Work on Camelot Unchained progressed a little slower than usual last week as a couple of the team leveled up their families by welcoming two new baby boys to the world. So a big congrats to the team as their level 1 newbs start their long journey to level cap.

Despite the slower pace due to team illness and new babies, Camelot Unchained still managed to make many of its roadmap goals for last week by only missing two of its target goals. The first pass of controlled models in C# server is running late and the first pass at environmental concept art missed its intended date. All the same, the team did manage to complete a number of others listed below from the update.

    • Continuing work on the animation system with improved blending and playback, and implementation of Lego-like system for assembling/rendering character models. Status:
    • We had to delay this task to work on other things this past sprint.
    • Next pass at internal account editor allowing players to merge accounts, add FPs and first pass at adding sub-accounts to main accounts. Status:
    • 2nd pass world and asset editor. Status:
    • Client-side work on loading/assembling assets. Status:
    • First pass at player controlled models in new C# server. Status:
    • Fully animated and rigged Dvergr.  Status:
    • Concept art for possible Viking class.  Status:
    • Work on UI system for particle effect creation. Status: Completed.
    • Full integration of JIRA (project and issue management system) to replace current use of Mantis for everybody at the studio. Status:
    • First pass at some environmental concept art.  Status:
    • Completed story for possible Viking class. Status: Completed.
    • First pass “Vision document” for stat/skill system for Camelot Unchained. Status:
    • First pass  “Vision document” for magic system for Camelot Unchained. Status:

Work on the next set of goals has already begun as outlined in the update, but workload aside, Jacobs also provided a new selection of concept art for Helbound staves, new wallpaper images, and a brief animation test for the Dvergr.

Source: Camelot Unchained Roadmap Update

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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