Free Realms walk through shows the many facets of this new teen/tween game.

As reported from Fan Faire, Free Realms is coming right along. From what we saw there, it looked ready to ship. Of course that was only a fraction of the overall gameplay. If you want a thorough walk through of how to get into the game and how the game plays, journey over to Eugamer TV to hear Laralyn McWilliams the lead designer for the game give you a guided tour. The SOE team has really smoothed the rough edges of the traditional MMO grind to provide a truly unique gaming experience. One could almost call it an MMO with training wheels for our younger players. The trouble is they are probably better at all games than I am, so I maybe I'm the one that needs training wheels.

After the walk through, head over to the Ten Ton Hamster website for more information on Free Realms and check out the other teen/tween games.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016