At CES 2009, the developers at Sony Online Entertainment have really gone out of their way to make themselves accessible to the gaming media. Not only were Free Realms and DC Universe prominently on display, a number of media outlets were actually able to see some of the first in-game footage from both titles. We stumbled upon this piece of video, which was hidden away over at Gamespot, that features two super hero combatants following Doomsday and Superman as they battle their way through Metropolis.

Both characters had their own individual powers and abilities, which were most obvious in the way they moved. As you might expect, the speedster was extremely quick on the ground. On the other hand, the female ninja was an acrobat who could leap great distances in the air, change direction on a whim, and even dash forward in the air. Acrobats also have the ability to cling to buildings (alas, you're not able to climb up building surfaces). A third movement type, flight, lets you hover and move in midair. These are the only three movement types available right now in the game, but the developers hinted that more might find their way into the game as development continues (teleportation, anyone?).

Featuring the voice of developer Jens Anderson, you'll see a variety of different abilities and NPCs throughout the video. It's definitely well worth the look, so go check it out.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016