Age of Conan has had a lot of major updates since launch, and players everywhere are asking "what is the game like now?" Ten Ton Hammer was asking that very question. So we got in touch with the Funcom studios who were more than happy to give us a three hour tour highlighting some new aspects of the game.

And now, we're bringing our readers on the tour. In our first of a three part series, we explore the dungeon of Xibaluku and some updates to the player cities. Also covered are the updates to items and their affect on players, and some more general notes as to what's new. We've taken video using the AoC DirectX 10 client, and you can find all the notes and the video right here exclusively at Ten Ton Hammer.

The devs weren’t ignorant. They knew there were issues, and they knew they had to do something about them. And that’s exactly what they’ve done over the past year or so. The game has seen 5 major updates, and hundreds of patches and hotfixes. In fact, over 1000 changes have been done since launch. But has it paid off?

Read the article and watch the video right here.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016