The super hero genre in massively multiplayer online games has been a
popular one ever since Jack Emmert and Cryptic Studios broke into the
marketplace with href=""
target="_blank">City of Heroes / Villains. For
their next title, Cryptic opted to shy away from a style="font-style: italic;">City of Heroes
sequel and instead focused their attentions on the Champions license,
creating a wholly new game named href=""
target="_blank">Champions Online that appears
action packed and a whole lot of fun to play. At GenCon 2008, Ten Ton
Hammer’s Jeff Woleslagle got a chance to record the first raw
footage from Champions Online while chatting with Cryptic’s
Zeke Sparks. It’s a pretty intense video with lots of new
information, so don’t miss it.

Ten Ton Hammer has a whole slew of Champions
info for you to peruse, including an href="" target="_blank">
exclusive interview with Jack Emmert from GenCon, more href="" target="_blank">gameplay
video, a target="_blank">presentation by Emmert, and much,
much more!

  • target="_blank">To see the GenCon Champions Online gameplay
    footage, click here!

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016