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Recent Vanguard Features:

  • Advanced info about the abilities and skills of the game recently had a chance to sit down with Darrin McPherson. Keep reading to find out what they were able to learn about the upcoming Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. How do you come up with so many abilities/spells? Have any other games or works influenced your work?

    Darrin McPherson: Good question. We have a lot of influences. Games we have played, books we have read, movies we have seen. It is not any one source, but more a collection of them. It is not easy and we often feel pretty thinly stretched. It is not because we run out of ideas, it is much more that we run out of new things to do within our limits. A good example of what I am talking about can be had by comparing a video game to a pen and paper game. Pen and Paper designers are not constrained by things like Interface, Animations, NPC assets, Sound and Particle Effects. Our limitations are very real and it can be tough to do something new time and time again using the same building blocks. The challenge is fun though!

    You know the drill...the rest is just a click away!

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    Mon, Dec 04, 2006
  • Hit or Miss?

    Worthplaying has posted a review of the upcoming Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.

    It’s practically de rigueur insofar as persistent world games are concerned. This provides some unique challenges however. Specifically, how do you create an entire mythology and hope to make it engaging enough to feel like a living, breathing world? Well one way is to make sure it looks awesome, and SGO have one up on their old bosses at SOE. As you might glean from the screenshots, the graphics of Vanguard bear more than a passing resemblance to those seen in EverQuest 2. There is however one significant variable that makes all the difference in the world: artistic direction. You see, this game was crafted around the art of Keith Parkinson

    Keep reading to learn more. Head over to our Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer Community site to learn how to win a Beta Key!

    Features, Previews
    Tue, Nov 28, 2006
  • Interview with Donato Giancola, Box artist for Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

    Vanguard Spheres has updated their site with an interview with the Box Artist Donato Giancola.

    Q: Speaking of the cover art - When you were given the task of finishing Keith's work, you must have had a lump in your throat! What were you thinking, at that point?

    First let me state how much Keith has been an enormous influence on my career: from his work on Dungeons and Dragons to the wonderful covers gracing hundreds of novels. I bought books solely based on Keith’s work, and learned to enjoy and discover the authors after the cover enticed me. His death is a tremendous loss to the genre: at this past summers’ GenCon, we had a packed room of artists and fans paying tribute to his labors and lifestyle. Thus when Donna approached me to consider the Vanguard cover, I was floored. To fill Keith’s shoes would be impossible. I loved the EverQuest images he had created and now I was asked to step in and create an image which commercially was to rival these. What a burden! Rather than trying to ‘do’ Keith’s style, I thought it better to create a work which paid homage to Keith: a celebration of those narrative qualities he brought to his work and inspired in others. I knew I had to give this piece my all, if nothing more than to find my way of saying ‘thank you’ to Keith.

    Get clicking to read more. Have you seen the cover art for Vanguard: Saga of Heroes? Share your thoughts with us in the Ten Ton Hammer Forums today!

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    Fri, Nov 17, 2006
  • Talking With Talisker

    Stratics has posted a link to an audio interview with Darrin McPherson. Take a listen and then let us know what you think in the Ten Ton Hammer Forums or check out our Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer Community site for all the latest news and information on all things Vanguard.

    Features, Interviews
    Thu, Nov 02, 2006
  • Jon Wood from gives his first look impressions of Vanguard

    Just posted today on you can find another first look at Vanguard Saga of Heroes. Keep reading to see what his thoughts are.

    The first thing that struck me about this game when I sat down to play was the general look of it. I don't just mean graphics, either. I find the overall art style of this game to be very appealing. Vanguard does a pretty good job of skirting the line between realism and fantasy. Often companies make a decision about the look of their game and take it so far in one direction that takes away from the other. The cartoony style of a game like World of Warcraft sacrifices realism for the sake of having a "fantasy" feel, while I have also played games that tried to look ultra-realistic and in that effort, took the fantasy feel out of their game. Vanguard doesn't succumb to either extreme, looking real enough to satisfy me, while still free enough to be fantasy.

    Keep reading to learn more. Don't miss out on Ten Ton Hammer's Exclusive Hands On Preview as well.

