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  • You are a PAX on the nation.
    Vanguard Crafters posted their preview impressions of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, based on their visit to the Penny Arcade Expo. After trashing the Canadian Prime Minister while visiting Canada, Bono still had time to say this:

    " Sigil had a small booth, certainly compared to some other companies, but this fits well with where they are in development.  Three screens were set up for developers and testers demonstrate game play and the beautiful graphics.  I heartily agree with all who have seen the game that the screen shots do it no justice.  The screenshots don't reproduce the detail, clarity and life that Vanguard: Saga of Heroes has, and this is only Beta 0!  I spent most of my time drooling on the developers' shoulders. "

    You can read the entire Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Preview at Vanguard Crafters.
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    Thu, Sep 15, 2005
  • Tell Us About The Toons.
    Vanguard Spheres has posted a Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Interview focusing on the character appearance. While getting more plastic surgery to change his appearance Michael Jackson screamed out:

    " Well, let me tell you about some of my favorites. As a huge fantasy fan I’ve always loved the classic Tolkien mythos of Elves and Dwarves and all that goes with Middle Earth. I’ve always wanted to bring his words to the canvas, just like every other artist with a passion for fantasy art. So, we’ll have those races, as most games of our genre do, but I do hope ours capture that spirit he gave them in a way that has not been done before in a game. We have modeled some amazing faces and body types. Currently, we’re working on more outfitting for them and adding animations. Body language is so important when it comes to communicating attitude, and that has to be done by hand, by an artist that can feel it. Mo-cap is a great jumping off point, for there are surely details there that are so subtle that no one could reproduce them in a timely fashion without aid. "

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    Tue, Sep 13, 2005
  • Guild Wars Expansion Goes Live

    The Game Update Notes are up and the previews will start turning into reviews as Guild Wars gets its first major expansion. Like the Warrior/Mesmer once said to the Monk/Elementalist:

    Sorrow's Furnace consists of two new, large and challenging explorable regions located deep in the Shiverpeak Mountains between Spearhead Peak and Snake Dance. These areas contain the following:

    * Seventeen new quests, most of them fully repeatable and offering high XP rewards

    * Four new cinematics

    * A variety of new monsters, including new Stone Summit Dwarves that are the strongest in the Shiverpeak Mountains, and entirely new types of creatures that are being introduced to the game for the first time

    * Boss monsters named after the contest winning entries

    Boss monsters in the new Sorrow's Furnace regions drop newly-introduced green "unique" weapons that are named after the boss.

    Read the rest of the Guild Wars: Sorrow's Furnace expansion update notes at the site, and check out the TTH Guild Wars site for more detailed Guild Wars information.

    Thu, Sep 08, 2005
  • Vanguard Devs Plays "Ping? Pong!"

    Sigil announced a Friday IRC chat session to introduce its newest GMs and field a number of gameplay-related questions. Wha? Where? When?

    Date: Friday the 9th of September
    Time: The chat is set for approximately one hour and will commence at 4pm PST (7pm EST) precisely.
    Place: IRC Server gate.ShadowWorld.Net in room #Vanguardgate

    Be there precisely on time! Or just read the transcripts afterward if you're not the inquisitive sort.

    Click here for more Vanguard chat announcement goodness, and afterward check out the TTH Vanguard fansite we've created just for you! And other people, too.

    Thu, Sep 08, 2005
  • These Druids don't just stand around in a stone circle.

    Our Vanguard site's newest writer and class specialist- longtime gamer Karen a.k.a. "Shayalyn"- showcases the Vanguard: Saga of Heroes take on the Fantasy MMOG staple: the Druid. How does Vanguard's version of these nature boys and girls stack up against the EverQuest mold?

    I started pondering and reading more about the druid class as Sigil Games Online has envisioned it. When it comes to healing, to my knowledge, no Vanguard developer has openly stated that druids will completely lose the ability to heal. While we know their primary role is damage-dealing, perhaps they will also retain the regenerative abilities, roots, snares and some of the other things we’ve come to associate with the classic EverQuest-style druid. (Keep in mind this is all just speculation on my part as nothing has been announced yet.) Time will tell, and it’s certain that Sigil has some surprises in store for their vision of the new and improved druid.

    First impressions of the Vanguard: Saga of Heroes druid, live on TTH Vanguard!

    Fri, Sep 02, 2005
  • Fanguard? Nice to know that MMOs come with safety features these days.
    Vanguard's official site is featuring a number of "Fanguard" reports by beta testers; the ones with nice things to say, of course. My comment that they need a Jean Claude van Damme subclass goes unnoticed. Here's an unrehearsed, unscripted excerpt from one of the reports:

    " The night sky over Telon is a fantastic sight to behold. Vanguard does night better than any MMO I've seen, with a rich cloak of shadow descending on the land that leaves no doubt as to the time of day. The level of darkness depends on the phase of the moon - a full moon casts a fair amount of light, while a new moon does not.

    During the demo, the moon was not visible, so according to Jeff Butler we were seeing northern Thestra at its darkest. With the gamma set normally, visibility was not terribly limited, but a veil of darkness adorned every element of the landscape.

    And what a landscape it is! The screenshots do not do justice to how alive the world feels - grass rippling in the wind, rolling hills dappled with trees, and in the distance towering peaks of what I believe were the Widow's Veil Mountains (I neglected to ask). The models look beautiful in motion even with the placeholder animation, and the mobs look spectacular. I am not usually one to gush, but Vanguard's graphics in action are truly something to behold. "

    You can read all ten Vanguard, Saga of Heroes "Fanguard" beta reports at the official site.

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    Tue, Aug 16, 2005
  • Play some music & pretend you're playing Vanguard!
    Two examples of Todd Masten's talents on the upcoming MMORPG are now live on the Vanguard site.

    " MP3s:

    --Nusibe Necropolis

    --The Highlands "

    Have a listen here!

    Thu, Aug 04, 2005
  • Fanguard - What Braid McQuaid wears at E3.
    Vanguard Crafters has posted a Vanguard preview based on conversations at the recent Sigil Online Games Fanguard. Fanguard, strong enough for a construction worker, but made for a game developer. :

    "Sigil is an amazing team with so much excitement about their product that they love talking about what they can. We tried to get more out of them but they were good about keeping things secret when need be!"

    You can read the entire Vanguard Preview at Vanguard Crafters.

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    Thu, Aug 04, 2005
  • Vanguard Interview - Posted in an EQ Section.
    The Druid's Grove has posted a Vanguard Interview featuring Darren McPherson. Tree huggers were heard saying:

    "Myself, Darrin McPherson. Originally the Druid was a member of our healer archetype. Following traditional MMO convention was that the Druid was a nature healer. We reached a point in our planning not too long ago when we needed to make a change. One of our senior designers suggested that the Druid be moved to the arcane damage dealer archetype…and I really liked that. I have always loved the primal, natural disaster side of the Druid and that is the direction we are taking him. My favorite feature? That is still a secret…for awhile longer at least."

    You can read the entire Vanguard Interview at The Druid's Grove.

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    Wed, Aug 03, 2005
  • Fancy Pants Pics of Vanguard has posted some brand spanking new screenshots from Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. Everquest Too?:

    "The next batch of beta pictures have been sent to Vanguard Crafters and us here at Vanguard@TenTonHammer."

    You can view the new Vanguard: Saga of Heroes screenshots at

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    Tue, Aug 02, 2005
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