The Secret World's Digging Deeper Update Goes Live

By Stacy Jones -

ItÂ’s been a rough few weeks for Funcom following layoffs that impacted roughly half of the company, even claiming The Secret World's (TSW) lead designer in the fray. TSW has been been feeling the squeeze of its reduced team size as itÂ’s worked through a number of delays for its latest update. Issue #2: Digging Deeper was initially scheduled to go live at the end of August. Four delays later, the new content is now live. The update deployed earlier today bringing new features such as the first auxiliary weapon, new Nightmare mode dungeons, the plastic surgeon cosmetic change option, new missions and a lot more.

Check out the official patch notes for a full rundown of whatÂ’s new.

Source: TSWÂ’s Issue #2: Digging Deeper Update is Live

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