    Features, Previews
    Wed, Nov 01, 2006
  • Vanguard Q & A

    MMOReports has posted an interview with Sigil's Community Manager, Nick Parkinson. The interview includes several wonderful screenshots as well. You won't want to pass this by.

    We were able to get some questions answered by Nick Parkinson, Sigil’s Community Manager. Vanguard: SOH is stil slated for release in Q1 2007, but maybe this will help hold you impatient gamers over!

    Get clicking to find out what they were able to learn. Stop by our Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer Community sitetoday!

    Features, Interviews
    Thu, Oct 26, 2006
  • The Founding Father of Vanguard: A Chat with Brad McQuaid

    Do you want to know what the man behind Sigil and SOE's upcoming MMORPG Vanguard: Saga of Heroes has to say about end game content and expansions, the beta test, and marketing the game to non-fans? On October 6th and 7th, Shayalyn went to a Vanguard press even in San Diego. We've brought you a behind-the-scenes glimpse in Shayalyn's blog, and a complete tour of Vanguard's world of Telon as shown led by executive producers Brad McQuaid and Jeff Butler. Now we're concluding our October coverage with Shayalyn's interview of Brad McQuaid.

    "I asked McQuaid to talk about end game plans for Vanguard. 'Players are concerned,' I said, 'about what awaits them when they reach the level cap. There’s talk that Vanguard will be all about end game raiding, like EverQuest and World of Warcraft.'”

    Brad's answer is just a click away. Keep reading to find out how he answered this and all of Shayalyn's questions. There's lots going on at our Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer Community site. Stop by and find out how you can win a Beta Key and more!

    Features, Interviews
    Mon, Oct 23, 2006
  • Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Profile Preview - The Bard, Blood Mage, Cleric, Disciple, and Dread Knight Classes

    GameSpot has posted this look at Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. They offer an overview of five of the classes planned for this upcoming game.

    The popular massively multiplayer role-playing genre that lets you adventure online with thousands of other players is set to get even bigger next year with the release of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, the debut title from Sigil Games. There's a lot of potential in Vanguard, as it is being created by some of the creators of the groundbreaking game EverQuest. This is a fantasy-themed game set in a world populated by humans, elves, dragons, and other mystical creatures. You'll be able to create your own unique character which you'll use to explore this vast world.

    Get clicking to read more. Have you joined our Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer Community site? Sign up today and share your thoughts with us in the Ten Ton Hammer Forums.

    Features, Previews
    Thu, Oct 19, 2006
  • A Chat with Eliona!

    Vanguard Spheres has had a chance to talk to the ever busy Michelle Butler. She is the head of the customer support department at Sigil Games Online.

    If any of you knew Michelle Butler (otherwise known as Elionia) in Norrath, you know that this gal works just as hard as anyone else at SigilGames! Never one to stand in the wings and let the others do the dirty work, Michelle is busy putting together a crack team of GMs and filling a hole in lore that includes the group known as the Crimson Fellowship who will work closely with the GMs to support the people of Telon.

    I "chased" Michelle around a bit to get the chance to speak to her as a closing interview to our first GM series. Glip tried to trip me up, but finally called off his garden gnome and let me get close enough to do this. Quickly, then, let's see what we can get....

    Get clicking to see what Michelle had to say! You can get all the latests news and information at our own Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer Community site.

    Features, Interviews
    Tue, Oct 17, 2006
  • Sigil’s Brad McQuaid talks about the state of Vanguard, as the game enters the third beta phase

    GameZone has just posted their interview with Brad McQuiad. They had a chance to speak with him at the media event that was held last weekend.

    Question: It’s been six months since we last saw the game. What significant changes, generally speaking, have gone into the development of the game between then and now?

    Brad: We’re totally 100% in the production mode; we are just cranking out content, the art team is much, much faster so we are producing more fantasy, more fantastic, more interesting new areas, and making them more quickly. The design team has gotten their tools down and are really getting a lot of new content into the game. The switch from beta two to three was huge – we’ve let a lot more people into the beta and we’ve learned a lot, so much from beta one to two and reacted to it and saw a retention, people being happy and enjoying beta three.

    Get clicking to read more. You can stay up to date on all the latest at our Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer Community site! Share your thoughts with us in the new Ten Ton Hammer Forums.

    Features, Interviews
    Fri, Oct 13, 2006
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