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This Friday the update on the official site for Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures added a juicy little video of a new character select screen. You can get a good look at what the character select screen will look like for Age of Conan in this little video short. The video is short, but very sweet.

Every now and then, we rummage around and find some cool stuff on the way, and we just can’t resist sharing it.

For example, we were digging around the various arcane folders in our virtual haunted library and stumbled upon a video from some of the developers, obviously captured while they were working on something.

It was a hot new character select screen, one that’s never been seen before. Heck, half the development team probably hasn’t seen it. We watched it and we thought, well, that’s pretty cool. We should give that to people. Then we should leave, before Gaute comes stomping up to demand an explanation for releasing definite Work In Progress-type stuff.

So, here it is, the very latest, cutting-edge, ganked from the developer’s desktop, version of the character selection screen. What’s interesting is that has a life of its own, like a day-night cycle (it’s night in the clip you’re seeing), plus wind and all sorts of things. Some of this is still not even ready for beta, much less public viewing, but we’re bringing it to you anyway!

  • You can see the new video here!
  • Read the official Friday's update here.
  • Tell us what you think about it on our forums.
Last Updated: Mar 09, 2016

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