Lesser Known but Still
Pretty Cool

Although the media has been full of articles concerning big name
massively multiplayer games that are going to be releasing this year,
many members of the press are also interested in a lesser known game
known as The Chronicles of Spellborn. The Ten Ton Hammer staff has been
following the game closely, and we've recently acquired the latest
video footage from the game. We're pleased to present the video, along
with a paragraph that explains the contents of that footage. Enjoy!

The PEP level increases the personal attributes body,
mind and
focus, causing the character to be faster, stronger and more resistant.
The PEP boost lasts as long as the character stays alive. Hence, The
Chronicles of Spellborn delivers a strong motivation for all players to
survive in battle. Contrariwise, the fantasy MMOG doesn't punish
players with weakened armour or values when they get killed in action.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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