Beer and shiny things proliferate this week's report.

Like a Santa getting ready for Christmas, Casey Schreiner has a slew of MMO news that he rattles off in seven minutes with time to spare for comedy and fun in this week's MMO Report on G4. Casey stops in on some of the bigger headlines of the week to provide his take. After discussing the beer festival in Warhammer Online called Keg End, Casey shows off some of the video from Star Wars: The Old Republic and discusses the companion component. Speaking of companions, if your World of Warcraft companion needs a little nip and tuck, there is the ability to change all of the cosmetic as well as sex of characters.

New on the radar is Cities XL that provides players the ability to take city planning to the Nth degree. Also stealthing under the radar is Ubisoft discussing the acquisition of three companies after losing Cryptic to Atari. Who is it going to be? Last and certainly not least, Casey showcases our very own interview with The Agency, I knew I liked him for a reason, he has good taste in websites.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016