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  • eve-proteus

    EVE Online has had a rocky year, no doubt about it. The Incarna expansion failed to thrive, due to a lack of meaningful gameplay and some poor decisions regarding e-clothing prices. However, it was followed up by the Crucible expansion which has proven to be the best EVE Online expansion in years. This guide is a look back at 2011 in EVE Online.

    Basics, Misc Guides, Guides
    Sun, Feb 12, 2012
    Space Junkie
  • eve-oracle

    Many EVE Online corporations want to test their mettle outside of high-security space. Doing so will require some adjustment on the part of the players, and perhaps a cultural shift from your membership. This EVE guide will help you explore your options, whether you are thinking about renting space or taking it.

    Basics, Misc Guides, Quest Guides, Zone Info, Guides
    Sat, Dec 31, 2011
    Space Junkie
  • eve-temperate-planet

    EVE Online's creators have decided to give us players the choice of several gifts this holiday season. But which is most valuable? Is that the best gift to get? With such a bewildering array of choices, this guide will most certainly be helpful.

    Basics, Item Guides, Misc Guides, Guides
    Wed, Dec 21, 2011
    Space Junkie
  • eve-caldari-planet

    All over the universe of EVE Online, corporations are rushing to destroy and replace customs offices and replace them with their own. But how much ISK will that cost? And how much ISK will it make them? How long will it take to recoup these costs? In this guide, we take a look at the economics involved in running a customs office in EVE Online.

    Basics, Crafting Guides, Item Guides, Quest Guides, Zone Info, Guides
    Wed, Dec 14, 2011
    Space Junkie
  • eve-lava-planet

    One of EVE Online's shining features is the persistent, meaningful nature of its economy and metagame. In many other games, players will go up levels and leave most of their old gear behind. Not so, in EVE Online. This season, show your love to your EVE Online friends by giving them thoughtful, meaningful gifts. Need ideas? Read on, player.

    Basics, Item Guides, Misc Guides, Guides
    Tue, Dec 13, 2011
    Space Junkie
  • * The Oracle (Amarr) * The Naga (Caldari) * The Talos (Gallente) * The Tornado (Minmatar)

    Tue, Dec 06, 2011
    Space Junkie
  • EVE-Crucible-Combat.jpg

    The Crucible expansion is one of the best EVE Online expansions for new players, ever. Which is all well and good, but what about the long-lost veteran players that left during EVE Online's four-expansions-long dark age? This is a guide outlining why those players should consider coming back to EVE Online. Like all EVE Online expansions, Crucible is free.

    Basics, Misc Guides, Zone Info, Guides
    Tue, Dec 06, 2011
    Space Junkie
  • eve-amarr-quarters

    EVE Online's Crucible expansion is upon us, and industrialists everywhere are scrambling to build and use player-owned customs offices. These new centers of industry are one of the most important changes introduced in Crucible. Read on to learn about building them.

    Basics, Class Info, Crafting Guides, Item Guides, Guides
    Wed, Nov 30, 2011
    Space Junkie
  • eve-nebulae1

    The Crucible expansion for EVE Online is mere hours away. Read these ten tips for surviving the transition, and maybe make yourself some ISK while you are at it.

    Basics, Class Info, Crafting Guides, Item Guides, Misc Guides, Quest Guides, Guides
    Tue, Nov 29, 2011
    Space Junkie
  • EVE-CalPlanet.jpg

    Crucible is almost upon us, and with it will come a new tool for managing planet colonies: the player-owned customs office. This will allow players to earn ISK by taxing all exports from a given planet, and will be a huge opportunity for small corporations to make their mark in EVE Online. Crucible goes live on November 29th.

    Basics, Crafting Guides, Misc Guides, Zone Info, Guides
    Sun, Nov 27, 2011
    Space Junkie

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