Darkfall shows off in a marathon trailer.

Darkfall's trailer includes everything a trailer should show about a game such as blood, bows, melee, blood, spiked paddles, blood, beautiful vistas (where a guy get chucked off of a waterfall), magic combat, tons of armor and did I mention the blood? If a trailer can be NSFW (not safe for work), this is one of them. The gallons of blood splatter alone are enough to send the ESRB into a tailspin. "Get over the blood, dude" I know that's what you're saying, and I am completely over the blood, I just want to make sure you watch this in a safe zone.

The combat at sea, the ranged combat, the mounted combat, the melee combat, yes it's all in there. Cannons going nuts, and crazy hog riders steal the show in this lengthy game footage trailer. There are machine gun type cannons and some wild water-based battles. The trailer is long and shows that the game may be well on its way to making its 2008 launch. Speaking of launch, ships (and vehicles for that matter) for both land and sea play a major part in the trailer, I can only hope that continues.

To view the full siege and counter siege weapons (and really cool snow hovercraft) as well as the rest of the 9 minute trailer, stop by Darkfall Online and don't forget to sign up for the beta.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016