prizes and weekend access for all.
The Secret World is approaching the anniversary of its first full month of service, and Funcom has planned out some festivities to celebrate the milestone. As part of the celebration, the first content update for the MMOG, Issue #1, is scheduled to deploy on July 31st, but thatÂ’s not all.

In addition, from August 3rd -7th, players that solve 30 in-game missions will receive an in-game t-shirt along with free fireworks and special leaderboards. To make things a bit more fun, Funcom is opening the game up for free over the weekend of August 3rd through August 6th for anyone that has any type of The Secret World account. So if you would like to take part in the event and donÂ’t have an account, head over to The Secret WorldÂ’s website to make one so you can take part.

Source: Celebrate the first live month of The Secret World!

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