The all new trailer for Dragon's Prophet hit the virtual airwaves today, along with a first look at the Frontier System.

Dragon's Prophet is an interesting beast. While a lot of fuss has been made of the collectible dragon aspects, perhaps my favorite thing in-game so far is the dragon taming mini-game. It's kind of like the online equivalent of bull riding, though it's too bad there isn't a rodeo clown mini-pet to complete the experience!

A brand new trailer for Dragon's Prophet came swooping down on magical wings today, and will be featured this week for gamescom. Because we're in a sharing mood, we've added that puppy below for your viewing enjoyment:

Via the official press release, folks attending gamescom will also get a sneak peak at the Frontier System:

SOE is also giving players a sneak peek of the upcoming Frontier System. At launch, guilds will be thrust into Territory Wars, where they must destroy Guardian Crystal towers and break through castle walls guarded by their enemies. Siege weapons and dragons, along with special NPCs, will aid alliances as they fight for control of the citadels.

You can get a closer look at the first Frontier System screenshots on the next page by hitting the shiny button below!

Dragon's Prophet Frontier System Screenshots

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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