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  • Free Realms has been taking the world by storm and now boasts over three million registered players! Those that are paying members have access to some of the coolest quests and classes in the game, including the Wizard. Learn how to find the Wizard trainer and become a master of the mystical arts with this essential guide!

    The path of a wizard is not for the faint of heart. You'll be tested at every turn by horrors unimaginable with only your wits and reflexes to depend on. The road is long, but for those that walk the path of mystic knowledge, the rewards are greater than you can imagine. Fortunately for you, I've been tasked with guiding you through the process. Can't have too many corpses littering the landscape, now can we?

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    Mon, Jun 15, 2009
  • It's the lore and history of a game that creates the framework that will transform you from a person sitting at your computer to a character immersed in an alternate reality and that's something NetDevil understands. Jumpgate Evolution's Producer, Hermann Peterscheck took some time recently to answer some questions about the lore of their universe from one of our space combat junkies, Eric "Dalmarus" Campbell.

    Ten Ton Hammer: With the majority of the Solrain people being part of the corruption that appears to be rotting it, will players be able to rise up the ranks of the various mega corporations? Will they be able to join up with the Commonwealth Restoration Organization to fight the system? What different advancement methods can players use to gain reputation with the various factions? Peterscheck: There are two distinct types of associations. On the one hand we have the large corporations which the player affiliates with in order to gain access to their production facilities located throughout space. As you work with them, you gain trust (affiliation) which then grants you access to build more valuable and powerful equipment. The other type is faction rating. This is your relative standing to the various groups including the CRO (although there are many more). As you do things for them, your rating goes up which gives you access to things such as CRO specific equipment and ships.

    To read the Exclusive Jumpgate Evolution Interview, click here!

    Features, Interviews
    Thu, Jun 18, 2009
  • Built from the ground up to be masters of destruction, the mages in Aion bend the forces of the world to fit their needs. Join Dalmarus as he explores the strengths, weaknesses, and strategies that will have you mastering the Mage archetype effortlessly.

    Until you reach level 5 and get some more spells under your belt, the name of the game is Root and Nuke. Learn it, live it, love it. It's a tried and true method that has worked well for countless generations of mages that have come before you. Remember that in every encounter, distance is your friend. If you have problems remembering this for some reason, just continually repeat, "I am not a tank.”

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    Wed, Jun 24, 2009
  • The gaming world has been buzzing with rumors about what the big announcement concerning Star Wars Galaxies was going to be this year. If the mini-sized SWG poster we received in our swag bags was to be any indication, the dead may soon start fighting among the living.

    Zombies may be fun in games, but I don't think I'm the only person that can't remember ever reading anything about them in any Star Wars media. I can't imagine George Lucas would ever sign off on anything like that either. Fortunately for all parties involved, the poster we recieved was just a fun piece of artwork and nothing more. The big news involves a new profession and the sweet sensation of player created content.

    To read the rest of Star Wars Galaxies: The Next Big Thing, click here!

    Features, Previews
    Fri, Jun 26, 2009
  • The Agency is Sony Online Entertainment's upcoming action spy game and Dalmarus was on hand for the recent discussion panel held at Fan Faire 2009. See why this game nabbed his interest out of the blue in true super spy fashion.

    As highlighted by the room I was in (though there was little doubt), *everyone* knows who James Bond is. And while he's not part of the game, or the name, you can instantly explain the concept of the game to anyone, including your parents or grandparents. That's an unbelievably powerful tool.

    To read the rest of The Agency: Fan Faire 2009 Report, click here!

    Fri, Jul 03, 2009
  • Crafting Guides, Guides
    Mon, Dec 28, 2009
  • The Sorcerer
    Sat, Dec 05, 2009
  • If there's one pure truth in massively multiplayer online games, it's that change is inevitable. Whether those alterations come in the form of bug fixes or a complete revamp of its inner workings, they’re sure delight or devastate the masses. Join Dalmarus on his journey of discovery as he ventures back into the lands of EverQuest II.

    It may be the typical old man syndrome, but the stats on the armor I received from my starter quests were almost enough to bring a tear to my eye. Never again would I have to wait until I was level 14 to be able to use an item that had more than a "+1 Strength" stat on it.

    To read the rest of EverQuest II Revisited: Norrath is New Again, click here!

    Features, Opinions
    Sat, Jul 25, 2009
  • Aion - Priest Combat 1

    The fifth Aion beta weekend is nearly upon us and this time even more players will be discovering the game for the first time. No one wants to be lost when they start something new, and with that in mind, Dalmarus has created a guide on skills and chains to make the experience easier. No matter which archetype or specialized class you choose, there's something inside for everyone.

    Whether you're an Elyos Gladiator, an Asmodian Assassin, or a living version of Napoleon Dynamite, you can't get anywhere in Aion without any skills. Sure, you have an auto-attack at your disposal, but if you’re relying on that to fulfill your destiny as an almighty immortal you might want to just quit now.

    To read the rest of the Aion: Beginner’s Guide to Skills and Chains, click here!

    Wed, Aug 05, 2009
  • This week the team at WolfTeam decided to enlighten us to one of their game modes called, Conquest. This is a round-based game mode, where teams have an objective to complete. To win a round, a team must control the largest number of bases when the time limit runs out. Sounds simple enough, but there are different modes within Conquest, each of which will require its own set of tactics to accomplish. Will you unleash the beast or will human form give you the advantage in your quest to reign supreme in the end?

    The third variation on Conquest pits Wolves directly against Humans in Wolf Conquest. In this mode the team representing the Wolves cannot become humans at all, and the human team cannot turn into werewolves. The five maps available for Ex- and Wolf Conquest are designed to ensure that strategy becomes the best and surest way to win.
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    Tue, Aug 04, 2009

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