The Secret World’s Latest Game Director’s Letter Talks Issues 8 & 9

Game Director Joel Bylos makes his usual monthly rounds to discuss content for the next two update for The Secret World.

Game Director Joel Bylos is making his rounds to deliver the latest update for the conspiracy-heavy MMOG, The Secret World (TSW). In his latest update, Bylos delivers more details about the next two major updates for the game with Issues 8 & 9.

The first of the two updates, Issue #8, should be headed to players sometime in the near future. The updateÂ’s story takes place in the sunken chambers of the Council of Venice and will provide players with a mission to earn their Field Agent Certification to enter Tokyo. Additionally, Issue #8 also brings the newest iteration of the scenario system complete with Normal and Elite modes and over 200 different Augment rewards.

Moving on to Issue #9, Bylos teased new characters and a variety of new missions inspired by Japanese culture, myths, and legends. This includes new investigation missions for you mystery-loving types. Issue #9 will also introduce new monsters with Tokyo that will offer challenges to all players regardless of gear.

TSW’s “slow burning event” will be making its way to Agartha to help kick off an all new event. You can read all the details in Bylos’ latest update.

Source: TSW Game DirectorÂ’s Letter

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